Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two Simple Single Girls Try to Cook

Hope you all survived your Mondays, I did and I'm not sure how since I made pumpkin spice cookies and I live alone. I think I'm just going to start dropping them off at peoples houses and see what happens :)
If you were here yesterday you know I went to Gainesville to visit one of most favorite people in the whole wide world. Saturday night we decided to cook and well, neither of us really cooks....at all.
We bake, just don't cook.
Megan is very funny, in my opinion, and she doesn't have a blog so I suggested she write today's post about our cooking adventure and I would chime in now and then if I felt like it since well, this is my blog. She also came up with the title for today.
Have to give credit where credit is due.

Cooking is one of those things. It is basic, essential. It has been passed down from generation to generation since we first dropped down out of the trees and accidentally set our food on fire. It is also one of those things that I have just never quite gotten a handle on.
Let’s be honest, my parents made meals for me throughout high school and I lived off of ramen noodles for most of my college career. Now I’m in grad school and I only have to fend for myself, so why bother learning how to properly cook when it takes so long and it would just be me eating it?
She is in dental school so her college career has been happening for quite some time and I feel like she has an excuse. My "college career" was a semester and then I lived with a guy for about 3 1/2 years, I feel like I should have known how to cook by this point in my life. Sadly I do not.
Now throw 2 girls with this similar life history, i.e. Brie and me, and make them cook dinner for themselves. That is basically what ensued on Saturday night.

My apartment had some meager supplies, namely spaghetti noodles and some pasta sauce, so we decided that a noodle-based dish was just the ticket. We had fanciful ideas of making a grandiose meal and I pulled out a well-neglected book of pasta recipes. The conversation was on chicken at this moment and she was reaching under the kitchen sink. I was very worried in thinking that is where she kept the chicken and was about to call her mother to have some kind of intervention. We flipped through the book and felt our enthusiasm drop with each new exotic ingredient and elaborate instruction. The book was quickly abandoned and it was decided that salad, garlic bread, spaghetti and chicken would do just fine.
After a short car ride we found ourselves wandering through the vast aisles of Publix. We quickly snatched up a bottle of Moscato wine and baguette before sauntering over to the pre-bagged salad (it was our first foray into cooking and there was no need to over-exert ourselves). We stood in front of the wide selection of salads and just stared.
“Well, there certainly are a lot of choices,” I sighed. “Any ideas?”
Brie shrugged in reply.
“How about the Caesar?” I grabbed the bag. “It already has croutons and dressing.”
Yep, see, pretty lazy....I mean we had salad dressing back at her place but this bag came with it AND the croutons. I mean seriously who could pass this up. When would be the next time a box of croutons would be used in an apartment of someone who does not cook?
Probably never.
We smiled at each other and nodded as we walked away from the chilled display. Anything to save time and buying extra supplies was a definite plus. We wandered over to the chicken section and I quickly grabbed a package.
“Is this good? It says ‘cutlets’ is that a good thing?” I stared at the chicken.
“How about these? They are on sale. These are breasts.” Brie responded as she picked up another package.
“What’s the difference? Is yours better?”
“Hell if I know, I just saw it was on sale!”
“Oh. Well let’s get that, then. It is a lot of chicken.”
The ones not on sale weighed .01LBS LESS than the package on sale and her package came with two and mine came with four. We were confused beyond belief.15 minutes later we were through the register and back in my little kitchen.

Groceries were dumped from the bags and sorted along the countertop. I set about getting the stove, oven, pots, and pans ready while Brie started on the garlic bread.
“This knife really sucks!” Brie said with no little amount of vexation and she squashed the baguette with my dull kitchen knife.
I laughed. “Here, try this butter knife. It should cut a little better.”
“Seriously? A butter knife?” She said in disbelief as it slid through the soft bread.
I think for Christmas a thing of knives that actually cut would be a good gift. Also those "butter knives" suck at spreading butter.We buttered the thick slices and dumped on a rather obscene amount of garlic powder and Parmesan cheese and popped them into the oven.

We then used the butter knife to cut up the chicken. I seasoned the chicken and threw on the bread crumbs from the baguette.
“You put bread on the chicken?”
I actually asked if she had thrown all of that onto the chicken“Yeah, sure. Why not?”
“I don’t know. We will be eating the pasta and then *bam* soggy bread.”
“I bet that will make it taste better! Who doesn’t like soggy bread in their chicken?”

I'm adding a part since it was one of the good moments. We had only made 4 pieces of garlic bread to test it out and make sure we weren't going to die. We decided after taste testing that it was up to par and cut up more bread and added more garlic and cheese. Of course once the bread was back into the over Megan poured MORE bread crumbs and such onto the chicken.
We cooked the chicken and pasta but forgot to heat up the spaghetti sauce.
Megan cooked the chicken and we had to taste it before we put it in with the rest of the food or else there was a chance Pizza would have been ordered and we really didn't want to spend more money. I tasted a piece with a fork....Megan used something else

Yep that is our spatula. We also forgot to make the salad so I took on the hard task of that little adventure.

Fortunately Brie was on her A game and caught my mistake before I dumped the pasta into the sauce. We brought in the little table and chairs from the patio and stationed them in front of the television so we could watch Tangled while we ate. I pulled out little placemats and set up the table, complete with glasses of wine.

I can honestly say it was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.


See she is pretty hilarious. She also sent a photo of it to her boyfriend expressing that her and I were having a romantic dinner.
He asked if he should have been worried.

My mother thought we had gone out to a restaurant and maybe Megan wasn't used to eating this way hence why a photo was posted to Facebook. I had to inform my mother that we had cooked. She looked worried. She then suggested I take a picture of my dinner I was eating at Carrabba's with her and my grandmother. I think she is really into me blogging and maybe I will get her to guest post one day.

Til next time Lovelies


Emily said...

Oh, this is fantastic :) Reminds me of the first times my friends and I tried to cook - but yours actually turned out well! (and it looks delicious)

Kim Orpin said...

Haha sounds like a fun time! And it looks like it turned out pretty tasty :)

Jen said...

Sounds like you girls enjoyed yourselves! And dinner looked great!

Angi said...

Haha...cooking can be such a funny venture sometimes...like last night when my husband made dinner and read that you're supposed to snap off the ends of asparagus, instead of cut them...only he was breaking them in the middle instead of at the end, so his first 3-4 pieces of asparagus were only like 3" long. "This can't be right...right???" He said. Hilarious.

serendipity427 said...

Maybe it's the wine talking but I swear we're scarily similar. Wine, chicken, inability to cook (but can bake), and watching Tangled while you eat? Awesome sauce. (Which I never say IRL and have now said twice in regards to you.) Also, love your friend eating with the spatula.

Laura Darling said...

This cracked me up. I am the same way in the kitchen. And whenever I tell my family I'm cooking diner, they act very nervous! Looks like you did a great job though!

Anonymous said...

You two...that was awesome. Cooking is simple! You just throw stuff together till what you're making tastes good. there's always things you can add to fix the mistakes ;)

Happy cook!