Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And Then....She Ran....

Hey Bloggers!

I want to welcome my new followers Bonnie, Sarah, Racheland Jen!

I wasn't really planing on doing a post today just because with working 2 weeks straight and shiznit going on in my life I just really want to curl up in a ball and sleep.
Ian is on a cruise, lucky bastard, so my working out hasn't been happening too much. I've been walking my dog and doing little floor exercises and trying to eat well while he is MIA but every time I try to get to the gym something pops up that having a day off would help with. I got invited to a dinner thing tomorrow and I plan on hitting the gym after no matter what.

My love life recently has been well....not happening. I'm OK with it especially because I've been just not paying attention to that area all too much. Men don't usually just walk up to me out of the blue and start having a conversation. We usually start chatting if we have to or if I make an asshat out of myself.
I have this very adorable neighbor man, no not the one I used to "hang out" with, who is pretty much dreamy. I have never spoken a word to him and we've never even done that weird nod thing which always makes me think that I'm in some kind of gang and if I do it wrong I might get shot or not included in said gang.
I have an issue of being an outsider, what can I say.
I have admired said neighbor enough to kind of be considered a stalker well informed individual in the community.
He is (I'm guessing here) single, over 6ft tall, blond hair, tan, and nice man muscles. I recently discovered, while rushing around with the dog, that he has a son (maybe two).
OK, ya, I now sound like a freakin stalker....
Yesterday as I was driving past his building to my spot he was working under his car being all manly like. I spotted him looking over as I was driving up and I assumed (yes we all know what happens when you assume) because he wanted to make sure I didn't run him over.
I got out of my car and did the whole glancing through my hair thing so he didn't notice me admiring his lovely arms (I really should stop talking because I am sounding like a perv here). He was standing up by the time I did that and he was looking at me, I didn't know what to do I was like a deer in the headlights or a squirrel sitting in the middle of the street who isn't smart enough to run to the grass but just stays there till the last minute, I proceeded to do the most uncoordinated head nod ever known to man. He smiled and was all like "Hey" so I said "Hello" Note: When I'm nervous and uncomfortable I start to have a weird accent he then asked "How are you doing?" I almost died right then and there. I squeak back "I'm doing OK and you?" he kept smiling and said "OK". I scurried, I mean flat out sprinted into my apartment.

OK, let's take a moment really fast to explain something. You might be sitting there thinking Why the hell did this girl not just walk over there and chat with him. I am pretty shy the first time I speak to someone. OK, I'm actually super nervous unless I'm about two drinks in. My friends know it is a handicap for me and they just shake their heads.

I had that weird moment you only see in movies where I'm standing with my back to my closed door in shock, plain and simple. Smidgen just pranced by ignoring me and Sky was in her cage looking at my like I had lost my mind and basically informing me without words to let her the fuck out.
I got her out of the cage and realised I had to go back out there.
Also that he might still be out there.
I bravely put her leash on and crept out of my apartment. I didn't see him at first because he was back under his car (I mean what did I expect, him standing there just staring at my apartment waiting for me to reappear?) so I just walked sky over to the grassy area to do her business. I then heard his son calling for Dad and Dad started to get up from under the car to see what the kid needed. I was stuck...I didn't even look his way I just stayed focus on Sky standing there sniffing a tree.
I calmly started to walk back to my door, trying to not draw attention but Sky and the kid noticed each other. I hear "PUPPY!" and feel a tug on the leash. I was not going to be distracted from my goal.

I've been kicking myself ever since that moment. I'm probably never going to speak to him again but if I get the chance....I'm going to make a conversation happen.

Have any of you ladies ever ran from a man you wish you had brave enough to talk to or am I the only one?

Til next time lovelies


That's What She Read said...

haha you are so funny! I can totally see myself doing something like that, my voice always get really high and squeaky when i get nervous!

Eliza :: Case Study said...

You're so funny :) I love the name of your blog! xoxo, e

Liza said...

haha! no way are you the only one! i've done that before and it was crazy! i literally flew away it was insane!