Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!! I for some reason always seem to work on this holiday and get to miss out on the beach time fun. This 4th I'm OK with it since it is waaaayyyy too hot to be outside, you melt if you walk 5 feet out the door. I think my favorite thing about going to the beach is seeing the girls who show up in full make up, I mean eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick....the works. I just sit there and chuckle as I watch their well put together selves melt and run and suddenly they turn into this sad looking clown with black tears. Yes I know this is mean, but still true. I have a well planned night in with my pets that includes pizza and some movies, I know very 4th like, but I have a psycho dog that barks at any noise and I feel for my neighbors.

I made the mistake of not verifying that my phone had logged off of the dating site I'm on last night and I woke up to some very interesting messages. I'm normally asleep between the hours of midnight and 5 so I'm not around for the night time crazies that seem to roam the site. There is one guy who evidently felt that messaging me 30 times in a 2 hour window was the way into my heart or my bed. It started out with Hi then moved onto what are you doing, why are you awake, what are you looking for, you're a bi$%h for being on here, wow you are sad and pathetic look at you being on a dating site, you're on here because you are fat and ugly look at your on and so forth. I'm not sure if it might have dawned on him that a) screaming, yelling, and insulting the single girl you are possibly wanting to meet is a smart idea b) I might not actually be there reading this stuff and c) that he is actually mentally deranged and might need some therapy. This little tirade made me mad, not insulted or upset because by looking at his pictures I think he has his own issues, and sadly you can't report people just block he got blocked and now blogged about. I think my favorite part was his handle implied that he was hot single and well endowed....his photos implied that he was 300lbs and in love with Twinkies because, well he was taking a picture with one. In his mouth.

I wounder if messaging someone and acting like a complete psycho might actually work. I could probably pull it off, but knowing my luck I'd pick some guy to do it to and either find out I know someone that knows them or he'd be all for it.

Decisions, decisions.....

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