Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh Ian Somerhalder...Why You Make My Heart Thump

I'm writing this Tuesday night because well, I have a busy day ahead of me. I have to drop the dog off at my mothers, pick up my shirt, go try to buy my brand new pair of boots that I am in LOVE with, and then....


Sorry about that....I have been waiting for this day since I first read one of her books and then when I found out she was doing a book signing of her brand new book ICED that came out 10/30/12 I almost fainted.
Yes I'm a nerd, don't judge me, I'm sure you might be a nerd also.

Now...I decided last Thursday as I watched one Mr. Ian Somerhalder live tweet during Vampire Diaries that I should write a little bit about him. He is one of those guys that I can actually say I have a crush on.
Some of you might know him from Lost he played Boone Carlyle. The rest of you will know him from Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore.

He does wear a suite well

This is from his twitter page

Now Ian isn't just a pretty face or a great actor he also can honestly be considered one of the most down to earth people in show business in my opinion. I do follow a few actors and actresses on twitter that I find interesting and he is one of the few who actually interacts with his followers. He live tweets during his shows, he tweets during the debates, and he is a big animal activist.
Any man that cares about animals or the going ons in our world gets a gold star in my book. 

Ian started a foundation called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation also known as ISF. This foundation works with every part of our world from children to plants to animals and everything else you could think of in between. This group is looking for ways to better our planet and to not have it turn into a wasteland for our children or grandchildren. ISF is currently looking into starting an Animal Sanctuary where it will be a safe haven for all abused and mistreat animals.

Really? Who can't resist a handsome man with an adorable dog
I'm a big lover of animals and my mother and I have always agreed that if we had the money we would love to buy an area of land and just let it be. Let the animals be there and just have a safe place to live where man wont kill them or rip up their homes so we can build more buildings. It is one of the saddest parts, especially living in Florida, to watch the area you grew up in turn to homes. I live in an area where it used to be mainly orange groves and then developers plowed through those trees and built homes. Lots and lots of home that now sit there empty because no one wants to live there. They'd rather buy newer land and build newer homes. Soon there wont be one orange grove left in my area.

I'm thinking of many things I want to do with my 25th birthday in February and one of the biggest things is I want to raise money for something I believe in. ISF is one of the foundations I'm considering to use as the group I want to donate money to. Not because Ian founded it but because I believe that this planet is worth saving. I will for sure keep you guys posted as we get closer to February on who I've decided to work with so if you want to donate you are more than welcome to. Also, you can head over to ISF and donate now to help them build the animal sanctuary.

This was really going to be about how dreamy Mr. Somerhalder is but some how turned into Lets Save the Animals. Oh well, if he does decide to try out for the role of Mr. Christian Grey he has my vote.

Yep, my vote indeed.
Follow him @iansomerhalder
(little blue check mark tells you it is really him)

Til next time lovelies

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Applaud You Single Moms

Soooo I'm a horrible person and I just realised that I didn't do a post yesterday and yep that sucks.
I'm Sorry....

So this is going to be a blog sandwich. I watched the Heart of Dixie this weekend and they were talking about a breakup sandwich and this will work.
You'll understand in a few minutes..

November is approaching, like it is just around the corner, and I've got spots available for Sponsors!
I'm currently offering 75% off any of the spots,since it is only 2 days away, just use code: Single.
There is also The Beginner option which is a free swap if you use the code Swap.

I'm linking up today with one of my besties in real life Nikki @ From a Ms. to a Mrs.
This was a little hard and would have probably worked with my post last week but we aren't going to reuse material, haha.

I have some friends, acquaintances, and random people who I know that either didn't have a father growing up or they are raising a child without the father.
I've seen some of these women ask 'What do I tell my child when they want their father?'. I've seen some great comments one of them being "You tell them that daddy just wasn't ready to be a daddy but Mommy has enough love for both of them."

I grew up without a father and it was tough at times especially around fathers day or if there was something going on that was father daughter related. My mother did the best she could though and I never really had to question anything. She was honest about what happened with my father and never sugar coated it. The toughest part of growing up without a father is when you are young and trying to explain to other young people WHY you don't have a father. Today there are a lot more children out there that come from a single family home so they have someone to relate to normally in their class. When I was in elementary school I really was the only one for a while who just had a mommy.

It pisses me off to no end when I see the government say that a normal family home is a mother and a father or that single moms do a great job but children grow up better with a father.
I'm sorry but screw you Sir.
Would you rather a woman stay with a drug addicted man because YOU in your stuffy suite feel that the child will be better in that household?
Would you rather a woman stay with a man who beats her and sexually molests their children because YOU feel that this child will have a more stable home life?
Would you rather a woman track down the man who raped her and marry him like in the old old old days so that her child will have a father?
What would you like for a mother to do when her husband dies in a war or the lines of duty or in a freak accident?
Are you explaining to my mother that when my father informed her he wasn't ready for me and broke up with her she should have raced after him and begged him to stay?
With your theory SIR, that children grow up better with a father, then a child with two fathers should be the next President of the United States because only a man can help raise a normal child.

Yes, some children do benefit from having a permanent male figure in their life, but to tell these women that because they either chose to raise their child alone or were forced to that they are not raising their children correctly is out of the question.
You women out there who are raising children by yourself and don't expect anyone to give you medal I praise you and you are the real heroes in your children's eyes.
Also, all of this can be turned around for the men out there who are raising a child on their own.
Kudos to you gentlemen, Kudos. you might understand what a blog sandwich is....

I'm over with Brie @ Sophistifunk for an AMAZING giveaway! I mean seriously swing over there and check it out because it is pretty awesome.
Also, Kim @ The K.O. Jewelry is my newest Sponsor so expect a guest post from her sometime this month!

See...we started off with something fun, put something serious, and ended with fun...TADA!
It's a thing, don't judge.

Til next time lovelies

Friday, October 26, 2012

What Happens When I Have Free Time

I know it is Friday but I felt like sharing this fun little post.

In 2010 with the end of my possible marriage, any desire to have a wedding went down the toilet. I've been holding onto that thought for a while but for some reason I'm starting to get the whole I want to get married attitude again. Everything I wanted for my first wedding is out the window. It will not get near my next one.
I'm also evidently planning on marrying someone it will explain some things, haha.

I did my first photo shoot when I was about 9 at the Ringling Museum so I'm thinking why not get married there!
I had to steal someones photo because the website wouldn't let me.
Stupid people.
Also, I'm thinking November so it shouldn't be TOO chilly and no hurricanes really show their ugly heads then, haha.
My colors are dark grey and pale pink but no theme, I'm not a theme type of gal.

Allure Brides

Christian Louboutin

Noir by Lazaro

Vera Wang

Martha Stewart


I would probably do it all white with the flowers

The tables

Well that is all I have so far. I mean I'm thinking not so shabby for a girl who doesn't even have the man yet!

Letter Time!

Dear Idiot I ended things with you, you know my stance, just because you waited 2 weeks to try again doesn't mean I've changed my mind. Shoo, go away! Dear Dunkin Donuts your coffee is soo soo good. Sadly I'm now sleepy from drinking too much and having a sugar high. Dear Ian Somerhalder you have your own post for next week. I am that much of a nerd. Dear Government you want to make women happy? Give us free wine. You will have our love forever. Dear Monday can you hurry your butt up and get over here already because I need a day off after this week. Dear Karen Marie Moning I SEE YOU IN 5 DAYS!!!!!! Dear Bookstore 1 Sarasota thank you for letting me order my book! I was wondering if you might hold my place and let me use the bathroom while waiting for my book to be signed. Dear Self you are not a complete nerd for deciding to design a shirt to wear on Halloween that says 'Happy Birthday Barrons' on it since it is one of the main characters in the books birthday. Dear Nikki thank you for making me almost die on soda when you said 'Awwww toys' in response to my comment about hormones and lack of a boyfriend. Dear Daily Pill I hope you still work even though you accidentally went into my lung instead of my stomach. I don't want to have to call my doctor to ask. Dear Neighbor Boy this will be your name forever even if we do learn your real name. Can you please start running into me more? I have this awesome plan but it doesn't work if I never SEE YOU! Dear Readers thank you for all of your comments in reference to my post on Wednesday. I didn't expect such an outpouring of support. You all rock my socks off. Dear Self we need to get out a bit more and make friends. It is a bit sad that you already know your plans usually involve wine, TV, and books at home. We need more friends. Period. Dear Kane Show thanks for playing the Monster Mash this morning. It is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Enjoy this wonderful weather, unless you are in the path of the Frankenstorm Sandy, then good luck!
Til next time Lovelies

Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is What Happens When Hormones and No Coffee Meet

Ello Poppets
I haven't had my coffee yet so this could turn ugly and a little lazy, and I'm not going to have coffee because the work coffee isn't up to snuff.
I usually do It's OK Thursday but I'm taking a break because on my way to work for some reason I started to think about Super Heroes.
Don't ask.
I think it is my hormones or something.

Have you ever noticed that they are all, how shall we say....
Drool worthy
Hubba Hubba
Oh the list could go on and on and on and on and....
You get the idea

Let us review.....
Christopher Reeve

Brandon Routh
Both of those guys were handsome and such but the new Superman....Be still my heart!

Henry Cavill
Hello Bulge...

Michael Keaton

Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Mmmm....the jaw

Christian Bale


Mmmmmm......Hugh Jackman

Captain America

Chris Evans

Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds

Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr

Chris Hemsworth

Green Arrow
Stephen Amell
There are a few more, some not sooooo good looking, but last but not least.....

Doug Funny aka Quail Man
So ladies....maybe when you get home today open a bottle of wine and revisit these fine, fine, fine men.

Til next time Lovelies

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The One I've Been Nervous to Post

I hope you all enjoyed Jess's post yesterday and thank you to everyone who went and followed her!
Also, Welcome to all of my new followers!

Since I didn't write yesterday I had some time to read some of my favorite bloggers and take a closer look into their past posts.
Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants has a post about how she used to be engaged.
That coupled with the fact I've had a few people ask me why I selected the quote at the top of my page made me decide to share a part of me only a few of you are aware of.

I have debated writing this because of the level of how personal it is coupled with the fact that I know of some people who read my blog but who cares. This is my blog, my life, and if they don't like it well they know what they can do to themselves. You are all very aware of the fact that I normally write humorous, random posts but this one is going to sadly not be that.
It is personal
It is a bit uncomfortable
It is serious

In 2006 I was 18 and had just graduated High School. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with myself, I thought I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, but I wasn't really sure. I enrolled in the community college near me and thought I just needed to start school again and I would figure things out.
This was the age of Myspace, Facebook was still not cool but it was getting there, and I for some reason had men asking me out on the site. I decided to meet with a guy who had JUST moved down here from Ohio. We met up with friends and I thought it would be a one nighter but we started to hang out more and more and I was a bit insecure back then. I asked him to be my boyfriend. I should have known then that if the girl has to ask, this isn't going to really work out.
He said yes and we dated for a few months until he decided he wanted/needed to move back to Ohio. I was devastated, crushed, I thought my world was ending. We tried long distance but it just wasn't seeming to work. I was hanging out with a boy who lived here and made a choice I shouldn't have. I now know that because I made that choice I should have just ended things right then and there. Instead I went to Ohio to visit my boyfriend and he proposed after being together 6 months but only really dating in person for 3.
I was so young and, sadly, desperate to have someone love me. I grew up with this constant fear that no one would ever love me and that sadly I wouldn't get that dream every girl wants when growing up. I accepted his proposal and decided I was going to drop out of school and move up there.
My parents were furious, didn't agree, and tried everything they could think of to stop me. I informed them I couldn't NOT take a chance and had to give it a shot.
I drove up there and within 3 days we almost broke up and I almost moved back but I didn't.
I should have.
We got our own place, I got a job, and started our lives together.
I didn't have any friends, the only ones I had were his friends, but I was OK with it because I was with someone I thought I loved.
Things were going well, I thought I was in love, and was having a life that I wanted.
I was a young stupid asshole.
In 2008 we got into a huge fight, it really was a turning point but I wasn't paying attention. I gave back the ring, we "broke up" but were still living together. The stress from this unfortunately sent me to the hospital because I was eating Advil like there was no tomorrow. I asked the then ex if he would drive me and he said no. I had to beg and plead and he finally gave in. He wouldn't walk into the hospital room with me, instead waited in the waiting room and had a friend come over to hang out with him. My brain was swollen and they wanted to do a spinal tap because of it but I declined and left after I got some medication.
Shortly after this we got back together but not engaged.
We started fighting more.
He started breaking windows, punching holes in the walls, backing me against the wall and yelling in my face.
I just stood there and informed him I wanted him to hit me because then I could just call the cops.
I was dumb, I didn't leave, I should have.
He lost his job shortly after that and we started having more and more issues.
Christmas 2009 we went down to Florida to visit my parents and the boyfriend informed me that we should move down there once our lease was up and start fresh.
I was so excited, a new start, maybe it would get us back to where we were.
Things started to progress, he was a little distant, but I thought it was because of the big change that was going to happen. He finally had gotten a PT job and so we weren't being sucked into a this black hole of no hope.
June 2010 he started spending a lot more time with friends and not coming home. Our love life didn't exist and I just thought this was all because he was trying to get as much time in with his friends before the big move since who knew when we would see them again. The job had been notified, the apartment knew the lease wouldn't be renewed, my mother was expecting us.  
July 10th was going to be our 4 year anniversary, July 6th I was at work and got a text around 10pm from the boyfriend. It said "I've been thinking, and I know you aren't going to be happy, but I don't want to move to Florida." I was PISSED I started to go into panic mode asking him why he didn't tell me, that I would try to get the apartment to let us stay and see if I could keep my job. He informed me that he didn't want to move to Florida but he wanted me to because he didn't want to be with me anymore. My anger and fury went from him not sharing his feelings to him breaking my heart via text message just an hour before I was to get off work and see him in our apartment.
I went through so many emotions I thought I was going to have a panic attack. I left work at 11pm and drove home to discover he had left to go into his job to work the over night shift. I changed, drove over there, and he came out and said I needed to leave. He informed me there was nothing to talk about that he just didn't want to be with me.
I didn't want to tell my friends and family because I thought MAYBE we could work this out. I had texted one of his friends because I didn't know what to do. I went over there and just cried and cried and his friend just sat there looking like he wanted to escape. It was revealed to me that my now ex-boyfriend had decided in May that he wasn't going to move and knew if he informed me of this back then I wouldn't have left.
I got furious, I got so angry I packed up my ex's things in moving boxes and sat them in the living room. I didn't go to sleep I just sat there and waited for him to come home. He saw the boxes, grabbed them, and left.
Over the next few weeks before I had to move I tried everything in my power to get him to change his mind. I became depressed and finally work found out about my break up, my parents finally found out, and so did the few friends I had. I left Ohio July 31st 2010 and kept hope that maybe, just maybe, he would change his mind and come down.
I discovered he already had a new girlfriend, he didn't tell me, his friends did. I discovered that he never loved me, that he had stopped loving me a few YEARS ago but just didn't know how to get me to leave so he knew saying he would move to Florida was the way to go. I was a mess, I just couldn't move past him even though he had moved past me and our 4 years of being together. My worst fear came back to hit me that maybe I just wasn't lovable. That I wasn't meant to have that happily ever after.

December 2010 I was in a bar drinking my sorrows away, back then I developed a drinking problem, and texted him. He responded with "I wish you would just die. Why can't you just go some place and die and leave me and my friends alone." One of my friends saw my face and rushed me out of the bar because that mental breakdown finally happened. She took my phone away and just held me as I slowly died on the inside.
My drinking problem became an even bigger issue and I finally had to snap MYSELF out of it because no one else could get through to me. I sadly replaced alcohol with random men but kept working on getting myself back together. July 2011 was a little tough because it had been a year and he was living with the girl and expecting a child. I kept working on myself though and finally realised that I was better than this. That someone, some day, was going to come along and give me everything I wanted and more. That I was better because I wasn't married, I wasn't in an abusive relationship, I wasn't 23 and pregnant, that I had my whole life ahead of me to realise what I wanted.

I've now been single for over 2 years and I'm OK with it. I've healed, and I don't use anything to cover the sadness that was in my life. Every now and then that little insecure girl creeps out of her box and I have to punch her back down.
I sometimes am happy that I went through this because I now know what to watch for, what to avoid, how to get out. I grew up and discovered that I am a pretty amazing woman and I don't NEED someone to be happy.

I watch, read, and hear about other women (and men) who are in relationships similar to mine. That it is one sided, that if the spouse doesn't get their way they will find some way to lash out and make the man or woman feel like shit. That if they want to go do something and the spouse doesn't the spouse will make that person feel so guilty they will back down and accept it isn't going to happen. That these people believe they are in love, they might actually be, but the person they are with are too immature to actually love back. The spouse has turned these men and women into their mother/father/roommate/care taker and wont let them go because they wont have anyone there to do what they want. I want to strangle these people, I want to shake them and make them see what is going on, but I know from experience it has to be something they learn on their own.
The issue with abusive relationships is that they don't have to be physical. The physical ones are a little easier to spot and to move past because you have proof. It is the emotional ones that people don't know how to get out of. You get so broken down and don't even realise what is happening to you.
If you are going through this, or you know someone who is, know you are not alone. There is help out there, you don't have to stay with this person because you think it is right or you are scared of being alone. You will live, you will move on, you will survive.

I know this was long but it is something I had to share.
I knew it was the time to share it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Post from One of My Favs

I have a treat for you lovelies today!
I'm going to take a day off from blogging, not because I want a lazy day, but because I am in love with this girl.
Get your mind out of the gutter, you know I'm all about the men....not the ladies.
I was going to post this Wednesday but Jess sent this over Monday and I just couldn't wait.
Plus she is super pretty, I mean like totally super pretty, and she loves me :)

Brie is letting me take a little of her blogging time away today and allowing me to guest post. This chic is nuts and might regret this, but that is a risk she is willing to take.
Thank you Brie.

My name is Jess and I blog over at Tooth N Nails. I’m married to a GI Joe and have two whack job dogs.  I love wine, cooking, wine, diy projects, wine, all things glittery and girly and lastly, wine.

I’m going to use this space today for some info on oral and rubbers.

If you would like to, you can have a sip of your favorite adult beverage every time you see the word “oral”. That is how I got through this post.

I work as a Dental Hygienist and the things that go on in my line of work sometimes seem to me, outrageous.

HA get your mind out of the gutter, you pigs!

First off please stop telling us that your gums always bleed. Or “my gums are sensitive”. My personal favorite “I’m a bleeder”. Healthy gums don’t bleed. You my friend have gingivitis. No, not gonorrhea, gingivitis. It too is curable.

Us Oral specialists can also tell that you don’t floss. Picking up the habit the week before you come in or if your just the aggressive flosser the night before the appointment, your beans are spilled. So let’s not try to be a hero a week before your oral examination.

Next, I have worked in numerous demographic areas in the past 13 years. I have worked in the ghetto. This one office sticks out due its inaccuracy with oral verbiage ie:

I do not “Wash” teeth, and you are not here for a “Clean UP”

We do not do “bracelets”, however the office does do Braces

Lastly, “do yooos guys do gold splices” aka little jon grillz. Iced out gold platted grillz?  NO we don’t do those, Flava flav doesn’t own this facility and custom grillz is not a service that we provide.

I picked this one bc of the dirty sanchez mustache. Image via pinterest.

Listerine will never replace flossing, a cavity doesn’t have to hurt, and by all means when I call you from the waiting room, don’t ask if you can go brush your teeth in the bathroom. You’ve been sitting there for 10 minutes! The decision has been made for you and the answer is no. Now, your Oral Hygienist is ready to rape them gums. Joking. But I know that’s how some of you feel about us.

I will finish with this traumatic experience. When I was in hygiene school, we would see patients for free. Meaning anyone and their mother could be seen. Needless to say this changed and a charge was accessed shortly after these events. I was working on a male patient, he was probably around 30, I don‘t remember. As I was giving him is oral cancer screen examination, he closed his mouth on one of my fingers, and sucked on it, until the rubber glove made a bubble inside of his mouth.

Do you see what we have to go through? Now go Floss yourself!!!

Now you know why I love her and adore our Twitter conversations.
You should really go follower her.
I mean like go do it now because she has the best recipes for adult beverages AND when she hits 50 followers she is having an Wine-Ho giveaway.
How does that NOT sound exciting?!?!
Leave here and go there....
Thank you ;)

Til next time Lovelies

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday Lovelies!
Yesterday was my Monday sooooo I'm not really hating today :)
Sorry to all of you that are.
I'm sorry.

This weekend was the last two days of my vacation and I planned to do it up....
I actually just really relaxed, slept, and caught up on Walking Dead, well that was Friday at least.

Saturday was that last glorious day.
Who knew when I would get another Saturday off in the next year.
I decided that breakfast was much needed....
I think I ate way too much...I felt like bursting but I didn't instead I decided to
I headed over to the Dollar Tree because well, things are a dollar there.
I was sad because there were just a couple things of Halloween and a thousand things for Christmas so onto Target I went and hit the jackpot of Clearance.
They also had Christmas out but it was hidden BEHIND the still upsets me that we can't make it through the two holidays between now and Christmas before the decorations come out for sale.

I headed home with this grand idea of how to decorate my tiny little apartment.
I was sadly wrong about how I was going to do this.
I had bought two plastic pumpkins that would be used for candy and thought I'll cut a hole in the bottom, stick a solar powered light, and then at night it will glow!
Dear jeebus are those things made out of tough plastic. I had to use scissors, a knife and a hammer.
This was way too much work for a simple plan.
The most interesting part was the fact that once I got one of them kind of done I felt someone watching me.
You know that feeling where your body goes into alert, your neck hair gets all tingly and your arm hair starts to stand up.
I stood up and looked around and TADA it was neighbor boy.
He was walking to his car and was just straight up watching me the whole time.
He got into his car and sllloooowwwllllyyy pulled out of his spot still watching me.
Now if someone is watching me that much I don't pretend I'm not noticing, I straight up stared back and then waved.
He smiled and drove off.
I was pretty excited for this turn of events.
After talking with some bloggy friends right after it happened I realised that while he was watching me I had my hair up, was a bit sweaty from my struggles with the pumpkin, and was holding a knife while arguing with it.
Who knows if he was watching me because he was interested or because he thinks I'm crazy and need to be committed.
Here is the finished product

I know, it's amazing.
You don't have to tell me.

Sunday I went back to work for a 10 hour work day!!!
A great welcome back from Vacation.
I hit the grocery store before heading home and at the red light noticed that the cute neighbor boy was behind me.
He followed me all the way home, we parked, and both walked to our respective apartment buildings looking at each other the entire time.
Ok....this is when men need to start stepping it up.
If you have been staring and making eye contact with the girl who keeps making googly eyes at you....WALK OVER AND TALK TO HER.
I had had enough and I wrote a tiny little note that basically introduced myself and taped it to his car window.
No number, no asking out on a date, just introducing myself.
See...not too forward.

This morning I was tempted to go out and grab the note back because I thought maybe this might not work.
I looked out the window and his car was still out there so I threw on my shoes, grabbed the dog...
and his car was gone. we shall wait and see.
I'm evidently committed now to this action plan.
I'll keep you informed since I feel like some of you have started this journey you should find out what the outcome is haha.

I hope you all had amazing weekends, oh and I'm only 2 away from 100 followers....I need to start planning another giveaway :)
If you are interested in participating let me know!

Til next time Lovelies

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Letters and a Little Weirdness

The last post for the vacation and we are going to start it off good....

If you have been with me for a while (or not that long) you might have guessed I'm single and I happen to be on dating sites because well, I don't get out much.
Meet the Hobbit.
I was asked last night by a Doctor to shit on him and he would pay my expenses.
We will take a moment to let that sink in for ya.
Ok now back to the Dr.
He messaged me out of the blue and just straight up said "I am interested in you shitting on me and if you agree I will pay your expenses."
Ok world karma shit...when I said yesterday I wanted a rich man to take care of me I think I should have been a little more clear in the fact that I DO NOT WANT HIM TO BE A CREEP! 
I know, I know, can't get everything, there will always be a catch yada yada yada.....
I kindly informed the Doctor a simple no and blocked his weird ass.
I now want to know what he is a doctor of so I don't by chance run into him, that would be weird.
"Hey nurse, don't leave me alone with this guy. He asked me to shit on him and I said no."
This is almost like the time the guy asked me to put on heels and walk on his back....strange people are out there, very strange.

Now ladies I need your help.
You might remember this post where I ran from my cute neighbor.
You can take a moment to go read it....I'll wait.
Not a proud moment.
Even my mother brings it up.
Maybe Shitty Doctor is my punishment, teehee couldn't help myself.
Well, yesterday as I was pulling into my parking spot...he was almost pulling into his. I was taking my time to wait for him to park but he decided to hit the dumpster first.
Not actually hit it but drive over to it, you get the idea.
So I ran into the apartment and grabbed the dog, a good excuse if I must say so, to be out there when he did park.
He seemed to have his hands full and his son was with him (he only has one I'm now sure of it) and he kind of looked over.
This is where you come in.
I was listening to the radio the other morning and they were talking about how people will leave their number on other peoples cars if they find them attractive or want to chat. Some callers said that they actually got dates out of the deal.
I'm not 150% sure he is single but I have never seen him with anyone but his son or him alone so what do you think.....
Do I leave a little note with my number on his car?

Now onto some Friday Letters because I do love me some lettering...
That made sense don't judge.

Dear Dating Sites please see if there is a way to screen the crazies. The only down side is I might be under the category of never mind. Dear Wine why the hell do you run out so quickly. I just opened you and you are already gone. I am now sad. I need more wine. Dear Vacation thank you for recharging my batteries, I needed it. Dear Followers holy crap batman welcome to all of the new and thank you for sticking around to the old. Dear World please find someone to give me two new tires, fix my ac unit, recharge my battery, put new wiper blades on, clean my apartment, give the dog a bath, and rub my feet. Dear Upstairs Neighbors shhhhhh!!!!! You are ruining my wine moments with your constant walking and squeaking of the floors. Dear Sleep Pattern we have one more night to get this right or Sunday/first day back to work is going to SUCK! Dear Best Buy if you would be so kind as to donate a laptop to me I would write a review and tell all my friends to buy one from you. Deal? Dear Election I VOTED so shut up already I don't need to hear it!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!
Til next time Lovelies

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It be Ok

Buenos Dias
Como estas?
I'd first like to say I did warn you guys last week that this weeks postings might be a bit off due to the fact that well, I'm on vacation and I don't do much on vacation.
Here is a quick recap:
  • Left Friday returned Sunday from trip
  • Monday got an oil change and discovered I need to really find a rich man
  • Tuesday I got nothin
  • Wednesday took the dog to the vet and took 3 naps....THREE!!!
  • I then went to bed at 530 last night (or this morning) and woke up at 930 and I'm not even upset
Yep, I know exciting....but this is sadly what happens when you are the only one on vacation while everyone else works. Better planning next time :)

Oh and this happened last night for #wineywednesday

I got the hat from Lesley (she made it)

Now onto the goods

It's ok....

That I'm feeling pretty lazy and taking full advantage of it

That I used to want my hair to be that color pink

That my arm feels like it is going to fall off....ok that isn't really ok but I'm dealing...ok?

That I am giddy as a school girl that I am only 4 people away from 100 followers :)
(Who the hell decided school girls were giddy I was pretty grumpy when I was in school)

That I don't have a Halloween costume and I don't plan on it...I'm sorry, why am I going to dress up when I plan on sitting in line for a few hours...


That I have a count down on my phone informing me that there are only 13 days left for above mentioned event

That I want a new dog, I'm keeping the old one of course, but I can't do it because there isn't room or time

That I want this election over I'm pretty tired of it and I don't even have to watch the ads :)

That I was supposed to have a date last night with someone I really felt a connection with but he decided to back out because he knew I was going to break his heart (blah blah blah) and felt like he was afraid of getting hurt.
I'm not rolling around angry because I have some amazing friends I met through blogging who made me feel better about it.
 (the 3 glasses of wine helped also)

That I would like to be swept away by some nice rich man who will get me a newish car (not brand new or else I'll feel like a prostitute), let me go back to school, let me have a pittie puppy, and pay off my debt.
A girl can hush yo mouth

Oh and last but certainly not least since it is 86 outside I'm going to grab my book, chair, and towel and hit the beach!

Til next time Lovelies