Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Letters!!!

Dear Nikki Happy Birthday Bitch! I love ya and when I met you it was right before your 15th birthday....feel old!
Dear Bed I wish you could turn yourself around because I am not looking forward to having to move you.
Dear Apartment it would be great if you could some how figure out how to clean yourself because I just don't want to.
Dear Post the first two make me seem pretty lazy, thanks for that.
Dear Post that I have for Monday thanks for making me cry while writing you. That was great. Ass.
Dear Sky it would be amazing if you could stop itching. I promise that I will be getting some Olive Oil to put into your food to try to help you out.
Dear Smidgen why do you feel this strange urge when we are laying in bed to smell my eye. It weirds me out and I love you but seriously, it's weird.
Dear Toy Stores did we some how go back in time? Did we run out of ideas of what toys to make? I love seeing this in the newspaper:
Dear Dan thank you for thinking I said Herpes is back instead of Furbies.
Dear Ian you are pretty darn amazing and even though my arms feel like jello. I'm noticing a small improvement already!
Dear Gym can you please make the amazing cute men stop watching me when I'm working out with Ian. I'm already self conscious enough now I don't want these cute boys seeing me all sweaty and weak.
Dear Cute Boys At Gym it would be pretty amazing if one of you would actually talk to me.
Dear Self You are doing pretty amazing. No soda, no sweets (except for one now and then), and no coffee except your cheat day!

Hope you all have a great weekend and welcome to anyone new stopping by!

Til next time Lovelies