Friday, July 27, 2012

To cut or not to cut....well more like how to cut

I've decided...I'm cutting the hair!!!!
I'm just not sure what I'm doing yet though.....

We are going to take you on a little tour of my hair, lol, and see what the vote of length and style should be because I for sure need some advice :-(

When I moved to ohio I decided this is what I wanted my hair to look like :)

So this is what I got

This was my hair in december 2010

February 2011

Went to NYC and got my hair cut in Sept 2011

And this was the most recent cut April 2012

It has gotten much longer now and I think it feels like I have 20lbs of hair on me. I know I want to cut it but it needs to grow past my shoulders by March 30, that is why I'm having a delema.

So blog world people that I know, maybe....leave a comment on here, my facebook, or just tell me in person....which do you think I should go with. Advice is always loved!


Nikki said...

I like pics 2 and the last one bestest. I like it when yuo take the time to flat iron it (and i love the way it looks in the last pic!) although it looks cute in all of them.

Brieann Daw said...

Ya I think #2 is my choice maybe a little shorter this time around