Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crazy #1 - Kevin

I've done 9 days in a row at work and today is finally my one day off! I did get to go out Friday night and see the boat parade in my town and have dinner with friends. Sadly by Friday night sleep was the only thing my body wanted. The issue with working that much is.....you don't know what to do with yourself if you aren't at work. I tried to sleep in (my body wanted up at 8:30am) so I figured with coffee and a book my day would start rolling, I was wrong. I sat down at my computer and checked the status of views for my simple little page and to my surprise more than just my mother and close friends have read it! I want to thank everyone who has made my first day on here a success because I honestly didn't think that my simple single girl life would be that interesting. So....with coffee and a desire to shop for new work shoes (woohoo!) I wanted to tell you about the first Crazy I ran into, his name is Kevin....

I met Kevin (it's his real name) on a dating website and thought why not give this one a shot he's 27 and should be a little bit more mature. When I first started back at dating I was all for pretty much anyone who I thought, hmmm he's cute. We met at a bar in the afternoon (this should have been a red flag) and just chatted. He seemed interesting and he made me laugh which is important. He seemed nice and had a job installing gutters. We hung out again and then the last time I met him he asked me back to his place to watch movies. He seemed normal and I said why not. I think I should have ran once I got into the door because he evidently had an "apartment" attached to his parents house and his room was covered in Anime posters and figurines. If you are into that type of thing whatever, but I feel like as a 27 year old your room shouldn't be dedicated to the stuff. He tried to get me to watch one of the many Anime movies and I held strong in my NO! We picked a normal one and I fell asleep, not the smartest thing in the world I have ever done. I woke up to him yelling at his parents dog that was barking, and when I say yelling I mean using every bad word ever invented.

Now if you know me I have a dog whom I love and this disturbed me a little. I mean I understand being upset if the dog is barking but his reaction was violent. I started getting my things together to try and make a clean break for my car, I failed. He came back in and tried to apologize for the dog. I said it was fine seeing as I have my own dog that barks at ANYTHING that moves. He then proceeded to inform me how he hates dogs, how his parents don't let him watch the dog if they go away for the weekend because they know he would kill the dog, how his deepest desire is to take the dog out to 75 and throw it out of the window while driving 100mph. I was horrified and disgusted but I wasn't going to say anything because I thought, "This asshole is going to kill me...or try to get my dog." I said good-bye and bolted. I messaged one of my guys friends when I got home to inform him of this horrific event and he informed me that he found this hilarious. That killing animals if the first sign of a serial killer and I could have been killed by one and he could have informed all of his friends that he knew a girl that got killed by one. I did get a good chuckle out of my guy friends thoughts, but I do my best to avoid any place I think Kevin might visit.

Ladies, I'm not telling you this story because I met this guy on a dating website but I do think that sometimes asking specific questions to a possible Internet date are very important. I now always inform people that I have a dog and a cat and ask if they like animals, if they say no then I know we aren't going to get along. I didn't let Kevin scare me away from dating because I had a desire to put myself out there and not let myself sit at home thinking about my ex and his new girlfriend. I knew I was going to run into people I didn't get along with. I knew that yes, there were going to be some crazies out there but as long as I gave it a shot I would be fine.

Then alcohol made a bad choice for me....

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