Monday, October 1, 2012

Wait....Did We Just Have a Weekend?

Happy Monday People!

This weekend was sadly NOT a weekend for me.
It was filled with working and trying to catch up on some sleep because seriously waking up at 4:30am every day for almost 2 weeks can be a bit.....draining.

It did have it's exciting moments thought!
I was one of the winners for Shelby's Birthday Giveaway at Chasing Birdies!!!
I won free earrings from Go Fish which I was pretty excited about and was even more excited that they showed up on Friday!
(I think they showed up on Friday since they were on top of the pile of mail I pulled from the mailbox I haven't checked in two weeks...oops)
It came with a free Friendship bracelet....

Aren't they adorable! Tiny silver owls!
They are just sooooo cute! I wore them to work the other day and so many people complimented on them!

I did manage to get to the gym one more time during the weekend but I get to see Ian today!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a little too excited to see that adorable man who kicks my butt like no other.

I guess since today (Monday) is my "weekend" I'll share with you my plans since I uh, did nothing this actual weekend.
Post my giveaway!, gym, rest, clean, eat, rest.....
I think that is a pretty solid plan don't you think?!

Please stop by later to check out a little surprise!
Til Next Time Lovelies

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Tiff said...

surprises and gifts in the mail are the best! It's nice when something besides a bill arrives!