Friday, September 28, 2012

How I Accidently Ended Up On a Date with a Married Man

Hope you all are having a great Friday so far! I'm still recovering from a horrible evening.....
Wednesday I received a phone call from this gentleman asking for someone from the hotel to come out and try a new menu at this restaurant in town. They were trying to get word out and thought that the hotels would be a great idea. I said I would go because, well, it was free.
He sent me the menu and I was interested because the food sounded oh so yummy.
Went home after work Thursday, changed into something a little nicer since it was a nice restaurant and off I went.
I showed up at 6:30 (on time) and was the first one there, evidently 8 other people from other hotels were to show up to try out the new menu.
So there I am awkwardly sharing a meal with this random guy and having the worst "first date" in the history of meals.
It wasn't just a "first date" it was a "first date" with a older married man who felt the need to keep touching my back or shoulder.
I felt bad that this nice little restaurant had put on this free little event and no one showed but I just wanted to run.
I ate my fill of free soups, appetizers, and entrees as well as free wine.
I finally came up with a plan.
I was going to use my job as an excuse to get out of there before this kept continuing. I used the whole "My job really really needs me back!" I felt horrible but this torturous evening couldn't continue anymore.
I don't know how many times I read and re-read the menu or we chatted about things I'm too young to even know about or care about.
After leaving I new I had to go the gym A) I ate too much and B) I haven't stepped foot inside in a week. I luckily had my workout clothes in the trunk (shows how many times I've thought of going and just haven't)
Advice: If you ever want to throw men off of their game walk into a gym wearing black high heels, a tight red pencil skit, and a low cut black top.
I had to walk past everyone to get to the locker room and it was that weird moment when you know everyone is looking at you. My mind was in a fight or flight mode because I don't really like more than one person focusing on me at one time.
Hence my fear of public speaking.
I did my best not to run past everyone and just calmly walked into the locker room to change. Went did a lovely workout, sweated my butt off, then went home to finally relax with some more wine.
Now for Friday's Letters to get over that horrible experience

Dear Self: Next time you are invited to something either bring someone with you or just say NO!
Dear Ian: Monday is going to be amazing! I can't wait for you to work my butt into shape.
Dear Neighbor: Please come out of your apartment at the same time as me so that we can chat and I can prove I'm not a total loon.
Dear Followers: I'm thinking on doing a Give Away when I hit 50. I'm so close so just a few more. I'm also planning on something for my 25th birthday but more about that when it gets closer.

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Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
Til Next Time Lovelies


SEL said...

Oh my gosh. A married guy, chatting you up and touching you? Gross. I feel bad for you AND his wife!

Hopefully it's a story you can look back on in a few years and laugh at though.

Thanks for linking up today!

SEL [co-host]

Bridgette Nicole said...

Oh my gosh, that seems so awkward! At least you got good food?! I am your newest follower, I love your stories! :)
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Staci said...

Yikes! I'd be so weirded out! I found you via the I Love My Online Friends 'GFC' Hop!

The Crafty Military Wife

Kate said...

Oh, creepy about the married guy. Ick! I'm following you, do now only two away from 50!

Julia P F said...

Hey at least you have a great story out of it! Wow... Found you on the Sunday social