Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yesterday was Rough...

So Yesterday was a bit rough....nothing seemed to really want to go ok for me for some reason.

It was my first day off in 2 weeks....2 Flipping Weeks!!!.....I had the alarm set but evidently that wasn't good enough for my cat. Around 7:30 she starts walking on me and head butting me and making some ungodly noise because she wanted my attention.
She normally will walk on me when I'm sleeping, I know this because my mother has witnessed her just crawling all over me during the night, but she was not having me sleeping this time around.
I got up and then she decided I wasn't worth her time, bitch.
Hello demon cat
So now I was up and just relaxed, angrily, before going to the gym to see Ian....or so I thought.
I got to the gym and was introduced to Lance, which I took as odd, and was then informed that Ian was out for personal issues and they highly doubted that he would ever be back. I was crushed, CRUSHED, I felt like I was dumped or something. Like I should have be called or sent some type of good-bye email.
Lance introduces himself, he's an older man, and askes me what I'm looking to do. I explain and he says he wants to tell me some things about himself.
He used to weigh 269lbs but lost weight through exercise and eating healthy, he has a bad knee from competitive Racket ball (oh how exciting, and his ex wife tried to kill him hence why she is his ex wife.
Hold your horses there sir.
How the hell did we go from how you lost weight to you were almost killed by your ex wife?!
We did some stuff and I don't know, I just wasn't feeling him, I might talk to the gym and see if I can switch or some how get someone who isn't a little too forthcoming.

After the gym I went home, took the trash out, and paid my rent.
I know, I live SUCH an exciting life...woo.
I was already in a bad mood and then my body decided 'HA! You are a little ticked off lets make you feel like shit as well' I seriously thought my insides were trying to crawl out of me.
I was that sad person curled up in the fetal position on my bed crying to my dog to get me something to drink and she just sat there and watched me.
She is soooo not getting a new toy now.
So selfish.

I took a little nap and decided I should probably consume something so I settled on coffee.
Don't judge, it hit the spot.
I then had a yogurt if it makes you feel better about me only having a coffee.
I tried to take a picture of my dog because she was being so cute and this didn't work at all....neither animal seemed to want to make my life easy.

See....no cooperation at all. Just plain mean if you ask me.

I then decided to take a picture to show you what I looked like before my little work out/healthier eating adventure.
This is about 3 weeks
 OK soooo don't judge my hair. I resemble a chia pet when I don't flat iron it. Even then if the weather starts to work against me that flat hair turns back into the chia pet look.
It's like Cinderella's pumpkin.
Only worse.
Update: thank you for one of my readers for sending this to me after reading this post. Awesome!

I'm noticing a change, the clothing is a little looser and I'm a bit less rotund. 
So we shall keep up with what I'm doing and start working on changing some things up so I don't hit that weird funky plateau...

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Til next time my lovelies


SEL said...

I hope you're feeling better!

Great job on the weight loss, girl! You can do it! Remember that diet is about 90% of it!

And why, WHY, WHY do people tell you their life story as soon as you meet them? His ex-wife tried to kill him? Wow. That would scare me away!

The Students Wife said...

Your progress pictures are awesome! YOu can really tell a difference

I"m your newest follower from the GFC blog hop
followme@ www.studentswife.com