Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter Time!

Dear Idiot I ended things with you, you know my stance, just because you waited 2 weeks to try again doesn't mean I've changed my mind. Shoo, go away! Dear Dunkin Donuts your coffee is soo soo good. Sadly I'm now sleepy from drinking too much and having a sugar high. Dear Ian Somerhalder you have your own post for next week. I am that much of a nerd. Dear Government you want to make women happy? Give us free wine. You will have our love forever. Dear Monday can you hurry your butt up and get over here already because I need a day off after this week. Dear Karen Marie Moning I SEE YOU IN 5 DAYS!!!!!! Dear Bookstore 1 Sarasota thank you for letting me order my book! I was wondering if you might hold my place and let me use the bathroom while waiting for my book to be signed. Dear Self you are not a complete nerd for deciding to design a shirt to wear on Halloween that says 'Happy Birthday Barrons' on it since it is one of the main characters in the books birthday. Dear Nikki thank you for making me almost die on soda when you said 'Awwww toys' in response to my comment about hormones and lack of a boyfriend. Dear Daily Pill I hope you still work even though you accidentally went into my lung instead of my stomach. I don't want to have to call my doctor to ask. Dear Neighbor Boy this will be your name forever even if we do learn your real name. Can you please start running into me more? I have this awesome plan but it doesn't work if I never SEE YOU! Dear Readers thank you for all of your comments in reference to my post on Wednesday. I didn't expect such an outpouring of support. You all rock my socks off. Dear Self we need to get out a bit more and make friends. It is a bit sad that you already know your plans usually involve wine, TV, and books at home. We need more friends. Period. Dear Kane Show thanks for playing the Monster Mash this morning. It is now stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Enjoy this wonderful weather, unless you are in the path of the Frankenstorm Sandy, then good luck!
Til next time Lovelies


Nikki said...

bahahahaha you're welcome!

Angi said...

Which kind of Dunkin Donuts coffee do you get?? We don't have the stores here but our grocery store carries their bags of coffee...I tried one (can't remember which) and wasn't TOO impressed although I've heard numerous people say their coffee is amazing! So I'm thinking maybe I tried the wrong kind...?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Ian Somerhalder is BEYOND sexy! Daily pill in the lung. Hmm. I'd ask how that even happened but I'll just take your word for it. I need friends too. My nights are 24/7 homework, blog, tv, yell at cats, disney.