Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Okay....

I would like to thank ALL of you for all the hilarious comments on Tuesday's posting! I seriously died laughing at all of them. You ladies are amazing!

Guess what...guess what.....Ohh Ohh GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!

It's okay that....

I'm jumping with joy to go to see my "sister" Megan tomorrow!

That I'm slowly dying from sleep loss because of a cute boy

That this is going to be one of the best vacations ever

That Monday I get to go have 2 for 1 daiquiris with one of my favorite ladies

That for the first time everyone someone informed me that I'm very attractive but my personality make me sexy as hell

That my shoe is currently being held together with duct tape

That I some how decided to start a fall cleaning of my office before going on vacation
(we are talking everything is wiped down, neat, organized which it never is....I live in an organised mess)

That I got my eyebrows waxed the other day for the first time in 3 months....I know, gross...

That I really really really need to shave my legs, Nikki says they are a bit gross...actually she just said ewww

That I am loving all of my bloggy friends that keep in touch with me. I love the tweets and emails!

That I will try to blog while I'm on vacation but sleeping, working out, laying either at the pool or beach, drinking, and maybe even boy time might be taking up most of my time!

That my dog sucks as being my cuddle buddy. She keeps moving and kicking me and then some how her ass ends up in my face.

That it is finally getting cooler in Florida 76 degrees feels AMAZING! and I'm sad to say a little chilly

That I will be shoveling my face full of this goodness this upcoming week
Vanilla Coffee

Strawberry and Lavender pancakes, strawberry butter, and vanilla syrup
That I am afraid of my demon cat sometimes....I really feel like one day she will try to take me out

Thank you to all the new followers! I'm shocked each time I log in and see that number :)
Til next time Lovelies


Eve Myers said...

I agree with the temp here in much as I complained during the summer about the heat, I'm not really looking forward to the cold of the winter. Oh boy! Have fun on vacay!

Monica said...

I have two labs and no matter what I always find their asses in my face! lol Thank God Humans are not like that! Cute blog looking forward to following...... Have fun with your sister.

Kim Orpin said...

Have a fun trip! 2 for 1 daiquiris and that food sounds delicious! And sometimes, that duct tape is necessary to keep shoes together..I find myself using it way too often

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Awwwwwwwww loosing sleep over a new boy is always fun!! Nothing is better than the beginning. Just found ur cute blog, new follower :). Have a wonderful time on vacay! I get overly excited to see my sister too!

Nikki said...

Where is the place with the deliciousness?!