Monday, July 2, 2012


It doesn't make much sense to tell a story without informing you of the beginning. So here is how I became who I am....

I think I was pretty cute

I was born in February 1988 to a wonderful woman in New York City of all places! I was given the name Brieann Patrice, if I had been a boy I was getting Patrick Michael just a tad bit Irish, and my mom got my name from a Romance Novel. Some people say that they reflect the name they were given, yep maybe this is true because we all know what is in Romance Novels. I'm getting off topic so lets get back on a normal person, living in New York City would be pretty amazing, my thoughts as well, but to a single woman who works a full time job and a brand new baby it could be a bit overwhelming. I think she did a pretty amazing job but she decided to move down to Florida when I was almost 3 to be closer to her mother, and that is how I ended up being here. I think I had a great childhood and I don't know what exactly it is she did but I wish I knew the secreat so if I ever decide to be a mother I can make it work like she did. I grew up knowing my grandmother, seeing as I've lived with her since I got to Florida, and I had a brief chance to meet my grandmother's husband who was a great man and made her happy. I have an untraditional family now, I tell people I'm spend the day with my parents and my close friends know I mean my mom and grandma. Growing up in a household of all woman, and three generations on top of that, can be a bit much. Most people only see their grandmothers now and then, I lived with mine and considered her another mom so things could get a bit dicey with two moms. I was surrounded by love and if I wanted to go out and try something they supported me no matter if I only did it for a couple months. I was enrolled in Incarnation Catholic School and went there from K to 8th grade with the same 35 kids. This makes young dating life a little difficult because you've seen everyone and know their families and they feel like your brothers and sisters. I did walk away with two sisters from that school though, Ashley and Megan. Love the two of them and I don't see myself not being friends with them when we are 80, if Ashley lasts that long :-)

We are the three in the middle, I'm in the white shirt

When I turned 14, my mother informed me that she found my biological father and he wanted to meet me. This was a bit of a shock because I had a plan in my head that when I turned 18, I'd find him, and then go punch him in the face....this plan wasn't going to work with me being a 14 year old girl. He made the trip down to Florida and I met him for the first time, he had met me when I was a baby but I have no memory of this. I discovered that I had two younger half brothers and that my father's parents were no longer here. When you are growing up with out a dad you have this picture in your head of what this man will look like, what he will act like, and what he will sound like....he wasn't anything like what I thought, sorry.

I decided when I was in the 8th grade that I didn't want to move on to Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School, which is the natural course when you are moving on from ICS. I decided to go into Riverview High School, which was the public school closest to my house. My family wasn't all that excited but they supported my choice because they loved me (I think secretly they were happy I went to RHS beacuse no tuition, haha). I wasn't the only one from my childhood that made the choice to go public so it wasn't that horrible of a change but it was still a bit nerve racking. I made some interesting friends, some I still speak to, and I made some bad choices one of which was my first boyfriend. I'll save you the stories of my dating life when I was in High School a) because there isn't much to tell and b) some things people don't want their parents to read. 
Graduation from Riverview High School

That's all for now.....


Anonymous said...

I wanna hear your crazy dating stories. Come on, just tell us! - Morgan (the only way I can comment is anonymously?)

Brieann Daw said...

haha I will eventually....i'm trying to figure our how to get it to show who you are. Give me time I'm still new :)