Monday, September 17, 2012

My Friends are Married and I need a wheelchair

So this weekend had it's interesting moments, but hey, I wasn't sitting alone in my apartment every moment :)

One of my best friends, Nikki over at From a Miss to a Mrs, sent me this GREAT website <~~ and I almost died. It is basically my life put in awesome pictures and words. This girl is 25 and basically almost all of her friends are married, story of my life. The fun part is my friends in relationships said they could picture my reactions when they read this thing and it is oooooh so true. 

Today is another of my best friends 22nd birthday, Hallie over at Life: Oceanside, so Saturday we went out to dinner which was fun but had its moments of dumb waiter actions. We did eat cake and ice cream with chopsticks which is always an interesting experience, haha.
Us all dolled up
Sunday was just a day filled with work and watching episodes of Cake Boss. Yum.

Since Thursday I have been slowly dying. Ian, my lovely trainer, worked my buns off and the only part that has been hurting me is my thighs. Now not the whole thing just the front portion and when I say hurting I mean, OH DEAR GREMLINS MAKE IT STOP! hurting. Everyone I've come in contact with since Thursday has seen me slowly and painfully moving about and trying to walk. I knew I was meeting up with him again today and I was convinced that I would be like, 'Oh ya my legs have been hurting' and he would just smile, nod, and work on my arms or more core.
I informed him about the fact that I have been hurting all weekend and I even tried to beg people to let me use a wheelchair and it wasn't happening. He laughed and informed me he did know how to make my legs feel better, we were going to work on legs today.
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck...Fuck.
Holy gum drops batman did we work on my legs, I had shaking knees and was sweating my ass off. I pushed through though and seriously thought about laying on the floor and just not moving or strangling his 5'4'' body. He pushed me nonstop from 10:30 to 11. He is just what I needed but I really think I'm going to need to get a wheelchair because I have a feeling tomorrow I'm screwed at work.

I'm joining up today for.....

What is your favorite college team and/or college tradition?
I never went to college, well I went one semester of community college, so I just say I didn't go.
I am a Gator fan because my elementary school was all Gator and if you said you didn't like the Gators you were screwed. To a 8 year old death or pledging fealty to the Gators wasn't a tough choice. I'm not a bandwagoner, I don't start cheering them on when they start wining or anything like that, I just know that I don't want to die.

Til next time Lovelies!!


Nikki said...


Nikki said...

Haha that sucks! I know that kinda hurt & I hate it, but you go girl! I love watching cake boss too, he gets so excited. I found ya on GFC hop. I hope ya have a great week. Stop by to say hi if ya get a chance.

Mei said...

It's true, working those muscles the next day does help! (Even though it sucks)

Brie said...

Haha thanks for stopping by! I just like the yelling they do at each other :)

Brie said...


Brie said...

Yes I will admit they did feel better on Tuesday but I seriously thought they were going to stop working, bleh