Monday, July 30, 2012

Dating Olympics.....

I know I have informed you I've dated a few people and I seem to have gotten away from that subject of my past dating lets take a walk down memory lane.

We've already gone over "Andrew" and Kevin now onto....

  • Liam....we didn't date. One of those moments when alcohol was a poor friend.
  • Jon.....we didn't date. Another of those moments when alcohol was my bad decision maker.
  • Brent....we didn't date. He was fun, very fun, but young and immature. He also lives off of the same exits in Brandon as one of my bestest friends.
  • Duke.....we ended up being roommates, wrap your brain around that one.
  • Dan....lived too far away and we didn't really have much in common, then he moved closer....still nothing in common.
  • Chris.....he was nuts, I mean stalker nuts. He was supposed to move out of town but I figured I'd really like something to eat and he seemed nice. While we were hanging out he informed me that if I asked he wouldn't move. That he felt we were meant to be together that if I really wanted he would cancel all of his plans and stay for me.....I asked for the check and wished him the best of luck.
  • dating, just kind of friends now, it's OK though, he is a bit of a whore.
  • Scott.....he was really nice, friends liked him, still see him around town. He had a strong love for SciFi movies, specifically one and I couldn't stop giggling in my head.
  • I don't remember his name or what he looks would think I would after telling you this story. We met up at a bar and his 'band manager' showed up and joined our little date, which was oh so exciting, blah. His manager decided to go play some pool and he finally asked me if I remembered him yet. I was very confused and said that I had never him before. He started informing me about things about myself from high school, I then discovered that we had 'hung out'. I couldn't remember him and it made me feel a little bad about myself. He kissed me out by my car and it clicked, I remembered him, he bored me the last time and so I never messaged him again. The second time of us seeing each other and I never messaged him again.....I'm a horrible person
  • Shane.....he lived in clearwater and drove down here for a date, he was nice and no kiss at the end but we planned on a second date. I drove up to his place and we watched a movie, again no kiss but that's OK because he evidently didn't shower before our date because I could smell him across the room. ****Men if you have a date and you either had a long day at work or worked out before the date, TAKE A SHOWER****
  • was OK, he wasn't my type, and seemed a bit into drinking
  • Brandon.....he lived in gulf port. We went on a few dates and I discovered that not once was he sober when I saw him. Not like he got drunk while I was with him, but he was drunk already when we would meet. The last time I saw him he got so drunk he started yelling at me about how I wasn't like his ex fiance and how I should drink more and how I should smoke because she did that. I then discovered they had a child together and the reason he wasn't in his son's life is because when he found out his ex was leaving he put his head through a TV and she promised to not file a report if he didn't follow them. Lets just say....I left.
  • James.....lived in Brandon, also off the same exit as Brent and my best friend (small ass world). He didn't like to drive because he liked to drink, it seemed nice until he got all weird. I was then informed after our date that he liked me but would want to see other women while dating me because it was just what he wanted. I said no and never spoke to him again.
  • Kyle.....we went on a few dates and hung out a few times. He was nice and took care of himself but he had a DUI so I had to drive, which is fine. I didn't think much of it at the time but he was very needy and pushy, I wouldn't sleep with him so he decided I wasn't worth his time. Oh well, now I don't have to drive a grown man around who just didn't know how to not be an alcoholic and who didn't know how to pay old tickets from driving while having the DUI.
  • D...I met him in high school, he 'knew' some of my friends. He kept trying to get with me through 2011 and I kept saying NO!. I finally gave in and then moved on. He is now my neighbor, didn't see that one coming.
There are a few more but these are the ones that stand out in my head. I'm for sure slowing down and trying to break away from one of the biggest trends of most of these guys, they all drink heavily or had drinking problems.

My mom has figured out that I need an older, possibly divorced (no kids), good job kind of guy who can handle me. Evidently I'm too strong willed and I don't know how to not be overly independent. Guys seem to like having a girl they can guide, be in charge of, take care of....they don't like when the girl doesn't need them, it doesn't make them feel needed or wanted.

I'm taking a break from dating and focusing on me.....but I'm sure I'll get back on the horse again and we will see if I can change my pattern, and if I might just be able to find the right one.

***** Some of the names above have been changed for privacy reasons.

Friday, July 27, 2012

To cut or not to cut....well more like how to cut

I've decided...I'm cutting the hair!!!!
I'm just not sure what I'm doing yet though.....

We are going to take you on a little tour of my hair, lol, and see what the vote of length and style should be because I for sure need some advice :-(

When I moved to ohio I decided this is what I wanted my hair to look like :)

So this is what I got

This was my hair in december 2010

February 2011

Went to NYC and got my hair cut in Sept 2011

And this was the most recent cut April 2012

It has gotten much longer now and I think it feels like I have 20lbs of hair on me. I know I want to cut it but it needs to grow past my shoulders by March 30, that is why I'm having a delema.

So blog world people that I know, maybe....leave a comment on here, my facebook, or just tell me in person....which do you think I should go with. Advice is always loved!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I might kill her....but I do love that face!

Well, if you know me know my dog is on my shit list. She has decided recently to just make me want to pull my hair out, and I think she enjoys it. When I first moved into my place it was just me due to the fact that I worked wayyy too much and just didn't have time to organize or have any furniture. My cat moved in shortly after and everything was great, place was always clean, no hassle, and relaxed.....then the dog came. I finally moved my dog in a couple months ago and she got her kennel back. It was a little difficult to adjust but we were doing OK, and then she started getting destructive. Breaking out.....ripping things down....

She decided that ripping the blinds OFF of the wall and pulling them into her cage sounded like a good idea.

My mom found some Calming pills made by GNC which seemed to be working and everything was right in the world. Well, I noticed I was running low and I've been attacking pet stores far and wide trying to find them, with no luck. I ordered them online and sadly I ran out before they have arrived.

I came home Monday after work and all I hear is the radio and see an empty cage with the door still locked, no dog. I start calling for her and she is standing behind my bed hiding. I was in complete shock on how she managed to Houdini herself out of the cage. I inspected it and noticed that she had unlocked the bottom half and pulled back the wires and wiggled out! My 68lbs dog wiggled through a tiny little crack! Tuesday morning before work I noticed her really licking her mouth, I went to take a peak and TADA!!!! a broken tooth! Anyone that has met my dog knows she is already missing a canine because she used to break out of her cage as a puppy and it eventually broke one day when she was playing and we had to surgically remove it. I called my mother, who is on vacation, panicking because I have to work all week and can't exactly afford this pricey little procedure.

The vet was able to squeeze me in after work on Tuesday so as I rushed home to grab Psycho i was thinking to myself, "The dog will be in the cage, she already broke a tooth and I duct taped the door shut, all will be fine." I was wrong...once again, no sound but the radio and missing dog, with the bonus of duct tape all over the ground. Checked her mouth no more broken teeth but one was filed down a bit more than it used to be. to the vet we go....

She knows where we are going.....
While waiting to see the vet/surgeon the dog knew.....just knew this was not going to be good. It was even funnier when they walked in and just looked at her like 'WTF?!' They were shocked! by what she had done and how she had done it. They gave me some new prescription medication to try and calm her down until mine gets in and informed me either surgery to remove (Hello $400 I don't have) or we can see if she can live with it.....we are waiting to see if she can live with it. We now padlock the doors shut and duct tape still just in case Psycho, I mean Sky, can some how eat through those locks also.

With dealing with her and it being day 7 out of 11 working days I decided to buy myself some pretty flowers last night.....they make my kitchen just that much more happy.
FYI, if i ever do get a serious boyfriend, these are my favorite and I would kill to always have these ;)
I'm also debating on cutting all of this hair off, I'm finding white hairs :'( and there is just too much for me to deal with. I've been growing it for weddings and since one of my friends cut her hair short (thank you sweet baby gremlins!) I'm now for sure looking into it. Who knows....maybe next time you hear from me, my head will be much lighter <3

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm feeling a little crazy...

Hello new world!!!! Well, actually hello 4.54 billion year old world....that didn't sound as awesome as it does in my head....anyways. I've been skimping on my blog posts because, well, I feel a little bit like a crazy woman recently. Work has made me want to scream, I seem to be busy suddenly with out of town family, and I haven't found a moment to really clean my apartment and it is starting to get to me.

I have black hair, so just pretend that is me ;)

I wont get into work because I promised myself unless something happens there that will make a direct impact on my life, it doesn't need to be talked about.

Part of the Daw clan is in town and I realised that being raised an only child has made me feel very quiet when it comes to family, because with so many people around it hurts my head a little (I'm such a loner it isn't even funny). I have had fun with them though, I think this is one of the best visits we have had so far, and there is proof of me being drunk......I weep in hope that no one will see this video. Being old makes spending time with your family a lot easier, I think, because when you are under 21 it's still awkward because you really have nothing in common with everyone older than you. I'm an old 24 so woohoo, I can be a normal adult now.

I've realised as I've gotten older I wish I had/have more interaction with my half siblings. I love them to death, not just because they are my brothers, but because I just have this deeply ingrained feeling that I should love them. I guess for someone who was raised an only child it is hard to explain, but I understand what I'm saying and that is all that matters. I wish i knew that bonding feeling, that feeling of annoying each other to death that you have amazing funny stories to look back on.

My apartment frightens me. If anyone ever wants to buy me something, a gift card to one of those cleaning companies would be awesome. I'd love you forever, maybe even get you a little statue award. My love is not hard to get....a free apartment cleaning, Dove milk chocolate, B&J Phish Food ice cream, comfy blanket, ice cold white wine....yep, I'm easy to please. I clean it but then it just gets messy again and then I get busy and then it just keeps happening...and now I want to just lay on my messy couch under everything and wait for it to crush me to death. I can be like one of those crazy stories where the person has been dead in their apartment for a month and was hidden under all of their belongings. Hmmmm, strange life goal right there.

I made a big decision to delete my dating profiles....I know, everyone gasp at once! It's true, you can ask one of my friends. I was tired of nothing happening, of just getting crazy stories (which I need to go back to writing about), so I decided to take a break. The only thing is is that this weekend, before deleting one of the profiles I hit the Meet Me button on someones profile...and they wrote me....and we've met....and.....

We will just have to wait and see.......

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Wedding Day!!!!

Good Morning would have been my wedding day 1,096 Days ago on July 11th,

I suggest you google yourself....just give it a shot. It's a bit scary how much of your information is out there and what photos of you can surface. I now and then run across my Wedding Website that I created when I was can tell a 19 year old made it, oy. I know a couple of people have done these little gems and then never went through with the marriage for some reason or another. They now will always run across their website for that special day because there is no way to take it down!! I've tried, I know other people have tried, it's a pain in the butt.

I have a few friends that are married now and some that are on their way to getting married. I could have been one of them but my life decided that wasn't going to happen. I think there is a key point to knowing if you are actually going to get married once he pops the don't plan the wedding. I decided when I got engaged I was going to wait till I was 21 to get married because I wanted some time and to be able to drink. I just never planned anything, I didn't want to....I think I was more excited and in love with the thought of being engaged and being married than I was with actually wanting to be in that stage of my life. I think that is why some people get divorced, because they are in love with the thought of the ring, the big day, and the happily ever after that they don't take the time to I and can I see myself being with this person forever. Will he/she be able to be my equal partner, will he/she always support me no matter what, will he/she be faithful in committing to this relationship, will he/she compromise on the big things because they know we both have to live with the choices....those are just some of the questions that need to be asked before you say 'I DO' because divorce can leave you with a big 'PAST DUE' bill.

I know some people that have almost been engaged or that were engaged and they had to ask those big questions and ended the relationships. Some of them now are happily married to the guy that they should be married to and others are being their single girl self like me. If you are getting married I think some key points to having a relaxed and semi not crazy engagement months/years are these:
  1. When picking your wedding party only select people YOU want in the wedding.
    • Don't let your family tell you who is going to be in the wedding
    • Don't pick someone just to be a filler so you have an even number
  2. Try to give your wedding party a price range
    • You want to make sure that the people in your wedding can afford to do things
    • You want to make your friends/family not feel like they HAVE to be in your wedding and then they have to bow out midway because they just can't afford it
  3. If you can, get a wedding planner
  4. Find a photographer that is not uptight, is easy going, and fun to be around
    • Another lovely lady that I've had the pleasure of meeting that is in the Tampa Area: AKA Photographs
  5. Take time once a month to have just a me and future hubby date, weekend get away or just a night in a hotel room
    • You need time to just collect yourselves and remember who you are and what you mean to each other. Wedding planning can get crazy with everyone putting their thoughts in that you forget why you are with this person and what you love about them because all you can think is how much you wish their family lived in Africa and didn't have a phone.
  6. Last but not least: This is Your Wedding!!!!!
    • Don't be afraid to put your foot down and say 'NO!' Even if you aren't the one paying for everything, you are the one putting the time and effort in to make sure everything is perfect. If you had a wedding planner that you paid to do everything you would tell them No, so don't be afraid to tell other people that
    • If you need help, don't be afraid to ask. You have friends and family all over who will be willing to help if you need something. You can't be expected to always do everything and be in 30 places at once.
I know marriage/wedding advice is silly coming from a blog about being single, but us single girls might decide to get married one day :-)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Men: Better Profiles!! Please :-)

This made me giggle...I felt like sharing :-)
Well hope everyone had a lovely weekend :) because I did not, haha. Work has been crazy with this heat and I can not wait for people to go home and just not travel for a bit. Nothing big and exciting happened.....I have officially been single for 2 years woohoo....and it made me think back on all of my dating history, which has gotten pretty extensive. Some people fear their past and wish things didn't happen, I feel like if you do think on it and learn you can grow and find someone better for you.

I was on one of the sites the other day and discovered that I happen to either know or know of some of the guys on these sites. If I run into someone I know I like to just browse their page and see what interesting little tid bits they put out there. I think my favorite part of doing this is when I know something is a complete and utter lie, but I hold back on calling them on it. I also enjoy when I know the person and I talk to them and all they do is say how they don't want a girlfriend, how they love being single, and just want to find some girl to get with. Then I see them on these sites saying how they aren't like other guys, they don't want just sex, and they want a real relationship.....always interesting.

I wish there was a way for guys to realise....they need better profiles. They list their age and then you see a picture and dear lord, they look 40 when they are listing 22. Their page will read: I like sports. I like tattoos. I hate liars. I want kids. Message me I'm fun *Blank Look* Your page just put me to sleep, how are you fun?!?! Then we run into the men that give you a book, and I'm not talking a book you want to read, but a book telling you EVERYTHING you could ever possible want to know and things you don't care to hear. I ran into a profile once where sadly the guys wife had died, the only thing was his profile talked all about her, this is a sign he is not ready to be on the sites. Some of the sites ask you to have a headline or just a title....this is not something girls really wants to read right off the bat LOVES TO EAT P#SSY! or please don't post this: I have a bite! Hope she don't put up a big fight ;) ...if you are seeing someone.....don't be on the damn sites!

Guys will also list what they are looking for....but then have a list of everything they don't want: If you have red hair go away. If you are bigger than a size 4, your fat and go to the gym because you are going to be alone. If you just want to have sex go away. If you didn't go to college and/or you didn't graduate you are going to be a waist of my time because I know you can't be a smart person. I know this makes girls mad but I'm just being honest because I'm proud of myself and my body and only a goddess will get this. I want to hit those guys...I really do. I love when someone who has a profile like that messages me and is like hey you want to hook up some time, blah blah blah. I want to write back with a usual witty comment about how they have a small dick or something.

Lastly....the pictures. If the only photos on your profile are from your shoulders down to below your underwear line, and all you are wearing is some tiny little boxer shorts...get a life. Thank you for sharing your very nice body, it was a pleasure to look at, but now I don't want to talk to you because it just wont end well. If in every photo you are drunk or high....please edit. If every photo looks like you took a picture of another photo or a screen shot....learn how to properly use a computer. If in every picture you are standing next to a different girl who isn't wearing very many clothes, or no clothes at all....just go onto the "I like to have sex with random girls and take their picture for a memory" sites :)

Men: You just need a couple things for a nice profile
  1. Nice pictures: One of just your face, one of a full body picture (with clothes) and one showing you with friends in a normal setting.
  2. Have a profile not filled with broken lines but not a book.
  3. Just the basics: Name, interests, what you want from the site or what you are looking for in a girl.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!! I for some reason always seem to work on this holiday and get to miss out on the beach time fun. This 4th I'm OK with it since it is waaaayyyy too hot to be outside, you melt if you walk 5 feet out the door. I think my favorite thing about going to the beach is seeing the girls who show up in full make up, I mean eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick....the works. I just sit there and chuckle as I watch their well put together selves melt and run and suddenly they turn into this sad looking clown with black tears. Yes I know this is mean, but still true. I have a well planned night in with my pets that includes pizza and some movies, I know very 4th like, but I have a psycho dog that barks at any noise and I feel for my neighbors.

I made the mistake of not verifying that my phone had logged off of the dating site I'm on last night and I woke up to some very interesting messages. I'm normally asleep between the hours of midnight and 5 so I'm not around for the night time crazies that seem to roam the site. There is one guy who evidently felt that messaging me 30 times in a 2 hour window was the way into my heart or my bed. It started out with Hi then moved onto what are you doing, why are you awake, what are you looking for, you're a bi$%h for being on here, wow you are sad and pathetic look at you being on a dating site, you're on here because you are fat and ugly look at your on and so forth. I'm not sure if it might have dawned on him that a) screaming, yelling, and insulting the single girl you are possibly wanting to meet is a smart idea b) I might not actually be there reading this stuff and c) that he is actually mentally deranged and might need some therapy. This little tirade made me mad, not insulted or upset because by looking at his pictures I think he has his own issues, and sadly you can't report people just block he got blocked and now blogged about. I think my favorite part was his handle implied that he was hot single and well endowed....his photos implied that he was 300lbs and in love with Twinkies because, well he was taking a picture with one. In his mouth.

I wounder if messaging someone and acting like a complete psycho might actually work. I could probably pull it off, but knowing my luck I'd pick some guy to do it to and either find out I know someone that knows them or he'd be all for it.

Decisions, decisions.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crazy #1 - Kevin

I've done 9 days in a row at work and today is finally my one day off! I did get to go out Friday night and see the boat parade in my town and have dinner with friends. Sadly by Friday night sleep was the only thing my body wanted. The issue with working that much don't know what to do with yourself if you aren't at work. I tried to sleep in (my body wanted up at 8:30am) so I figured with coffee and a book my day would start rolling, I was wrong. I sat down at my computer and checked the status of views for my simple little page and to my surprise more than just my mother and close friends have read it! I want to thank everyone who has made my first day on here a success because I honestly didn't think that my simple single girl life would be that interesting. So....with coffee and a desire to shop for new work shoes (woohoo!) I wanted to tell you about the first Crazy I ran into, his name is Kevin....

I met Kevin (it's his real name) on a dating website and thought why not give this one a shot he's 27 and should be a little bit more mature. When I first started back at dating I was all for pretty much anyone who I thought, hmmm he's cute. We met at a bar in the afternoon (this should have been a red flag) and just chatted. He seemed interesting and he made me laugh which is important. He seemed nice and had a job installing gutters. We hung out again and then the last time I met him he asked me back to his place to watch movies. He seemed normal and I said why not. I think I should have ran once I got into the door because he evidently had an "apartment" attached to his parents house and his room was covered in Anime posters and figurines. If you are into that type of thing whatever, but I feel like as a 27 year old your room shouldn't be dedicated to the stuff. He tried to get me to watch one of the many Anime movies and I held strong in my NO! We picked a normal one and I fell asleep, not the smartest thing in the world I have ever done. I woke up to him yelling at his parents dog that was barking, and when I say yelling I mean using every bad word ever invented.

Now if you know me I have a dog whom I love and this disturbed me a little. I mean I understand being upset if the dog is barking but his reaction was violent. I started getting my things together to try and make a clean break for my car, I failed. He came back in and tried to apologize for the dog. I said it was fine seeing as I have my own dog that barks at ANYTHING that moves. He then proceeded to inform me how he hates dogs, how his parents don't let him watch the dog if they go away for the weekend because they know he would kill the dog, how his deepest desire is to take the dog out to 75 and throw it out of the window while driving 100mph. I was horrified and disgusted but I wasn't going to say anything because I thought, "This asshole is going to kill me...or try to get my dog." I said good-bye and bolted. I messaged one of my guys friends when I got home to inform him of this horrific event and he informed me that he found this hilarious. That killing animals if the first sign of a serial killer and I could have been killed by one and he could have informed all of his friends that he knew a girl that got killed by one. I did get a good chuckle out of my guy friends thoughts, but I do my best to avoid any place I think Kevin might visit.

Ladies, I'm not telling you this story because I met this guy on a dating website but I do think that sometimes asking specific questions to a possible Internet date are very important. I now always inform people that I have a dog and a cat and ask if they like animals, if they say no then I know we aren't going to get along. I didn't let Kevin scare me away from dating because I had a desire to put myself out there and not let myself sit at home thinking about my ex and his new girlfriend. I knew I was going to run into people I didn't get along with. I knew that yes, there were going to be some crazies out there but as long as I gave it a shot I would be fine.

Then alcohol made a bad choice for me....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Newly Single - Andrew

I've been single for almost two years and I look back at when I was in a relationship and have mixed feelings. I was with someone for 4 years, that is a pretty long time but it had some highs and lows and it was time for it to end. When it ended I moved back to Sarasota from Ohio and thought the world was ending. I didn't want to eat, sleep, move, be around people....nothing! Unfortunetly, and fortunetly, I got a job just 2 days after I moved back so I did have to be in public and speaking to people so I sucked it up. I reconnected with one of my friends from high school and she dragged me out to bars (Advice: yes, when your friend is newly single get them out of the house. Do NOT take them to a bar can turn ugly) and I became that person that was drunk EVERY night.

About two months after I had been royal dumped I decided to join every dating website under the sun...and I mean all of them, and I paid! I met a guy, who we will call Andrew (yes I know his name but it's for privacy) who is from the UK and has a pretty interesting job. I knew I wasn't his type but he was kind enough to actually take me on a date. He was shorter than me and dressed in that cool european way, and I'm not a fan of that style just an FYI. We went to a putt putt place in Bradenton, then went and saw Jackass 3, and he invited me back to his place. Now I know what you are all thinking, slut!, well you are wrong ladies and gentlemen because the pants stayed on! We watched some TV from his homeland and it stayed PG-13.

We saw each other a few more times, things seemed to be progressing and I finally decided to introduce him to my friends. I would like to remind you that at this time, I was a drunk so meeting my friends ment going into a bar. This was not his cup of tea and I could tell he wasn't a fan. I dropped him off at his place and we made plans for the next date.

We went out to dinner and then decided to go bowling. We were having a great time and laughing and then we went back to his place. I had it all planned that it was time for me to finally do the deed as they say. We pulled up and he turned to me and informed me, "You are a great girl and I like spending time with you but I don't see myself marrying you. I don't think we should see each other anymore because I don't want to waste my time with someone I don't plan on marrying." I was shocked and a little taken back by this comment but hey, I wasn't looking for marriage I just got out of a 4 year relationship. I said good bye and was on my way.

This threw me....the fact that a guy informed me after 4 dates....4! that he didn't see himself marrying me and so he was ending things then and there. I hadn't dated in 4 years and just didn't know if this was something new, I found out that it isn't, or if people from the UK thought differently. This was the first guy I dated in a long line and I should have known then and there that Andrew was a sign. A sign telling me, "Oh by the way you are soooooooo not ready for this but we thought we'd throw you a bone and let you get to date someone with an accent before you get the crazies."

And Oh have there been crazies.....


It doesn't make much sense to tell a story without informing you of the beginning. So here is how I became who I am....

I think I was pretty cute

I was born in February 1988 to a wonderful woman in New York City of all places! I was given the name Brieann Patrice, if I had been a boy I was getting Patrick Michael just a tad bit Irish, and my mom got my name from a Romance Novel. Some people say that they reflect the name they were given, yep maybe this is true because we all know what is in Romance Novels. I'm getting off topic so lets get back on a normal person, living in New York City would be pretty amazing, my thoughts as well, but to a single woman who works a full time job and a brand new baby it could be a bit overwhelming. I think she did a pretty amazing job but she decided to move down to Florida when I was almost 3 to be closer to her mother, and that is how I ended up being here. I think I had a great childhood and I don't know what exactly it is she did but I wish I knew the secreat so if I ever decide to be a mother I can make it work like she did. I grew up knowing my grandmother, seeing as I've lived with her since I got to Florida, and I had a brief chance to meet my grandmother's husband who was a great man and made her happy. I have an untraditional family now, I tell people I'm spend the day with my parents and my close friends know I mean my mom and grandma. Growing up in a household of all woman, and three generations on top of that, can be a bit much. Most people only see their grandmothers now and then, I lived with mine and considered her another mom so things could get a bit dicey with two moms. I was surrounded by love and if I wanted to go out and try something they supported me no matter if I only did it for a couple months. I was enrolled in Incarnation Catholic School and went there from K to 8th grade with the same 35 kids. This makes young dating life a little difficult because you've seen everyone and know their families and they feel like your brothers and sisters. I did walk away with two sisters from that school though, Ashley and Megan. Love the two of them and I don't see myself not being friends with them when we are 80, if Ashley lasts that long :-)

We are the three in the middle, I'm in the white shirt

When I turned 14, my mother informed me that she found my biological father and he wanted to meet me. This was a bit of a shock because I had a plan in my head that when I turned 18, I'd find him, and then go punch him in the face....this plan wasn't going to work with me being a 14 year old girl. He made the trip down to Florida and I met him for the first time, he had met me when I was a baby but I have no memory of this. I discovered that I had two younger half brothers and that my father's parents were no longer here. When you are growing up with out a dad you have this picture in your head of what this man will look like, what he will act like, and what he will sound like....he wasn't anything like what I thought, sorry.

I decided when I was in the 8th grade that I didn't want to move on to Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School, which is the natural course when you are moving on from ICS. I decided to go into Riverview High School, which was the public school closest to my house. My family wasn't all that excited but they supported my choice because they loved me (I think secretly they were happy I went to RHS beacuse no tuition, haha). I wasn't the only one from my childhood that made the choice to go public so it wasn't that horrible of a change but it was still a bit nerve racking. I made some interesting friends, some I still speak to, and I made some bad choices one of which was my first boyfriend. I'll save you the stories of my dating life when I was in High School a) because there isn't much to tell and b) some things people don't want their parents to read. 
Graduation from Riverview High School

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