Thursday, October 18, 2012

It be Ok

Buenos Dias
Como estas?
I'd first like to say I did warn you guys last week that this weeks postings might be a bit off due to the fact that well, I'm on vacation and I don't do much on vacation.
Here is a quick recap:
  • Left Friday returned Sunday from trip
  • Monday got an oil change and discovered I need to really find a rich man
  • Tuesday I got nothin
  • Wednesday took the dog to the vet and took 3 naps....THREE!!!
  • I then went to bed at 530 last night (or this morning) and woke up at 930 and I'm not even upset
Yep, I know exciting....but this is sadly what happens when you are the only one on vacation while everyone else works. Better planning next time :)

Oh and this happened last night for #wineywednesday

I got the hat from Lesley (she made it)

Now onto the goods

It's ok....

That I'm feeling pretty lazy and taking full advantage of it

That I used to want my hair to be that color pink

That my arm feels like it is going to fall off....ok that isn't really ok but I'm dealing...ok?

That I am giddy as a school girl that I am only 4 people away from 100 followers :)
(Who the hell decided school girls were giddy I was pretty grumpy when I was in school)

That I don't have a Halloween costume and I don't plan on it...I'm sorry, why am I going to dress up when I plan on sitting in line for a few hours...


That I have a count down on my phone informing me that there are only 13 days left for above mentioned event

That I want a new dog, I'm keeping the old one of course, but I can't do it because there isn't room or time

That I want this election over I'm pretty tired of it and I don't even have to watch the ads :)

That I was supposed to have a date last night with someone I really felt a connection with but he decided to back out because he knew I was going to break his heart (blah blah blah) and felt like he was afraid of getting hurt.
I'm not rolling around angry because I have some amazing friends I met through blogging who made me feel better about it.
 (the 3 glasses of wine helped also)

That I would like to be swept away by some nice rich man who will get me a newish car (not brand new or else I'll feel like a prostitute), let me go back to school, let me have a pittie puppy, and pay off my debt.
A girl can hush yo mouth

Oh and last but certainly not least since it is 86 outside I'm going to grab my book, chair, and towel and hit the beach!

Til next time Lovelies


Angi said...

Wha? Some dude backed out of your date because he "knew" you were going to break his heart?? What an idiot. And a pussy...sorry. Stupid.

I want some of your 86 degrees!! :)

Katie said...

"That I would like to be swept away by some nice rich man who will get me a newish car (not brand new or else I'll feel like a prostitute)"
I am DYING right now...I freaking love reading your blog.

I just started "dating" this guy who wants to buy me everything...I def. feel like he's a sugar daddy, but he's totally into me...should I hold out for a "newish" car?!

Nicholl Vincent said...

lazy days are the best!

Have a great night! xo

Nikki said...

Newish car is totally fine!