Thursday, July 26, 2012

I might kill her....but I do love that face!

Well, if you know me know my dog is on my shit list. She has decided recently to just make me want to pull my hair out, and I think she enjoys it. When I first moved into my place it was just me due to the fact that I worked wayyy too much and just didn't have time to organize or have any furniture. My cat moved in shortly after and everything was great, place was always clean, no hassle, and relaxed.....then the dog came. I finally moved my dog in a couple months ago and she got her kennel back. It was a little difficult to adjust but we were doing OK, and then she started getting destructive. Breaking out.....ripping things down....

She decided that ripping the blinds OFF of the wall and pulling them into her cage sounded like a good idea.

My mom found some Calming pills made by GNC which seemed to be working and everything was right in the world. Well, I noticed I was running low and I've been attacking pet stores far and wide trying to find them, with no luck. I ordered them online and sadly I ran out before they have arrived.

I came home Monday after work and all I hear is the radio and see an empty cage with the door still locked, no dog. I start calling for her and she is standing behind my bed hiding. I was in complete shock on how she managed to Houdini herself out of the cage. I inspected it and noticed that she had unlocked the bottom half and pulled back the wires and wiggled out! My 68lbs dog wiggled through a tiny little crack! Tuesday morning before work I noticed her really licking her mouth, I went to take a peak and TADA!!!! a broken tooth! Anyone that has met my dog knows she is already missing a canine because she used to break out of her cage as a puppy and it eventually broke one day when she was playing and we had to surgically remove it. I called my mother, who is on vacation, panicking because I have to work all week and can't exactly afford this pricey little procedure.

The vet was able to squeeze me in after work on Tuesday so as I rushed home to grab Psycho i was thinking to myself, "The dog will be in the cage, she already broke a tooth and I duct taped the door shut, all will be fine." I was wrong...once again, no sound but the radio and missing dog, with the bonus of duct tape all over the ground. Checked her mouth no more broken teeth but one was filed down a bit more than it used to be. to the vet we go....

She knows where we are going.....
While waiting to see the vet/surgeon the dog knew.....just knew this was not going to be good. It was even funnier when they walked in and just looked at her like 'WTF?!' They were shocked! by what she had done and how she had done it. They gave me some new prescription medication to try and calm her down until mine gets in and informed me either surgery to remove (Hello $400 I don't have) or we can see if she can live with it.....we are waiting to see if she can live with it. We now padlock the doors shut and duct tape still just in case Psycho, I mean Sky, can some how eat through those locks also.

With dealing with her and it being day 7 out of 11 working days I decided to buy myself some pretty flowers last night.....they make my kitchen just that much more happy.
FYI, if i ever do get a serious boyfriend, these are my favorite and I would kill to always have these ;)
I'm also debating on cutting all of this hair off, I'm finding white hairs :'( and there is just too much for me to deal with. I've been growing it for weddings and since one of my friends cut her hair short (thank you sweet baby gremlins!) I'm now for sure looking into it. Who knows....maybe next time you hear from me, my head will be much lighter <3

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Nikki said...

hahaha im loving my short hair!! do ittttttt :)