Monday, August 20, 2012

Well hello Monday, I'm happy to see ya

Hello citizens of my blog! It is I....the person who finally got her coffee. I realised this morning as I excitedly sat in my car for the drive through to Dunkin Donuts waiting on my wonderful large french vanilla coffee that I have an issue. I am in LOVE with coffee and I probably shouldn't be.

I sadly can't drink it black it needs lots of cream and sugar in it for me to be happy. I'm really just filling myself with crack, but how I love my morning crack, haha.

Now that I'm done sounding like a crazy person we shall move on. I got to watch Hunger Games this weekend....I've seen it three times in 24 hours and I think this can also qualify as an issue. As we all remember my personality can keep me locked in my apartment and results in me waking up, going to work, coming home to take care of the dog, then watching Hunger Games, re-watching it, re-reading Fifty Shades of Grey, sleep and then the cycle continues. I want to take up a hobby but with a work schedule where I can work any day and at any time that is required it can hinder such hobbies I wish to do. One of my employees told me I should take up scuba diving, knowing my luck I would probably die or be severely injured.

The reason my Bilbo Baggins personality is bothering me is because I have 9 days off in October for my staycation and I'm probably going to be pulling my hair out on day 3. I live by myself so there is only so much interaction my dog and cat can give me. I'm probably going to either be a) in debt by the end of the staycation or b) that crazy person rocking in the corner from lack of human interaction. One of my friends suggested if I'm still single by October to try and have a date each night with a different guy so I can save money on food (This person is a horrible individual, but thrifty). I mean hey if that does happen then it will give me a whole bunch to blog about , haha.

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