Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update...Oh and Hi Columbus

Let us start off by saying....
Just a side note I almost wrote wiener....just thought I would share.
Laura over at Calm Delight is my first giveaway winner and I am so happy that I was actually able to put it together. You should really check out her blog because her little family is oh so adorable!

First off....Happy Columbus Day? I guess this is a big thing and causes people to get the day off. I'm not aware of this tradition of not having to work on holidays since I was smart and picked a job where we are open 24/7 365.

This weekend wasn't that exciting BUT next weekend is going to be A-MAZING!!!!!
Besides it being the beginning of my 9 day vacation!!!!! 
I'm taking my rather large ass to the University of Florida to visit my bestest friend in the whole wide world Megan. We've known each other since the first day of Kindergarten and just have clicked. When we were younger people used to ask if we were sisters because we both had long dark brown hair that went past our asses. I don't get to see her very often but when I do it is like we haven't been apart. Look forward to next Monday's post because it will be Legen-WAIT FOR IT-dary!

I worked this weekend, yet again, which I don't mind because it stops me from going out and spending money on random things. Friday night around midnight I some how ended up in the best twitter conversation I have ever heard of. It started out because of my post tomorrow so please stop by to see that sweet piece of action. It basically ended up with one of the girls husbands calling us pigs.....hehehe.

Saturday I didn't have to be at work till 1pm so I had these great plans to sleep in and just stay snuggled in my comfy blankets and pillows. I sadly got a call at 7am to tell me something about work which just ruined my whole mojo for the weekend. Oh well, things happen.

Saturday night I camped out at work till 10pm and had to be all manager like, since that is my job, and realised I have hired a whole bundle of crazy people. We are talking bat shit crazy.
Or as they like to keep informing me...That Shit Cray.
I want to strangle all of them, like now.
Don't worry....they know.
They also read this so I'm sure they will come to me about that little tid bit of a comment.

Sunday was at work early again and then went home to catch up on some lovely shows that I miss during the week since I don't have cable.
Hey I only pay $17 a month instead of $110 so I'm ok watching the shows a few days after they air, haha.
I really LOVE the New Normal and I'm soooo happy that they got signed on for a full season :)

To all my new followers THANK YOU! I really appreciate you all and can't wait to keep sharing the very awkward moments of my life with you.

Til next time Lovelies


itsmekt said...

I work for tech support so I hear about the new maps on the iOS 6 all the time, so that made me giggle haha. Ill def stop by tomorrow to read that post lol sounds like its gunna be good! Come say hi,

Kasey said...

I not only think it's awesome that you almost put weiner instead of winner but I also love the Apple maps cartoon, so true and funny :-P Happy Monday!

Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants said...

Girrrrrl, when you going to Gainesville?? You know my boo graduated from there in December, right?

serendipity427 said...

Apparently we're really kindred spirits. Not having the "normal" holidays off, quoting TV shows (esp. awesome ones), not being willing to pay crazy money for cable... :) What's The New Normal about? (Disadvantages of not having a TV)

Kimmy said...

I totally wish I were a boy sometimes. I feel like it would be a lot more easier than being a chick.