Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh Ian Somerhalder...Why You Make My Heart Thump

I'm writing this Tuesday night because well, I have a busy day ahead of me. I have to drop the dog off at my mothers, pick up my shirt, go try to buy my brand new pair of boots that I am in LOVE with, and then....


Sorry about that....I have been waiting for this day since I first read one of her books and then when I found out she was doing a book signing of her brand new book ICED that came out 10/30/12 I almost fainted.
Yes I'm a nerd, don't judge me, I'm sure you might be a nerd also.

Now...I decided last Thursday as I watched one Mr. Ian Somerhalder live tweet during Vampire Diaries that I should write a little bit about him. He is one of those guys that I can actually say I have a crush on.
Some of you might know him from Lost he played Boone Carlyle. The rest of you will know him from Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore.

He does wear a suite well

This is from his twitter page

Now Ian isn't just a pretty face or a great actor he also can honestly be considered one of the most down to earth people in show business in my opinion. I do follow a few actors and actresses on twitter that I find interesting and he is one of the few who actually interacts with his followers. He live tweets during his shows, he tweets during the debates, and he is a big animal activist.
Any man that cares about animals or the going ons in our world gets a gold star in my book. 

Ian started a foundation called the Ian Somerhalder Foundation also known as ISF. This foundation works with every part of our world from children to plants to animals and everything else you could think of in between. This group is looking for ways to better our planet and to not have it turn into a wasteland for our children or grandchildren. ISF is currently looking into starting an Animal Sanctuary where it will be a safe haven for all abused and mistreat animals.

Really? Who can't resist a handsome man with an adorable dog
I'm a big lover of animals and my mother and I have always agreed that if we had the money we would love to buy an area of land and just let it be. Let the animals be there and just have a safe place to live where man wont kill them or rip up their homes so we can build more buildings. It is one of the saddest parts, especially living in Florida, to watch the area you grew up in turn to homes. I live in an area where it used to be mainly orange groves and then developers plowed through those trees and built homes. Lots and lots of home that now sit there empty because no one wants to live there. They'd rather buy newer land and build newer homes. Soon there wont be one orange grove left in my area.

I'm thinking of many things I want to do with my 25th birthday in February and one of the biggest things is I want to raise money for something I believe in. ISF is one of the foundations I'm considering to use as the group I want to donate money to. Not because Ian founded it but because I believe that this planet is worth saving. I will for sure keep you guys posted as we get closer to February on who I've decided to work with so if you want to donate you are more than welcome to. Also, you can head over to ISF and donate now to help them build the animal sanctuary.

This was really going to be about how dreamy Mr. Somerhalder is but some how turned into Lets Save the Animals. Oh well, if he does decide to try out for the role of Mr. Christian Grey he has my vote.

Yep, my vote indeed.
Follow him @iansomerhalder
(little blue check mark tells you it is really him)

Til next time lovelies


Kim Orpin said...

Mmm I am another one of the millions of girls that has a super crush on him.

Tausha said...

Yum yum yum. I started watching V.D because of him. He is seriously heavenly - GLAD you gave us the run down on him - because now I am even more in love with him.

And still crossing my fingers he gets the part for ChristianGrey. I could die a happy lady.

Anonymous said...


I REALLY hope he gets the role for Grey. He's exactly who I pictured when reading the books. It made them that much better.