Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Disney or Nickelodeon....

I was getting ready to just sit on the couch clean the apartment and shower when I looked at my phone and saw that Ms. Lindsay Lohan was arrested AGAIN this time in my wonderful New York for hitting a pedestrian with her car (he's ok) and then walking away.
Good Job, Good Job....
Yes, I follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter because well I like to hear what "movie stars" have to say.
I'm stealing from Perez Hilton's site since Lindsay took this tweet down:
Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far? +
I mean honestly people with a tweet like that you know you are just acting like a spoiled brat, trying to get attention, and you know you are about to start some serious drama.
We are fighting over THIS:

Mudshot #5

Mugshot #1
 Lindsay has 5 mugshots, count them....5! Amanda just has the one but dear lord the girl is racking up the tickets and the weird behavior.
She has some how turned into a mix of Britney (cue crazy head shaving) and Lindsay (horrible driving and lying ability).

Disney and Nickelodeon have always been fighting over who is the best channel and who has the most kid friendly shows.
Well Disney and Nickelodeon you now have a new battle.
Who has the worst child star!
This is not the type of publicity those networks want but guess what, you got it now!

It is sad that this is happening I mean these girls have no one to blame but themselves. Yes society doesn't help but come on.
Now the fact that this is turning into a highschool thing over who should get arrested and for what is the even sadder part.

If you asked me why I never wanted to be an actress or a singer....this situation is my answer. I mean yes, I loved singing, and would have loved to try and get there and have more money than I could imagine but I wouldn't want my life plastered all over the media. I wouldn't want some girl getting mad at me because she got arrested more times than I did. Come on, we are women, lets act like it instead of spoiled little high school girls fighting over who has the best lip gloss.

I'm done ranting....tomorrow will be a much lighter post ;)
Til next time Lovelies


Ashlee Christopher said...

I love your ranting and totally agree with ya sista my opinion is they are both dumb bitches ;)
You crack me up!!

Brie said...

Haha thank you for supporting my ranting and yes they are both dumb bitches ;)

Chelsea said...

I'm totally waiting for Perez to tweet "Amanda has pulled a Britney! Shaved head!" ;-)

PS--thanks for the comment on my blog. Maybe it is safer for folks to not ask "why!" ;-)


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Brie said...

Haha it is like train wreck you can't look away from!

Thanks for stopping by and following!

Nikki said...

Hey lady!!! I won and then nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award:

Emily said...

Great post! Stopped by when I got your comment and just had to read this. I loved Amanda in her earlier years (She's the Man!) but that purple hair and the crazy dressing room episodes have got to go!

Following you back :)