Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rain, Baseball, and oh....more rain

Good Morning Ladies and Gents! Welcome to any new readers and of course to the people who read everything I write. I just sit by your computer, laptop, iPad, or cell phone waiting with bated breath to see one of my new posts ;)

So I went to the Rays game on Tuesday and I decided due to the weather and possible traffic to give myself plenty of time. I live in Sarasota which takes about 45 to 50 minutes on a good day to get to the stadium. Traffic was a bit bumper to bumper and then suddenly cleared up.....till I got to the Skyway Bridge.

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore...actually I know we aren't
Pouring rain. I mean the type of rain where everyone, except some wonderful men and woman who don't give two shits about human life, go 25 on a highway that you can go 70 on. It was scary, that type of scary where you turn your music off for some reason like THAT is going to get you there faster. I of course got to the game an hour early and we didn't have to meet for tickets until 7, bleh. Bonus though, FREE PARKING! This makes me happy because it is usually $20.

I sat in my car till about 6:45 talking to my friend Nikki and decided to brave the pouring rain and flooded parking lot. I asked one of the guys who work at the park where Gate 2 was since that is where we were told to meet. He looked at me all confused and informs me this gate is closed and was only used as a exit. WHAT?!?! I sadly inform him that I was told to go there and made my way, now drenched despite my umbrella, to Gate 2....and wait....and wait....and wait. I walked over to a different gate and saw someone who looked like they work at a hotel and asked if they were there for our event. YEP! She called the person who put it together and we are informed 'Oh, I guess Gate 1' GAH! Now I have to walk ALLLL the way back over to Gate 1 and by this time I've given up on trying not to look like a drowned rate. After getting my ticket, heading down into the box, I found some of my co-workers who luckily also look like drowned rats. We are all chit chatting and discover a large number of us at one point were all standing in the rain by Gate 2, at least I wasn't the only one, and that I get free food and beer! SCORE!

The game was pretty fast, not a lot of action, but I did get a hug from Raymond the mascot, and he almost got into a 'fight' with one of the people in our group, haha.
My friend Nikki loves this guy....why, I have no idea.
Since the game was going so quickly I decided to head on home. To my surprise, guess what the weather was doing.....RAINING!!!! I like the rain, if I'm curled up in my bed reading a book, not when I'm trying to drive in it.

This week has been a great weather week *rolling my eyes*. Yesterday the flood gates opened up right when I was trying to get a new battery for my phone since mine couldn't hold a charge. I love when you know more than the guy trying to find the battery for you. Once home and safely in my bed cuddling with the cat when my neighbor decided to text me. My neighbor is a nice guy, a whore and flaky, but a nice guy.

I used to be involved with him, in a manner of speaking, and a month or so ago I decided I was getting tired of the situation. He evidently is not tired of it and almost every day I now get a phone call or a text begging me or trying to sweet talk me into letting him come over. It can be a little aggravating, especially when I finally told him the truth about my feelings and he keeps trying, but it is a bit flattering.

I'm thinking of doing another post similar to this one where I take your thoughts. The post I'm working on is about what you wish guys, or girls, would do or wouldn't do such as get their hair done more often, clean up the uni-brow, things like that. So please email me at or come to my Facebook page and let me know what you think and if you would be OK being referenced.

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