Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's Ok...Maybe....Not so much

Good Day Sir, I Said GOOD DAY!! OK, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I just realised today was Thursday and not Friday. This made me sad not because Friday means a three day weekend like it does for normal people but because this means I have to work four more days and for some reason this week I am not motivated at all. I think it is because the season is winding down and so much less is going on in my life. This results in me having less money. This results in me being a bit poorer than usual. I think today is just a grumpy day for me.

To try and get me going so I'm at least acting human we shall begin:

  • That I would rather be cuddled in my bed under a mound of pillows and blankets
  • That I want it to be Monday
  • That I'm grumpy everyone gets a three day weekend but me
  • That the above three have to do with me not wanting to work this weekend
  • That I'm really wanting that blue hooded scarf
  • That I've eaten more cupcakes this week than I should in a month (this is really NOT OK)
  • That I'm on my third cup of coffee
  • That I'm a bit grumpy (everyone gets a day to be grumpy now and then)
  • That this made me giggle because I know this applies to me
I hope the rest of you are having a better day than I and if you have any inexpensive DIY project ideas please let me know because I'm itching to be creative and drawing a blank.

Til next time lovelies xoxox

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