Friday, August 17, 2012

Woo It's Fri.....nope sorry, this is my Tuesday

Good Afternoon the citizens of my blog! According to the rest of the world today is a Friday, but in my world today is a simple Tuesday. I've been day dreaming thinking very hard on things and wondering on what we ladies find romantic. I found a nice little web page that lists 50 things that are romantic (I don't know what is with me and the number 50) and I for some reason only liked one of them, #36 Brush her hair out of her face.

I think some very romantic things are sending a girl flowers while she is at work, kissing her on her forehead when you are around people, hold her hand, send her messages at random moments through out the day to just let her know you are thinking of her, and just rubbing the small of her back while relaxing and watching a movie on the couch.  

I asked some women about what they thought were romantic things a guy could do for them.
  • My Friend Nikki said things that her husband can do for her "I like it when Zack does little things like when he surprised me with champagne and flowers when I got published. He will rub my feet without asking or just do things around the house."
  • Megan said "Personally, I find the whole 'guy being romantic' thing overrated. He shouldn't have to go over the top. Special things are nice for really special occasions, but he should be able to do little things that you appreciate every day. And you should do little things for him too. Romance goes both ways in my mind."
  • One woman said she likes it when a guy makes her dinner. She also enjoys when they wake up next to each other and just look into each others eyes.
  • A woman who works at a hotel said, "Any kind of homemade dinner, even if it is just mac and cheese. If he is rich then dinner on a boat. Also, cleaning the house without being asked is always nice to come home to. When he buys video games to help you lose weight on your birthday."
  • My friend Hallie said just being a gentleman and put some effort into doing something.
  • Some other things that some women said is traditional things like flowers but better is when they surprise you in thoughtful ways that show they listen to you when you talk. Doing fun things that he knows the woman is interested in. Back rubs, cooking dinner, cuddling.
I did ask some guys what they thought would be romantic for him to do for a woman and one said, "pay for dinner, buy flowers, do foreplay...things like that." Another guy said, "Taking a girl into the woods and have a camp fire." This was quickly followed up with jokes about shower curtains, duct tape, shovels, and strong rope. An older gentleman said, "grab her by the hair and drag her into the cave." Well, hey if that works for these guys then good for them, haha.

Some things people don't find romantic:
  • walks on the beach
  • going to the movies
  • writing songs or poetry
  • one woman said nothing she find everything romantic cheesy
I think the one thing a man should take away from this is that we don't ask for too much. Men think that we are difficult and want too much to be happy but we just want little things. Things that make us feel special, like you listen, or you just care.

I'd love if you would write down what YOU think a guy can do to be romantic. I always love feedback and knowing what people think. <3


Nikki said...

Foreplay is not romantic. It should be required. Luckily,I don't have this problem anymore ;)

Brieann Daw said...

Hahaha yes I think it should be required as well. Maybe if you've never had it and a guy does it it could be romantic?