Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Applaud You Single Moms

Soooo I'm a horrible person and I just realised that I didn't do a post yesterday and yep that sucks.
I'm Sorry....

So this is going to be a blog sandwich. I watched the Heart of Dixie this weekend and they were talking about a breakup sandwich and this will work.
You'll understand in a few minutes..

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This was a little hard and would have probably worked with my post last week but we aren't going to reuse material, haha.

I have some friends, acquaintances, and random people who I know that either didn't have a father growing up or they are raising a child without the father.
I've seen some of these women ask 'What do I tell my child when they want their father?'. I've seen some great comments one of them being "You tell them that daddy just wasn't ready to be a daddy but Mommy has enough love for both of them."

I grew up without a father and it was tough at times especially around fathers day or if there was something going on that was father daughter related. My mother did the best she could though and I never really had to question anything. She was honest about what happened with my father and never sugar coated it. The toughest part of growing up without a father is when you are young and trying to explain to other young people WHY you don't have a father. Today there are a lot more children out there that come from a single family home so they have someone to relate to normally in their class. When I was in elementary school I really was the only one for a while who just had a mommy.

It pisses me off to no end when I see the government say that a normal family home is a mother and a father or that single moms do a great job but children grow up better with a father.
I'm sorry but screw you Sir.
Would you rather a woman stay with a drug addicted man because YOU in your stuffy suite feel that the child will be better in that household?
Would you rather a woman stay with a man who beats her and sexually molests their children because YOU feel that this child will have a more stable home life?
Would you rather a woman track down the man who raped her and marry him like in the old old old days so that her child will have a father?
What would you like for a mother to do when her husband dies in a war or the lines of duty or in a freak accident?
Are you explaining to my mother that when my father informed her he wasn't ready for me and broke up with her she should have raced after him and begged him to stay?
With your theory SIR, that children grow up better with a father, then a child with two fathers should be the next President of the United States because only a man can help raise a normal child.

Yes, some children do benefit from having a permanent male figure in their life, but to tell these women that because they either chose to raise their child alone or were forced to that they are not raising their children correctly is out of the question.
You women out there who are raising children by yourself and don't expect anyone to give you medal I praise you and you are the real heroes in your children's eyes.
Also, all of this can be turned around for the men out there who are raising a child on their own.
Kudos to you gentlemen, Kudos.

So....now you might understand what a blog sandwich is....

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See...we started off with something fun, put something serious, and ended with fun...TADA!
It's a thing, don't judge.

Til next time lovelies

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