Monday, July 30, 2012

Dating Olympics.....

I know I have informed you I've dated a few people and I seem to have gotten away from that subject of my past dating lets take a walk down memory lane.

We've already gone over "Andrew" and Kevin now onto....

  • Liam....we didn't date. One of those moments when alcohol was a poor friend.
  • Jon.....we didn't date. Another of those moments when alcohol was my bad decision maker.
  • Brent....we didn't date. He was fun, very fun, but young and immature. He also lives off of the same exits in Brandon as one of my bestest friends.
  • Duke.....we ended up being roommates, wrap your brain around that one.
  • Dan....lived too far away and we didn't really have much in common, then he moved closer....still nothing in common.
  • Chris.....he was nuts, I mean stalker nuts. He was supposed to move out of town but I figured I'd really like something to eat and he seemed nice. While we were hanging out he informed me that if I asked he wouldn't move. That he felt we were meant to be together that if I really wanted he would cancel all of his plans and stay for me.....I asked for the check and wished him the best of luck.
  • dating, just kind of friends now, it's OK though, he is a bit of a whore.
  • Scott.....he was really nice, friends liked him, still see him around town. He had a strong love for SciFi movies, specifically one and I couldn't stop giggling in my head.
  • I don't remember his name or what he looks would think I would after telling you this story. We met up at a bar and his 'band manager' showed up and joined our little date, which was oh so exciting, blah. His manager decided to go play some pool and he finally asked me if I remembered him yet. I was very confused and said that I had never him before. He started informing me about things about myself from high school, I then discovered that we had 'hung out'. I couldn't remember him and it made me feel a little bad about myself. He kissed me out by my car and it clicked, I remembered him, he bored me the last time and so I never messaged him again. The second time of us seeing each other and I never messaged him again.....I'm a horrible person
  • Shane.....he lived in clearwater and drove down here for a date, he was nice and no kiss at the end but we planned on a second date. I drove up to his place and we watched a movie, again no kiss but that's OK because he evidently didn't shower before our date because I could smell him across the room. ****Men if you have a date and you either had a long day at work or worked out before the date, TAKE A SHOWER****
  • was OK, he wasn't my type, and seemed a bit into drinking
  • Brandon.....he lived in gulf port. We went on a few dates and I discovered that not once was he sober when I saw him. Not like he got drunk while I was with him, but he was drunk already when we would meet. The last time I saw him he got so drunk he started yelling at me about how I wasn't like his ex fiance and how I should drink more and how I should smoke because she did that. I then discovered they had a child together and the reason he wasn't in his son's life is because when he found out his ex was leaving he put his head through a TV and she promised to not file a report if he didn't follow them. Lets just say....I left.
  • James.....lived in Brandon, also off the same exit as Brent and my best friend (small ass world). He didn't like to drive because he liked to drink, it seemed nice until he got all weird. I was then informed after our date that he liked me but would want to see other women while dating me because it was just what he wanted. I said no and never spoke to him again.
  • Kyle.....we went on a few dates and hung out a few times. He was nice and took care of himself but he had a DUI so I had to drive, which is fine. I didn't think much of it at the time but he was very needy and pushy, I wouldn't sleep with him so he decided I wasn't worth his time. Oh well, now I don't have to drive a grown man around who just didn't know how to not be an alcoholic and who didn't know how to pay old tickets from driving while having the DUI.
  • D...I met him in high school, he 'knew' some of my friends. He kept trying to get with me through 2011 and I kept saying NO!. I finally gave in and then moved on. He is now my neighbor, didn't see that one coming.
There are a few more but these are the ones that stand out in my head. I'm for sure slowing down and trying to break away from one of the biggest trends of most of these guys, they all drink heavily or had drinking problems.

My mom has figured out that I need an older, possibly divorced (no kids), good job kind of guy who can handle me. Evidently I'm too strong willed and I don't know how to not be overly independent. Guys seem to like having a girl they can guide, be in charge of, take care of....they don't like when the girl doesn't need them, it doesn't make them feel needed or wanted.

I'm taking a break from dating and focusing on me.....but I'm sure I'll get back on the horse again and we will see if I can change my pattern, and if I might just be able to find the right one.

***** Some of the names above have been changed for privacy reasons.


Ashley Ierulli said...

i love this! and you too! :)

Brieann Daw said...

Why thank you :) I love you too!