Sunday, July 8, 2012

Men: Better Profiles!! Please :-)

This made me giggle...I felt like sharing :-)
Well hope everyone had a lovely weekend :) because I did not, haha. Work has been crazy with this heat and I can not wait for people to go home and just not travel for a bit. Nothing big and exciting happened.....I have officially been single for 2 years woohoo....and it made me think back on all of my dating history, which has gotten pretty extensive. Some people fear their past and wish things didn't happen, I feel like if you do think on it and learn you can grow and find someone better for you.

I was on one of the sites the other day and discovered that I happen to either know or know of some of the guys on these sites. If I run into someone I know I like to just browse their page and see what interesting little tid bits they put out there. I think my favorite part of doing this is when I know something is a complete and utter lie, but I hold back on calling them on it. I also enjoy when I know the person and I talk to them and all they do is say how they don't want a girlfriend, how they love being single, and just want to find some girl to get with. Then I see them on these sites saying how they aren't like other guys, they don't want just sex, and they want a real relationship.....always interesting.

I wish there was a way for guys to realise....they need better profiles. They list their age and then you see a picture and dear lord, they look 40 when they are listing 22. Their page will read: I like sports. I like tattoos. I hate liars. I want kids. Message me I'm fun *Blank Look* Your page just put me to sleep, how are you fun?!?! Then we run into the men that give you a book, and I'm not talking a book you want to read, but a book telling you EVERYTHING you could ever possible want to know and things you don't care to hear. I ran into a profile once where sadly the guys wife had died, the only thing was his profile talked all about her, this is a sign he is not ready to be on the sites. Some of the sites ask you to have a headline or just a title....this is not something girls really wants to read right off the bat LOVES TO EAT P#SSY! or please don't post this: I have a bite! Hope she don't put up a big fight ;) ...if you are seeing someone.....don't be on the damn sites!

Guys will also list what they are looking for....but then have a list of everything they don't want: If you have red hair go away. If you are bigger than a size 4, your fat and go to the gym because you are going to be alone. If you just want to have sex go away. If you didn't go to college and/or you didn't graduate you are going to be a waist of my time because I know you can't be a smart person. I know this makes girls mad but I'm just being honest because I'm proud of myself and my body and only a goddess will get this. I want to hit those guys...I really do. I love when someone who has a profile like that messages me and is like hey you want to hook up some time, blah blah blah. I want to write back with a usual witty comment about how they have a small dick or something.

Lastly....the pictures. If the only photos on your profile are from your shoulders down to below your underwear line, and all you are wearing is some tiny little boxer shorts...get a life. Thank you for sharing your very nice body, it was a pleasure to look at, but now I don't want to talk to you because it just wont end well. If in every photo you are drunk or high....please edit. If every photo looks like you took a picture of another photo or a screen shot....learn how to properly use a computer. If in every picture you are standing next to a different girl who isn't wearing very many clothes, or no clothes at all....just go onto the "I like to have sex with random girls and take their picture for a memory" sites :)

Men: You just need a couple things for a nice profile
  1. Nice pictures: One of just your face, one of a full body picture (with clothes) and one showing you with friends in a normal setting.
  2. Have a profile not filled with broken lines but not a book.
  3. Just the basics: Name, interests, what you want from the site or what you are looking for in a girl.

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