Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm feeling a little crazy...

Hello new world!!!! Well, actually hello 4.54 billion year old world....that didn't sound as awesome as it does in my head....anyways. I've been skimping on my blog posts because, well, I feel a little bit like a crazy woman recently. Work has made me want to scream, I seem to be busy suddenly with out of town family, and I haven't found a moment to really clean my apartment and it is starting to get to me.

I have black hair, so just pretend that is me ;)

I wont get into work because I promised myself unless something happens there that will make a direct impact on my life, it doesn't need to be talked about.

Part of the Daw clan is in town and I realised that being raised an only child has made me feel very quiet when it comes to family, because with so many people around it hurts my head a little (I'm such a loner it isn't even funny). I have had fun with them though, I think this is one of the best visits we have had so far, and there is proof of me being drunk......I weep in hope that no one will see this video. Being old makes spending time with your family a lot easier, I think, because when you are under 21 it's still awkward because you really have nothing in common with everyone older than you. I'm an old 24 so woohoo, I can be a normal adult now.

I've realised as I've gotten older I wish I had/have more interaction with my half siblings. I love them to death, not just because they are my brothers, but because I just have this deeply ingrained feeling that I should love them. I guess for someone who was raised an only child it is hard to explain, but I understand what I'm saying and that is all that matters. I wish i knew that bonding feeling, that feeling of annoying each other to death that you have amazing funny stories to look back on.

My apartment frightens me. If anyone ever wants to buy me something, a gift card to one of those cleaning companies would be awesome. I'd love you forever, maybe even get you a little statue award. My love is not hard to get....a free apartment cleaning, Dove milk chocolate, B&J Phish Food ice cream, comfy blanket, ice cold white wine....yep, I'm easy to please. I clean it but then it just gets messy again and then I get busy and then it just keeps happening...and now I want to just lay on my messy couch under everything and wait for it to crush me to death. I can be like one of those crazy stories where the person has been dead in their apartment for a month and was hidden under all of their belongings. Hmmmm, strange life goal right there.

I made a big decision to delete my dating profiles....I know, everyone gasp at once! It's true, you can ask one of my friends. I was tired of nothing happening, of just getting crazy stories (which I need to go back to writing about), so I decided to take a break. The only thing is is that this weekend, before deleting one of the profiles I hit the Meet Me button on someones profile...and they wrote me....and we've met....and.....

We will just have to wait and see.......

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