Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ATTACK OF THE......Puppies?

Can someone please tell me the difference between the two types of Ramen noodles out there? I have yet to discover the difference and I REFUSE to read the nutritional content chart, which is probably where the difference is located.

Moving on after that random thought.....I had to be at work this morning at 7am after being off for two days. I do this to myself when making the schedule every week and I complain each time but I just keep doing it, oh well. I try not to talk too much about work on here because well, I need my job, hence me eating Ramen noodles....bleh. Work is pretty slow right now with the 'hurricane' that hit us the beginning of the week so I was scanning through my 2 1/2 days of emails and stumbled across one from my boss informing me that I needed to take a new training class as well as my staff. This is NOT how I wanted to really start my day but it took like 10 mins. The day didn't get any better but the time to go home finally came around and I was much happier.

My dog will be making a lot of appearances so you will get to know her well and how much she makes me want to rip my hair out. I day dream now and then about owning other puppies and one day I shall. So I'm going to share all the puppies I want to own, as of right now, with you:
Both a white and a black lab

and a Red Nose Pit

Now as you can tell I'm a fan of bigger dogs. I don't know why but I just love them big old cuddly things. I've always been a dog person but it went into high gear when I was about 12 and started walking dogs for extra cash. I then began living in homes while people were out of town to watch their dogs. My favorite dog of all time, besides my dog, was Nestle. She was a rescued red nose pit and was the most adorable thing to ever cross this planet. She sadly had lost her voice and couldn't really bark, it was more like a squeak, and she gave nothing but love. All the other dogs she lived with would pick on her and just run her over. She wouldn't care, would just sit there and wait for them to finish then would come and cuddle with me. I took her every place I could once I started to drive and she was the most well behaved dog ever. I miss her :(

I wish I could do this, and one day I shall, there is a cute site called The Shelter Pups <~~~~ Click the link. You can send them a bunch of different photos of your wonderful pup and they will then send you a custom stuffed plush dog. There are also some pre-made pups which you can buy for less. A portion of the proceeds goes to a local shelter which is always something that is needed.

Til next time lovelies xoxox

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