Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When Glee and The Sweetest Thing have a baby.....

Well hello bright shiny o so wonderful world, see I'm trying something new....pretending everything is amazingly awesome and maybe it will be so, how is everyone doing?! I couldn't sleep last night and then once I did go to sleep I had one of those weird dreams where you wake up and think 'wtf just happened?!'. It would seem that my brain decided to take my life and throw it into a romantic comedy musical where there were segments from When Harry Met Sally and He's Just Not That Into You where people gave advice or talked about their own relationships. I think I must have had something to eat or drink that didn't agree with me and caused this weird strange dream thing.

This got me thinking,....who do we take relationship advice from, I mean honestly. We usually go to our closest friends and then head over to our family. If this isn't giving us the answer we are looking for we head on over to the self help department and start reading books by people who don't know us telling us what we can or should be doing. Does ANYONE see a problem with this?! I'm guilty of this, I know I am, of both asking for advice and handing it out. I think the best advice I have ever heard is that if you need to ask how you know when something is happening then it isn't happening to you. An example is if you have to ask 'How do I know I'm in love' or even 'How do I know if I've had an orgasm' well then you either aren't in love or you have never had one and you are looking for someone to tell this to you because you can't admit it to yourself.

It always amazes me when I give advice on relationships and feelings. I mean am I giving this advice, that sounds pretty damn good if I say so myself, yet I'm the single one?! I will never understand this. For some reason the single people are the ones the people in relationships talk to the most about these types. We sit there, single as can be, and give this awesome advice and then walk away thinking 'Wait, why am I still single?' Single people can't ask other single people for relationship advice though....that's like the blind leading the blind. 'How do you get a man?' 'I don't know, do you see a man around me right now?' See that is the type of conversation that happens....chickens with their heads cut off, sad.

Well, I guess we will see if I have another weird strange musical romantic comedy type dream/nightmare again tonight. If this continues maybe I can start writing a book or something......hmmmm how to write yourself as a character?

Til next time blogstalkers <3

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