Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Believe.....

Yes I am doing two posts tonight because well....this has been showing up on my feed all day, I had to post about The Versatile Blogger Nomination, and I really wanted to join in on this Link Up!

So followers and random stopper-byers you get Two...count them...TWO blog posts tonight!

I believe in the fact that your mother will always be your best friend at the end of the day

I believe that furbabies can make you smile no matter how horrible of a day you are having

I believe that no matter what be there for your friends

I believe that people should be allowed to love who they want and they shouldn't be judged for it

I believe that people believe in religion and I'm OK with that even though I don't

I believe that rainy days are meant to have cuddling, tea, and either a good book or movie

I believe that everyone should get to experience one day of snow

I believe that we should get to see Matt Bomer naked...just saying

I believe that if you don't like me you can go suck it

I believe that women are beautiful no matter how skinny or pleasantly plump they are

I believe that before people graduate high school they should be taught how to live in the real world

I believe that a woman has a right to chose what she can or can't do with her life and body

I believe that it is disgusting that there are people in the world who make over a billion dollars a year and there are starving babies.

I believe that we should leave famous people alone and then they wont be so famous for random shit

I believe that everyone should just get their animals fixed so we can cut down on furbabies being put to sleep

I believe that we should stop building houses when there are empty ones waiting for families

I believe that one day I will find the man of my dreams (he just needs to hurry the fuck up)

I believe that every girl deserves a day where she can get glamed up and feel beautiful

I believe that there needs to be a cure for cancer, AIDS, and all the other horrible conditions out there

I believe that people need to get over themselves and just let people be. If you don't agree move on and shut up

I believe that there is life out there

I believe in wine, lots and lots of wine

I believe in Ben and Jerry's

I believe in the fact that eyebrows should just look awesome without me having to tweeze

I believe 9 times out of 10 the books are always better than the movies

I believe that no matter how many cupcakes you eat you shouldn't gain weight

I believe that this is true:

I believe I should win awards for being awesome at my job

I believe my mom wants to believe I have good luck, I don't

I believe that one day I will actually own a car that I don't have to cringe every time it starts

I believe that this link up was pretty awesome!

I believe that you are some of the best followers out there!

Til next time Lovelies!

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bonbon said...

Totally agree with you on the 9 times out of 10 the books are better than the movie. The only movies I liked better than the books are Devil Wears Prada (book wasn't nearly as good as movie!) and Lord of the Rings. The movie cut out all the boring parts from the book and just made it better! I just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better... I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)