Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday Lovelies!
Yesterday was my Monday sooooo I'm not really hating today :)
Sorry to all of you that are.
I'm sorry.

This weekend was the last two days of my vacation and I planned to do it up....
I actually just really relaxed, slept, and caught up on Walking Dead, well that was Friday at least.

Saturday was that last glorious day.
Who knew when I would get another Saturday off in the next year.
I decided that breakfast was much needed....
I think I ate way too much...I felt like bursting but I didn't instead I decided to
I headed over to the Dollar Tree because well, things are a dollar there.
I was sad because there were just a couple things of Halloween and a thousand things for Christmas so onto Target I went and hit the jackpot of Clearance.
They also had Christmas out but it was hidden BEHIND the still upsets me that we can't make it through the two holidays between now and Christmas before the decorations come out for sale.

I headed home with this grand idea of how to decorate my tiny little apartment.
I was sadly wrong about how I was going to do this.
I had bought two plastic pumpkins that would be used for candy and thought I'll cut a hole in the bottom, stick a solar powered light, and then at night it will glow!
Dear jeebus are those things made out of tough plastic. I had to use scissors, a knife and a hammer.
This was way too much work for a simple plan.
The most interesting part was the fact that once I got one of them kind of done I felt someone watching me.
You know that feeling where your body goes into alert, your neck hair gets all tingly and your arm hair starts to stand up.
I stood up and looked around and TADA it was neighbor boy.
He was walking to his car and was just straight up watching me the whole time.
He got into his car and sllloooowwwllllyyy pulled out of his spot still watching me.
Now if someone is watching me that much I don't pretend I'm not noticing, I straight up stared back and then waved.
He smiled and drove off.
I was pretty excited for this turn of events.
After talking with some bloggy friends right after it happened I realised that while he was watching me I had my hair up, was a bit sweaty from my struggles with the pumpkin, and was holding a knife while arguing with it.
Who knows if he was watching me because he was interested or because he thinks I'm crazy and need to be committed.
Here is the finished product

I know, it's amazing.
You don't have to tell me.

Sunday I went back to work for a 10 hour work day!!!
A great welcome back from Vacation.
I hit the grocery store before heading home and at the red light noticed that the cute neighbor boy was behind me.
He followed me all the way home, we parked, and both walked to our respective apartment buildings looking at each other the entire time.
Ok....this is when men need to start stepping it up.
If you have been staring and making eye contact with the girl who keeps making googly eyes at you....WALK OVER AND TALK TO HER.
I had had enough and I wrote a tiny little note that basically introduced myself and taped it to his car window.
No number, no asking out on a date, just introducing myself.
See...not too forward.

This morning I was tempted to go out and grab the note back because I thought maybe this might not work.
I looked out the window and his car was still out there so I threw on my shoes, grabbed the dog...
and his car was gone. we shall wait and see.
I'm evidently committed now to this action plan.
I'll keep you informed since I feel like some of you have started this journey you should find out what the outcome is haha.

I hope you all had amazing weekends, oh and I'm only 2 away from 100 followers....I need to start planning another giveaway :)
If you are interested in participating let me know!

Til next time Lovelies


Angi said...

Good grief, he stared at you that much this weekend and didn't even try to talk to you??

Good for you, sticking that note on his car!! He better answer...if not...find someone who puts out some effort! ;-D

Nikki said...

Yay notes and giveaways! Come decorate my house please kthanks.

That's What She Read said...

Hey lady I can't wait to see what happens with neighbor boy! and no matter if we learn his name i am still going to call him neighbor boy!

Nikki said...

Nominated you for a Liebster Award!

JanM ♥ said...

Good job on decorating! And don't you just hate when someone's watching you without you knowing? Came here from Erin's blog and I'm your 100th follower! Congrats! :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

Desirae @ Going with the Flow said...

Seriously, come decorate my house. Heheh. It needs some "festivity" haha. Found your blog over at Whitney's blog, I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. Look forward to following your blog. You can check mine out at

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued to see how things turn out with this neighbor! Your decorations are cute. "I headed over to the Dollar Tree because well, things are a dollar there." Best line ever. Because it's true!