Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Story: Lost Spark

Happy Weekend Everyone! I was working on a post that hopefully will come out sometime this week and got a sudden message from my friend Crystal on facebook.
So I got a story for ya. Mike the recent guy was great, was as in not anymore. Bout 2 months ago maybe we really started arguing a lot. I registered it but didn't plan on making a move. Back story though Mike is the first guy I've had perfect trust with I never second guess anything he said. But I lost the spark round month 2 maybe. Why is the one trait that I want in a guy given to me and I'm just not attracted to him. Maybe in the beginning I was but only for a moment. Basically it was really difficult and hard for me to break up with a great guy and without a harsh reason. I'm used to being emotionally forced weather by him cheating, lying, being an asshole not because I think we really are on two different distant chapters in life. So I dunno if your trying to make this thing a positive stories only but I'm sure you can twist it to bring the light of it out. I dunno I may seem like a bitch but ya really do gotta make yourself happy before you can even begin to entertain the idea of making someone else happy. Annnnnd just like most girls don't have the time to put up with a player or asshole they also don't wanna put up with a child. You should have someone meet you 50/50 emotionally monetarily and physically love you briski.
This got me thinking. I hadn't thought about possibly featuring past stories of other people when they had to make the tough decision. It can be pretty difficult for people to look at this great guy and say to themselves 'I don't think I love them' or 'I think this spark has burnt out.' I think this happens in many relationships, it has happened to me. We either wait for them to make the move so we can say they are the assholes or we sit in this relationship until we learn to hate each other and it turns ugly.

I think when we are in a relationship, no matter how long it is for, we don't want to seem like we are going to fail. That if the relationship doesn't work out it means we either can't love, that someone can't love us, or we waisted our time with that person. I always think that any relationship we experience benefits us in the long run. We learn something from each person and discover new things about ourselves we didn't know before. Just because a relationship didn't work out it doesn't mean that you should give up or that you fail. I know that me personally I wear my heart on my sleeve and I give and care more than some people deserve. This gets me in trouble because some people aren't open to feelings and they either try to use me for one thing and leave, or just seem to talk/hang out with me until they find something else. I know I haven't found my one yet and hopefully (come on universe) I will run into him, but until then I go on dates, meet people, and just enjoy being me. I put myself out there and I leave myself open to the experiences.

We are expecting a Tropical Storm the beginning of this week and my 'sister' Megan is in a wedding show modeling dresses on Sunday. I wish I could go but sadly I have work and have to be here for hurricane issues with the hotel. I hope that if any of you happen to have any stories about a relationship that wasn't working and you were strong enough to get out, or how you became a stronger person after a break up, please email me or stop by my facebook page and share your story. I'd like to be able to do one of these stories a month.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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