Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Cake Milkshakes are bad before blogs

Well good day kind citizens of my blog, I'm having that odd moment when too many things are running through my head to write about and I can't just pick one. This means I'm probably going to write about all of them and then wish I hadn't because that means I wish I could talk more about what I wrote about and this could turn into a book. I think I just confused myself on that sentence.

I've had three days off this week, go accidentally scheduling yourself off this way :). Day 1) I cleaned my house, I mean cleaned. I actually organized my closet, go me! I got some picture frames to put some photos in, I just am bad at hanging things on the wall so those are now just waiting for someone nice enough to do it for me. I then went and did my laundry at my lovely mothers house and ended up getting free dinner. Free laundry and Free dinner, I call that a win win situation. Day 2) I went and got my nails done by my new boyfriend Ricky, he isn't really my boyfriend but his hands are magical, and I don't think his name is actually Ricky but that is what his name tag said. Did some shopping for things for me too cook for later that night (I know me cooking GASP! but I can do it sometimes) and then I went and did the whole I got a paycheck thing. I waited and waited and waited and waited for my date to arrive. That is right ladies and possibly gentleman I had a date, in my house, oh yeah. See now this is where those multiple things running through my head are going to become an issue.......let us go back in time.....about a couple weeks.

Alright, so lets pretend this is a couple weeks or so ago....I got my hair cut:

Long Hair.....

and we cut off 8 inches

So now my head feels light and weird comments about "oh ya your head is light and fluffy alright, it's because there isn't anything in there." Bahahaha. No. If you have really thick hair you know how good it feels to chop it all off. 

The girl who cut my hair has only done it once before and that was in April. She remembered me on the spot and asked me how my online dating was going. I evidently like to share this with random strangers, oh that's right I started a blog, der. I informed her I was taking a break from it and she replied with, "Well, if you remember I was engaged the last time I saw you and that has ended. So I joined and automatically thought of you and all your fun stories." I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that someone was thinking of me because I do/did online dating. So while she chopped my hair off I gave her advice and shared some more interesting stories from my little dating life.

After the hair cutting, I was bored (reminder I'm becoming Bilbo Baggins) and was waiting to hear back from the cute boy I went and had coffee with a few weeks back. The reason I was waiting is because he had finals and he needed to focus, I'm all for focusing. Hmmm....sorry side note, I had someone in my life who didn't say focusing they said fuckusing. Anyways, I was bored and decided to hop back onto one of the good old dating sites just to see what the new crop was bringing to the table. Low and behold the cute boy who said he was focusing on studying and who said he deleted his profile because he just didn't think online dating was for him.....was on the damn site. I would like to just say I did not confront him I just never texted him again. While I was on there browsing a nice, very handsome guy messaged me. He some how got to me before I put my profile on sleep and we started chatting. I'm all for meeting right away, might as well get it over with because sometimes you like the person more over the phone than in person. We did not do this though, we waited about a week and went to World of Beer. I thought we were hitting it off and I was being all cool and such (I was probably acting like a spaz because I get nervous around people I like). It happened to be trivia night and we agreed we would not play publicly but privately (get your mind out of the gutter perv). We failed, badly, he some how got more answers right than I did :(.

We had been chatting after that first date and decided on a lovely movie night which brings us to today, or more like last night.

Chips and salsa, home made pizza bites and brownie cupcakes.
He was impressed and I even got him beer. I'm just that awesome. So we shall see how things progress.

This is my day 3 of being off and laying around reading is a pretty nice way to spend it. Next day off is Tuesday and I'm going to a Rays game with my company, and we are sitting in the Papa Johns Pizza Box for free!

While I was writing this I happened to be listening to my new FAVORITE song. It makes me want to be a stripper, I don't know why but it just does. Don't judge me. It also makes me want to get into the fight sequence that it shows. So to the lovely citizens of my blog I want to share it with you <3
Til' next time blogstalkers.

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