Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Ian You were pretty amazing yesterday during our session. Made it seem pretty easy, didn't push, and you sat with me while my back decided it wanted to spasm up and wouldn't let me work out for about 5 minutes. Dear Back FUCK YOU! Dear Body OK, I understand I've been neglecting you a bit and that you are freaking out because I used and did things you haven't experienced in a really long time. I have a long weekend of working and it would be amazeballs if you could get your act together and ummmm NOT SCREAM every time I move. Thank you. Dear Boys for some reason more of you are sniffing around. I'm already not going to respond to you, even if I think you are cute, if you are throwing up gang signs and writing to me about how we should make out. Just a heads up. Dear Weird Guy (I still don't remember your name) OK yes, I went on a date with you last year and discovered I didn't remember you even though you've seen my goods when I was 16. I didn't like you the first time or the second time I've seen you. Why the hell would I want to see you a third time, bleh. Dear Weekend You are going to be amazing. That is all. Dear Nikki Thank you for inviting me to a Bark Mitzvah that will be taking place in December 2013. Talk about planning ahead. I will always be your token atheist at religious celebrations. Even the ones being thrown for dogs. Dear Mom I love you....yep love you sooo sooo much. Please let all my plans fall into place with your help. K. Thanks. Dear Work I know I work and manage grown ass people and I would really love it if we could all just get along and stop acting like we are in high school. We all have stress and get upset but don't take it out on each other or me. Dear Lovelies I love you all and I love the fact that you are there for me pushing me and encouraging me to make myself a better version. It means the world to me that you are all in my life and I am so happy I decided to start this little blog back in July.

Til next time lovelies


Ashlee Christopher said...

Ha ha ha you crack me up so much!!

Rachel said...

Beautiful blog layout! New follower via Friday's Letters. Stop by and say hello. :)


Nicholl Vincent said...

hope your back gets better!

Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)

Brie said...

:) why thank you!

Brie said...

Thank you I'm pretty partial to it myself, haha. Thanks for stopping by and for being a new follower!

Brie said...

I've spent a lot of time in the shower so its helping, if only I had a live in personal massage therapist life would be complete. Thanks for following!!!