Monday, October 15, 2012

Gainesville/UF Trip aka Awesomeness

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the fact that I am on vacation right now from my money paying job and I decided to go away for the beginning of it this weekend.
I'm sorry I was a little lack in my postings last week but seriously when I know I'm going to get time off all desire to do anything shuts down right then and there, hehe.

I'm that little blip down there haha
I left Friday afternoon to go spend the weekend with someone who means the world to me.
My friend Megan
Megan and I aren't related but we basically are sisters. We grew up together from the time we were 5 and no matter how much time we spend apart we are thick as thieves.

I had a butt ton of things to do Friday morning
but I got them all done and hit the gas station to get something to keep me going while on my little 3 hour road trip
Be still my heart!
I made pretty good time and it still makes me laugh that Florida has "hills" and people freak when driving them. I texted Megan a few miles from her exit so she knew where I was. She replied with "Be careful because it is a sharp roundabout exit and you'll careen off if you don't slow for it" I read this shortly before I realised that I would have died without her text.
I of course got stopped by the light to let me off the exit twice, TWICE. As I was waiting I looked across from me and spotted this little gem

It's a western store....
Trust me, this made me giggle because people always say they are cowboys or southern in my town and they are the farthest thing from that. I did discover though that Ocala, which is not that far from Gainesville, is one of the largest areas for race horses.
Who knew.

I did get lost while trying to find Megan's place but in my defence she didn't tell me the name of her apartment complex and there are like 20 just in her small little area.
I was bouncing in my car soooo excited to see her and so happy to get to stand because 3 hours of sitting make my butt hurt a bit.
I got some visiting time with her two furbabies

I also finally got to see where I was going to get to rest my head for the two nights I was there
That's right....she owns bunk beds!!!! I was sooo excited and I of course picked the bottom bunk because it has been AGES since I've slept on the top and I didn't want to risk killing myself haha.
I got all settled and looked around her nice little apartment she shares with a roomie. I did notice that evidently she was expecting me...

I was mentioned twice....I'm special.
We had decided we were going to go to a corn maze that night so we got ready into our going out clothes for the bar later so we wouldn't have to worry about changing.
We got in the car to head to dinner and got a call from Megan's friend Ann (she was going with us) that she read the reviews and because of the draught the corn was only waist high so the maze wasn't really a maze more like an annoying fence.
So no to the corn maze, oh well, life didn't end.
On our way to dinner we discussed the fact that in August 2013 it will be our 20 year anniversary. We looked it up and it is China. So we are either going to buy each other something that says Made In China or buy ONE tea cup/saucer and each of us take a piece and have some weird story that no one will understand.
Sorry about that....let's move on.
We went to dinner and I got to drink crack
This is seriously the best shit I have ever had.
I'm not lying.
I'm going to write a letter and DEMAND they put one in my city because I really don't want to have to go driving and find one so I can have this yummy sweet tea.
After dinner we bought wine and went to Ann and her husband's house to play games/drink until it was time to hit the bar.
I've never played Cranium but it is seriously one of the best games ever, especially when some of the players are pretty tipsy.
We did Girls vs. Boys and I discovered I'm AWESOME at drawing with my eyes closed.
Girls won, of course, you knew that was going to happen.

We all piled into our cars and headed to downtown and went to Rockey's Dueling Piano Bar. It was a awesome time, I lost my voice, bought Megan and I Birthday Cake shots since I wasn't going to be up there to celebrate, and requested songs.
I also embarrassed the crap out of Megan and told the guys it was her birthday.
They pulled her up on stage and sang her a dirty song.
It was great.
Her boyfriend video taped it baahahahahah.
We all decided to call it a night and I got to sleep in the bunk beds....Oh yeah!!

Saturday we I slept in while Megan caught up on season one of Once Upon a Time. We got up and headed to Panera for their oh so yummy cinnamon crunch bagel and hazelnut cream cheese.
I think I need to get another one this week.

We decided to hit Downtown again for the Arts festival and met up with some more of Megan's friends. We wondered around for a while and kept getting followed by the...
We visited the make your own cupcake store that was down there (you get to pick the cake, the filling, the icing, and the toppings and they make you one right there) and decided to hit up Relish for lunch. They were seriously some of the best burgers I had ever tried.
We left the art festival and Megan drove me around the UF campus and we drove by the Fraternity Row.
I seriously felt like going back there with buckets of water and bleach and scrubbing some of those buildings.
They were a little dirty.
We then swung by Petsmart and saw all the little puppies and kitties that were up for adoption and wanted families. I felt so heart broken that I couldn't take one home with me :(
We finally got back to the apartment and watched some movies and decided on what to do for dinner. There will be a separate post for that tomorrow because it was just seriously one of the funniest things ever. After dinner we met back up with Ann and her husband and saw Looper.
It wasn't that great, it was good but not great.
We all basically figured out what needed to happen before the end.
Oh well.

Sunday Megan finally got to sleep in and it was the last morning of my short trip.
We hit up Bento for some Asian food goodness.
Megan has this adorable little wallet thing she keeps on her keys so she doesn't have to carry a purse and I desperately wanted one sooooo back to campus we go!
On our way we spotted a young man wearing a bandanna on his arm saying Human. It was evidently Human vs. Zombie day at school and I got the low down on the game. I was interested to say the least.
We got to the Bookstore and of course more pictures

After a little bit of searching we found the cute little wallet things and there were two options I liked. I pick things still using Eeny Meeny Miney Moe. Megan noticed and commented on how she still does that and didn't think anyone else did.
See we are sisters/soul mates haha. 

After a little tour on foot we drove over to the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium aka The Swamp and walked around. You guess it....some more photos.

I sadly had to head home after this. There were mixed emotions. I was happy I was going to get to see my two furbabies but I was sad I had to drive another three hours say goodbye to one of my most favorite people.
I made sure I left her a little gift

I'm also now addicted to the crack I talked about earlier so before I got on the road I found my way back and got a glass before I started.

I miss my Megan already but I shall see her again before she goes off to the Navy to be an Officer and work on the Navy's teeth.

Please stop by tomorrow to read about how we sadly are not cooks. You will shake your heads and judge us.
I already have.

Til next time Lovelies

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morgan said...

ah, bunk beds! i haven't been on one in so long but i loved them as a kids. i feel like that's just one of those things you never ever get tired of!