Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Didn't Die!!!

BAHAHAHAH! I went to the gym and didn't die!
Go ME!

OK trust me, I was seriously afraid I was probably going to just fall over dead once I walked into the gym and I didn't.
I finally met my new trainer Ian, he is just so small and cute and you could just fit him in your pocket, I think we will work well together. He of course weighed me, I've lost 5lbs since the last time I was on a scale oh ya, and then of course measured me.
I'm not a fan of being measured.
I did take a picture of myself though in my workout clothes just to see what I look like after about a month or so.
I'm not brave enough yet to show you the picture or tell you my starting weight.
I will biuld up the courage though.

I think I get a bit funnier when I'm grumpy and angry with working out.

Me: I hate going to the gym. All those skinny people working out making us fat people like horrible. Ass

Me: I hate Muscle Milk....just had to share....carry on
D: It's too thick and too much sugar
Me: Too much sugar? I think I'm drinking poo!!
D: Hahaha
Me: Glad you find this funny. Ass

Me:I want a nap and a cupcake
Nikki: me too
Me: Instead I'm eating a special K protein bar and drinking nasty muscle milk and trying to think it is a cupcake. It isn't working.

Me: Just had caffeine now I have a bigger headache then before
Nikki: little is ok
Me: It was a weight watchers chocolate and vanilla is trying to kill me

Like I said in my last post, I can be a bit grumpy and I feel like you should all keep the people I interact with in your thoughts because things could turn ugly.
I can see it happening.

I do see Ian again on Thursday and it will be a full start to finish working out session.
I'm looking forward to it and yes the eye candy of the nice looking men does help you focus when running walking your buns off.

Welcome to any new readers and of course to the people who keep coming back and help make doing this a blast!

Til next time Lovelies


Morgan said...

i'm with you on the gym thing!
for some reason in college i could get up and go to the gym twice a day no problem. but then, i hit 20, and now i run away from the gym at full speed! i have a gym membership that i use like, once a month.
kudos to you, though for getting a personal trainer...sounds like great accountability!

(found your blog via wonderful wednesdays link up at all things alisa! now following!)

Hallie said...

let's work out together?

people who don't know that we are real life friends probably think that question is super inappropriate...

Brie said...

Thanks for stopping by and following!! I'm going to do my best so we shall see if I can keep it up haha.

Brie said...

Wait....I know you?! O sweet Jebus I'm in shock, shock I tell you! We should work out together soon lol

Nikki said...

Hahahaha Hallie!! You two are hilarious and I adore you. I'll go too!

Brie said...

Hold on I know you as well?!? This is just crazy talk I say. I've heard of crazy fans but seriously! You of course can come as well :)

That's What She Read said...

you go girl!!!