Friday, November 30, 2012

Much Needed Friday Letters

Dear Work: You suck suck suck suck suckity suck suck today. I want to just sit in my office and hide from everyone. I thought you were going to be good but NOOOOO you just had to turn around and get me in a bad mood.

Dear Mom: Thank you for agreeing to help me decorate on Tuesday. I can't wait to go buy my tree and get everything nice and decorated.

Dear People: please remember and act your age. Honestly, I've seen 2 year olds who haven't thrown fits like you did.

Dear Life: Please expect to be put on hold while I continue to make scarves, plan other presents, and try to get things set and organized by Christmas

Dear Followers: I would just like to say I thank all of you for not jumping ship after my post on Tuesday. It means a lot to me that you all accept me for me.

Dear Cat: We have to go to the vets on Tuesday. I am dreading this since I have to catch you and then put your leash on so I can take you in the car.

Dear D: Just because I drunk texted you on Thanksgiving doesn't mean "I miss you" it means I was drunk and felt like texting you. If I get drunk again maybe you can respond in a timely manner for me to give in for a Booty-call

Dear Self: I think you are getting tired of having to deal with immature men. I have a feeling we might be focusing on different things right now but I'm hoping we can get out and about to possibly start meeting people.

Dear Friends: I want to start hanging out more. I hope my out of town friends will be in town (I know confusing) around Christmas so we can get some good time in. Also, Ashley we will be having a sleep over...yay! (Yes we are both straight 24 year olds who still do sleep overs...don't judge, you know you are jealous)

Dear Apartment: Since I've been spending so much time making scarves and sleeping I feel like I need to wear a Haz-mat suite when I'm at home. Please learn to clean yourself so I don't have to.

Dear Animals: GET A JOB or learn to start cleaning up after yourself. Between hair, food, and water yarfing I'm getting tired of cleaning up all your messes.

Dear Sky: I'm thinking of looking around for doggie daycares because I think letting you hang out in one twice a week when work starts picking up in February might be nice since I start working 10 hour days 6 to 7 days a week.

Dear Lotto: YOU SUCK!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I shall be working but hopefully filling the 7 orders of scarves I have (AKA saving money)

Til next time lovelies

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have You Ever Had a Friendship Break-Up?

I got into a conversation with someone the other day about friends and how exactly those relationships feel. We were chatting about the whole "It is better to have a small group of close friends than a large group of people you can't rely on" and how it works in our lives.
I'm an introvert, we are talking I get super shy and start feeling ill if I need to introduce myself to people. I find this hilarious as I've worked in customer service my whole life which requires me to deal with people. I just face my job as I'm not going to have to deal with these people ever again so who cares. With trying to make friends though it is harder and scary for me because I want this person in my life a good 95% and I don't want to freak them out with my weirdness or some other thing about myself. Yet once I know someone and I'm friends with them I'm all in. I mean all or nothing kind of situations.
I'm the same when I'm in a relationship but that is here nor there.
My mother likes to inform me I love too much. That I will some how open myself up too much and end up getting burned in the end.

I've always had a pretty small group of friends, it grows in size as people get added but then usually dwindles down for one reason or another.
Friendships are a lot of work and sadly if someone is not willing to put forth the effort then the relationship dwindles and dies. I hate to say this but most of my friendships have met this end because of guys.
Girl meets guy.
Girl becomes obsessed with guy.
Girl decides guy is worth all her time.
Friends become tired of being either dragged along on dates or tossed over for guy.
Guy dumps girl.
Girl goes looking for friends and has none.
I'm guilty of parts of this too.
My favorite part of that little story is when the girl moves in with guy and even though they live together the girl HAS TO SPEND EVERY WAKING MOMENT WITH GUY.
Screw friends, I got this fella.
I'm sorry.....didn't you see him last night and this morning? Is he going to disappear if you don't spend one evening with him? If he is going to disappear I think you have bigger issues.
I've had a few friendships that were ruined because of a guy or because someone in the duo didn't put forth the effort needed for the relationship to work. For someone who is afraid of meeting people this can sometimes result in periods of time where there are no friends around and you learn to adapt and make new friends.

Since moving back I've rekindled a few friendships, some didn't last the 2nd (or 5th) time around, and some have flourished. I think as you get older you realise how important having friends is and that you need to WORK on them.
I think a few key points in friendship is to sort of treat is as if you are in a relationship.
Make plans: don't expect the person to always be free right when you are then be upset if they can't join you.
Keep those plans: if something comes up tell the person, don't wait till that person contacts you to suddenly be like "Oh shit, I'm sooo sorry I either a) forgot b) made other plans or c) can't do it till later now"
Be Honest: If you don't feel like hanging out with someone then tell them when they ask rather then blowing them off later.
Try: You have to try, any type of relationship is work, and if you continue to blow someone over then you might have to try a little harder to prove you want the friendship.

I've done this luck....but it works
I think you also sometimes need to stop and look at the friends you have. Do you have friends that would drop anything for you to come rushing to your aid? Do you have friends that will show up to any event they are invited to because they know it is important to you? Do you have friends that don't expect to talk every day but will listen when you need to bitch?
If so...these are your real friends and if you dick them over well....they are going to get tired real fast and then when you need someone they wont be around.
Now, do you have friends that bring nothing but drama? Do you have friends who wont show up for shit you invite them to because of one excuse or another? Do you have friends who expect you to be there for them but wont be there for you?
If so.....get rid of these people because they are not worth your time.

There is a great article talking about Friendship Break-Ups and how they can happen. I realised I've been through some if not all of those situations. It's hard to face these types of things and realise that they will happen. You don't want to think that it is possible to break up with your best friend but it happens, it sucks, and it can sometimes be preventable.

Have any of you had a friendship break up? Are you going through a moment right now where you feel the other doesn't care? Have you ever been the cause of the break-up without realising it till it was too late?

Til next time lovelies

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Isaac Strong!

Hey everyone!
I know I did a post earlier today but I'm going to write something short but sweet.
Well, the situation isn't sweet.
It is a horrible thing that no family should have to go to no matter what family member it is.
If you know Erin @ Living In Yellow then you might be aware of what is happening right now.
She is trying to help a family of a 6 year old boy who is currently living with cancer. It is the holiday season and we always chat about wanting to give back and help someone, to share what we have.
Most of us were lucky to grow up happy and healthy.
This little boy Isaac is currently fighting for his life.
He melts my heart
 He has a family that loves him but we all know that cancer isn't something that  is easy to fix. It gets very expensive and takes a toll not only financially, but also mentally and physically.
Erin is trying to help with a part of this struggle the family is going through.
Providing them with a nice Christmas and for them to know that there are people out there, strangers, who care and are there for them.
I know we all aren't millionaires and we don't all have a lot to give but we can afford $5.

You see this widget up there?
That is how you can donate.
Also, you can go to Erin's page and see other ways you can help this family out.
How do you think this family will feel to know that there are thousands of women out there right now willing to open up their bank account and take $5 to relieve a small portion of their stress?
Amazing, shocked, and filled with love.
I have 182 followers....182!
I know this isn't a lot but if each of you donated $5 we would have raised $910 in just a short time.
This blows my mind.
Now imagine the blogs who have a larger following joining in on this. We can make sure that this family has a wonderful Christmas as well as some extra money for food, gas, supplies.
I don't usually ask a lot from you all, but just take a moment and stop and think.
You don't have to donate right this second. I know some of you might want to give more than $5 but you might not have it. Well, Friday is most peoples pay day so....get paid and visit us.
Thank you to all of you who are taking a small portion out of your evening to help this family and adorable little boy.
Til next time my lovelies

Sharing a Little Piece of Me

I recently shared a story about my past relationship and it felt good to share it.
It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I was going to be okay.
I've been told recently that something seems to have changed, that I seem to smile more, that my eyes seem clearer, that I'm dressing differently, that I just seem to be all around happier.
I feel that way.
Since posting that bit I've felt like I'm more me.
Now recently I have started speaking with other bloggers about a certain subject and some of them have come out to share their story.
Such as Kristen @ KV's Confessions
I feel like it is time for me to finally share mine.

I guess my story almost starts at my conception.
I was born to an Irish Catholic mother and a father who comes from Jewish background.
My parents were not married and my father was not ready to be a father so my mom had me all alone.
She struggled with deciding to have me, went to church, prayed, spoke with family, visited planned parenthood and finally chose to keep the bundle of joy that I am. When it was time for me to be baptized the priest basically informed her "NO". I was a bastard child to a single woman and they basically wanted to know more personal information than is probably needed to baptize a child. My mother informed the priest her not so pretty thoughts and that my father was Jewish. That seemed to kick his butt into shape and I was baptized.
I mean I could be a Jew and that priest didn't seem to want that outcome.

My Pop Pop wanted me to go to Catholic school I went from K-8th grade. I always had an issue while in school, things didn't make sense to me and I didn't agree with a lot, but I sat there quietly and just thought. I would speak about my confusion with my mother who I discovered had a lot of the same thoughts when she went to catholic school but she learned to accept them.
It bothered me to go to church, I felt I didn't need to because I was taught that God was every where and always with me so I shouldn't have to go once a week to mass. A mass where we sat, knelt, stood, and sang and then watched people rush out after receiving the body of Christ so they could be first at breakfast.
I was confirmed into the Catholic religion as well. I did all that was asked of me and required to be a part of my faith at the time. 
I thought about changing religions but that didn't sit well with me. I started to read articles online, speak to people, and finally understood why I was bothered.
I was an atheist.
I didn't believe in religion
I didn't believe in a higher power.

I have plenty of friends who are Catholic, Christian, Jewish, and Atheist. I don't bash religion, I will debate it though. I will discuss my beliefs (or non beliefs) with anyone because they want to understand where I am coming from. I'm not one to go around attacking people because that is wrong. I believe that if believing in religion helps you then that is your prerogative. I'm not going to tell you what you can or can not believe in because I don't feel that you should inform me of what I should do.

A large number of my friends knew I was an atheist in high school and recently I informed my Irish Catholic mother and grandmother. They all accept me for me. My friends know that I will sit with them during hard times if they need to pray, that I will go to their religious events for their future children, and that I do not judge them because they do not judge me.
My 86 year old grandmother informed me the other day that she finally understands me. She doesn't believe I don't believe in God, she feels I don't believe in the church and Jesus. If this makes her feel better and able to accept me more then I am not going to argue with her. Especially as she sits there informing me that some mornings if she wakes up and doesn't feel like going to church she wont because she is getting tired of listening to the man up front in a dress.
I know that if one day I have children and they start to question and want to learn about God I have no problem finding a Sunday school that I can drop them off at. It is their choice to learn what they want and to believe in what they want.
I will support them no matter what.

It will boggle my mind when someone, who does believe in religion, informs me that I am going to go to hell and that I'm a horrible person BECAUSE I don't believe in a higher power. I think being raised Catholic and having Friday night dinner every week with a priest has made me pretty well versed in the subject of religion. I was taught that only God can judge and that only his decision is what matters in the end. I have learned basically to sit there, smile, and listen while I'm informed of all the reasons my soul will never be at peace.
This saddens me.

I'm sharing this with you today, not to make you feel uncomfortable, but to share a little more of myself with you. If you wish to stop following me, that is your choice I wont fight with you. If you decide to stay with me and continue to be a part of my blogging world then thank you.
Thank you for accepting me for me and not for if my thoughts and beliefs mesh with yours 100%.

Til next time lovelies

Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Weekend Update

Is anyone else a little tired/discombobulated from this past weekend as I am? Thursday I worked and worked and worked which was fine since I wasn't celebrating Thanksgiving Day ON Thanksgiving. I had dropped Sky off at my mom's early that morning since I anticipated a very long work day which would conclude with meeting up with two of my favorites for a Thanksgiving Day Drink. Zack's drink order broke the keg/tap which caused an interesting moment and Nikki's mom sent her with a plate of food for me :). After drinks I had to drive back to my mothers to get my puppy.
On the way back home Sky did her creeper thing again. I've mentioned it before but she only wants to sit in the front passenger seat when in the car if no one is sitting there, if you are sitting there she might try to join you. I usually drive with her window all the way down that way she can just chill with the wind. The major issue of her sitting there with the window down is she creeps on people. We will be sitting there at a red light and she will just look out her window RIGHT at the person next to us. When I say look I mean stare them down until they get that feeling someone is watching them and look back. I've had where people have inched up because of how focused she gets on them. Others will roll their window down and talk to her. This night we ran into 5 different people who decided she was amazing. We had people laughing, people trying to keep up with my car to keep watching her, and people speaking to her in baby talk (since she turns her head when you speak to her). She's a bit of an attention whore and people always give in to her. Smart woman.

Friday I was working the late shift so I got to sleep in a bit and then....OPENED MY OWN ETSY SHOP!
I'm only selling one thing right now and once the holiday season passes I'm going to teach myself how to make other different things that I can sell on there. I'm pretty excited and I already have over 5 orders that I need to get started on on top of the 3 scarves I am giving as presents this year. I headed in to work where I had to get started on doing not only my job but someone elses since they were off for the holiday, lucky them. My boss shortly after informed me that I could take the Home Depot card and buy some things to decorate the lobby with. SCORE! I headed to Home Depot, which I must say has a lovely crop of young men, and got some Martha inspired decorations. I was informed I could spend up to $200....I only spent $89, go me :). My two employees and I started to decorate right away and we got the place set in no time. It was a nice time and made the evening go relatively quickly.

Saturday I tried to wake up early, grabbed the dog, hit Starbucks and walked into my mom and grandma's house to begin the cooking of our Thanksgiving. We have learned to do holidays a little differently than most because of the fact my mother is a nurse and I work at a hotel that is open 24/7 and usually results in me working the holidays. I've only cooked the turkey twice before this year but I have the recipe memorized so we were going to wing it. My mom had asked me a few days before (since it was just the three of us) what I wanted I texted her back that I wanted: Turkey, wine, mashed potatoes, wine, carrots, wine, dinner rolls, wine. I also informed her that I wanted to do a real Thanksgiving and not everything being instant. My grandma usually cooks Thanksgiving dinner but she has Parkinson's and being in the kitchen a long time gets her pretty tired so I volunteered to do all the cooking. I asked if I could open the wine, I was told no because it was only 10 am, well boo on them. I made the stuffing and then my paste and rubbed down my bird and shoved my hand into it's cavity.

I got started on pealing potatoes which my grandma came out and helped me with them which was nice because I know how much she wishes she could do more and does her best with the disease. She informed me how to make everything and then we boiled, steamed, mashed, heated, basted, carved, and plated.
It was a really nice meal and I had a lot of fun cooking everything. After dinner my mom offered to baby sit the dog again while I drove up to Tampa to visit with Nikki, Zack, and their friend Jeremy to watch the UF/FSU game. I swung back to my place to change real fast and as I'm running up to my door I noticed flowers out front. I stopped and just stood there just trying to figure out who and why I got flowers. I grabbed them and placed them on my counter to read the card.
"Happy 27th Birthday Belinda hope you enjoy the roses"
I'm not Belinda
I'm not 27
It isn't my birthday
These aren't roses.
Fuck it, I'm keeping them.
I rechecked the card and it showed Belinda as the name but with my address and no phone number. Finders Keepers.....I now have pretty flowers :) Thanks people who don't know where Belinda lives.

I got to Jeremy's place in the middle of the 3rd and walked in to Zack and Jeremy having a meltdown because of the refs and their outrageous calls. Things got a whole hell of a lot better after Zack and Jeremy sang the UF songs and we of course won. GO GATORS! Before winning though Nikki informed us that there is a girl with face paint and she wrote the words backwards. We sooo wished we could see it and then BAM her face is up there with the camera holding for a few seconds so EVERYONE got a good clean shot at her and the mistake.
You'd think her friends would have mentioned something at some point before the game.

After the game we drank, laughed, watched more football, got to see Jeremy's new Mercedes and then headed home.
Sunday was work and catching up on scarves. Once again, I'd say a pretty good weekend across the bored. I'm just happy I'm actually able to get out and do things again.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed your time with friends and family.
Til next time lovelies

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social

Hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend! I'll definitely fill you all in on mine tomorrow :) Till then we are going to have a little Sunday Social....

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life:
Oh boy let's see.....I've worked at a Retirement Home as a server and then as an expo, Aaron's Sales and Lease as a Customer Service Rep, Home Depot as a cashier, and Cornerstone was supposed to be a phone rep but got deathly ill during training so they moved me into gift wrapping (best job ever).

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over:
When Harry Met Sally
2 Weeks Notice
All the Die Hards

3. Name 4 places you have lived:
New York City
Sarasota, FL - mom's house
Fairfield, Ohio
Sarasota, FL - my apartment

4. Name 4 of your favorite foods:
French Fries
Bruchetta (the good kind with Italian bread/mushrooms/red peppers/melted brie cheese)
good pizza
mashed potatoes

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you:
Cell Phone
Debit Card
Target debit card

6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation:
Balboa Island, CA
Hershey, PA
Point Pleasant, NJ
Orlando, FL

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Almost Turkey Day!!!!!

You guessed it, it is almost that amazing Turkey Day.
That day where everyone sits down with their friends and family and scream at each other and bring up things that should be left in the past. 

I joke...not really

I am working all day Thanksgiving which I have done every year except one but that was as freak occurrence which has not happened since. I think this is why I sit there giggling to myself when people are bitching and complaining about having to go to work on Thanksgiving at 6pm for these sales. Yes, it is dumb and stupid to have sales on "Black Friday" but have them start on Thursday....kind of defeating the purpose of having a name there bud.
Honestly though people get your panties out of that twist you've worked them into because YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE WORKING!
I'm a manager in a hotel that is having a Thanksgiving Day buffet.
This means that...
I'm working
My front desk staff is working so people can check in and out and the phones get answered
Housekeepers are working so that the rooms are clean
Bellmen are working so someone drives the shuttle and help with luggage
Maintenance is working to fix things
Cooks, Dishwasher, Servers are working so that people have food to eat
Gift Shop/Beach are working so people can have towels and chairs

Oh let us also get into the fact that,
Police Officers
Gas Station Attendants
Restaurant workers
And others are all also working during Thanksgiving so that, oh I don't know, we are all safe/healthy/gassed up/fed. I understand it sucks you have to get off the couch and awaken from the turkey nap but stop feeling like the world is against you and you are the only one. You picked that job, there was no guarantee you got it off, you are making money, so HUSH YO FACE!

Sorry for the rant and I hope you all have an amazing day shoveling your face with food, watching men throwing a pig skin, and high school children play music while walking in the chilly cold in New York.

Til next time lovelies

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wait...I Did Something This Weekend?!?!

I know I'm just as shocked as you right now knowing that I actually DID something this weekend.
It was actually one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time.

Some of you who follow me on Twitter and actually read my mess of a blog this past week know that a guy made an appearance in my life. I had decided recently that since I haven't been visiting my dating profiles, except maybe once a week to investigate the crazy messages I get, to delete my last remaining account. While I was trying to hunt down the delete/cancel/quit button a face popped up and I decided to investigate. I liked what I read and he was pretty cute so...I messaged him.
We have been talking non-stop since then and it has been really, really nice. He was going out of town for vacation/Thanksgiving so we decided to actually meet when he got back. Friday he messaged me and asked if I would be interested in meeting that night.
I of course said yes because I didn't really want to wait till after the holiday if there was a chance we could meet then.
In my wisdom I decided on a cold night to meet by the water so we could just chat.
I froze, he felt bad, but I stuck it out since I was the dummy to pick the spot.
It was a pretty awesome time and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a really long time.
When he gets back we are planning on seeing each other again.
Oh and I still deleted my account so even if this doesn't work....I'm just going to let things happen even if I'm not a fan of the waiting. 

Saturday I actually had it off.
Trust me, this is a very rare thing to the disgust and frustration of myself and friends.
I'm a bridesmaid in my friend Hallie's wedding and it was the day of her bridal shower. I woke up and decided to finish my own personal scarf that I have been working on in my favorite color
I finally got my butt up and moving and had to hit the store to get some last minute things and I decided to buy my first pair of skinny jeans.
I know, some people might be wondering how could someone never own a pair, well I just haven't so shh. I went home, wrapped presents, and got myself all pretty for the party.

Ya, I know, I took one of those many annoying self portraits but hey I needed to show off my scarf :)
I was supposed to be to Hallie's grandma's house at 2....I don't know how far I live from people so I'm sometimes early.
I was a half hour early this time.
Ms. Hallie and Mrs. Nikki finally showed up and we got to decorating and chit chatting.

ugh my hair looks horrible, it needs to grow
Some of Porter's family showed up and we all just ate, chatted, and had a grand ol time. Hallie got a whole bunch of cute gifts and we all had to buy her a pair of panties which she then had to guess who got them for her. It is nice when people can get together to celebrate things for someone who means a lot to them.
real life besties
Hallie and Nikki both suggested I start an Etsy shop to sell scarves that I'm making. I informed them that my fingers would start bleeding and someone would need to feed me since I would lose control over my hands.
No one volunteered to help with that.
I am planning on making a butt load of scarves and I'm currently working on one for a lovely blogger friend. Who knows, maybe if I can pre-make them and then sell what I already made I can sell them....decisions, decisions.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Did anyone else get to get all pretty and spend time with friends?

Til next time lovelies

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Letters and It's a Real Friday for Me!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Dear Friday You are actually like a Friday since I am off tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to feel like a normal human being for once.

Dear Hallie Can't wait to see you tomorrow for your bridal shower. I hope you have a great time!

Dear Nikki You will feel better and thank you for using my Christmas present as your DIY post.

Dear Hostess Is it true you are not going to make Twinkees anymore?! I'm ok with this but I think you might have some explaining to do with this guy

Dear Parents I really wish you take me with you to dinner. I know I already have plans but come on! You always invite me last minute when you go to my fav place.

Dear Mom I think it is some weird sick joke to call me and just ask if I like gold or silver. I mean come on! I want to know what it is for?!?!

Dear Time why the hell are you moving so fast?! How is it almost the end of the year?!

Dear Calendar I need to find one to buy that I like because I feel like I need to keep up with everything.

Dear New Guy I really enjoy the fact that you call me each night without me having to ask you. You seriously make me laugh way too hard.

Dear Scarf You are almost done and then you will be mine!

Dear Todd (aka Dad) Are you the one wondering if I like gold or silver? I'm asking since you asked for my address and I mean I wont be upset if you are buying me jewelry for Christmas.

Dear Apartment Can you please learn how to clean yourself? I'm just a little to busy/tired to actually pay attention to you.

Dear Sky Please stop water yarfing all over the place. I'm serious...if you don't stop we might need to make a trip to the vet which neither of us will enjoy.

Dear Loved Ones If you all continue asking if you can have a scarf for Christmas I might scream. Trust me you are all getting one thanks for ruining the surprise! Just tell me the color and I will see if I can do them all in time.

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Til next time lovelies

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's OK...With a Side of Squirrel

Thank you to everyone who is putting up with the fact that blogging is kind of being to pushed to the side right now. With having a blogger's block, wanting to get scarves made, and work being super busy now with people and their needs....blogging has kind of been the last thing on my mind.
I'm sorry
I know
I fail

Last night was #wineywednesday and after chatting with my fellow winos I started having some blogging ideas which was nice. I, of course, forgot to write them down so now I'm making myself get a planner this weekend. I seriously can plan other peoples lives but when it comes to my own I'm at a loss for words. It isn't even funny, I get so confused and left behind I end up missing something.

Now It's Ok.....

That my life is a bit of a mess and I need like 5 people to help me get back on track

That I would much rather be making scarves for a living and then realising I would probably lose all feeling in my hands

That I have had two ginormous coffees in two days and I'm feeling a little guilty

That I find it extremely funny that the guy I've been talking to finds my blogging entertaining and mentioned I should blog about how I'm talking to some handsome, funny, incredibly nice guy and I told him no. Yet now I am kind of blogging about him. Hmmm....interesting.

That I'm being stalked by a squirrel.
I'm being serious. 
Every day at 3pm he comes to the front door to get a cookie. I've been feeding him and he is trained pretty well. This morning he showed up at 8:30 and wouldn't stop following me. My employee and I felt like we were being held hostage for a bit because he would run from one door to the other door then stare at us through the window like so....

That I got excited when I sent a friend request to the Facebook page of my favorite character from the books I read and he accepted.
You may judge me.

That I'm pretty excited to get to cook the turkey again this Thanksgiving because it is one of the only things I actually know how to make.

That I'm starting to get a little worried about what is going to happen to my job when the hotel possibly closes in May but I'm not going to freak out because then I'll just be too stressed and get ill.

Hope you are all having a great week and welcome to all the new followers from The Daily Tay giveaway and the Wine Ho giveaway!

Til next time lovelies

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hi, My Name is Brie and I Have Writer's Block

Hi everyone,
my name is Brie.
I'm 24, live by myself, and....
I have writer's block.
I think it is really funny that I have writer's block but I'm writing about having writer's block.
Wrap your brain around that one.
The positive is I noticed I'm not the only one who is going through this so should we start a support group or something?
I dunno....we might come back to that.
I think my issue is the fact that NOTHING is happening in my life. I don't really go out, I'm not dating anyone, the cute neighbor guy has been MIA, and work hasn't had anything worth explaining. My life right now is pretty boring if you ask me and I'm the one living it. I wake up, go to work for 9 to 10 hours, come home and watch TV.
I wish your life was like mine.
I need to start a business, get married, or have a baby or something because trying to support a blog and having a boring life doesn't exactly work out too well.  
I do have a coffee date after Thanksgiving so that will be something exciting to write about two weeks from now, haha.
He seems nice so far but with work and holidays we can't meet right away. Oh well, gives me time to figure out what to wear.
While thinking of what to write I was bored so I wrote a very dirty poem, I wont share but it makes me chuckle.
I did decided a few days ago I wanted to start making scarves after seeing a post from Brittany @ This Beautiful Life. I had commented as much on her page about how I would love to make one but don't know how to crochet. She informed me she learned from YouTube so yesterday I sat down with my phone, yarn, and a hook and taught myself how to do it. After almost 12 hours (I didn't sit there for a full 12 hours) I finished.

I know what everyone is getting for Christmas!
Well....after this sad, pathetic, post I shall leave on a high note.
Ms. Taylor over at The Daily Tay is having an awesome giveaway which I'm joining in on.
I'm also teaming up with some amazing ladies for a Wine Ho's dream giveaway!
I promise to try to get out a normal human post tomorrow and not one that a 5 year old could have put together!
Til next time lovelies

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wine Ho Giveaway!!!!!!

Just call us your new best friends! 

What's better than wine?

Not much, you're right.

What IS better is having friends to drink it with. And that's why this give a way is the best thing to happen to you in a long time. If you follow us on Twitter, there's a good chance you've seen a little party in a hashtag called "Winey Wednesday" and if we're being honest, let's admit to Toasty Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday as well.

So come join us on any of these days! And we're hooking one lucky person up with all they'll need to have the best winey Wednesday ever! 

Cheers and good luck! 

Who's Hooking You Up?

Clockwise from the Top: 
Brie @ The Simple Single Girl Life

The Loot: 

1. Houdini Silicone Wine Corks From Jen 
2. A Woozie from Jess
3. Wine Cork Coasters from Jen
4. Stemless Wine Glasses from Brie
5. A Wine Aerator from Amanda
6. A Wine to Go Sippy Cup from Kim
7. An Electric Cork Screw from Mallory

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Social - Getting to Know Turkey

Hope you are all having a very nice weekend! I've been sitting around watching YouTube videos trying to figure out what I want to do for Christmas. I think I finally have a plan.We shall see if I can actually do it.
1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
I do have a good amount of nice memories. Thanksgiving in my home used to be a big event, watching the parade and lots of people over.
I think my most favorite memory was my first Thanksgiving in my own apartment. I was living with my boyfriend at the time and I knew we would be hitting multiple dinners but I really wanted to try my hand at cooking. I got the Turkey, sat it in the fridge, and watching countless episodes of Turkey cooking on Food Network on Demand.
I got all the ideas I wanted and Thanksgiving day morning I woke up early and got ready. Sadly the turkey was still frozen for some reason so I remember seeing that if you ran it under cold water it would help defrost it. Our apartment sink was barely a sink so I got the smart idea to get a garbage bag out and fill it with cold water.
Yep, I know....amazing.
I only had the vanilla scented garbage bags so I made do.
It worked, I cooked the bird, and was informed that it was really very good.
2. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Turkey and Apple Pie
I hate sides, I don't know why but my plate usually is turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
That's it.
I also didn't even like Pie up until a few years ago and even know I have to really be in the mood for it.
I know, I'm a horrible Thanksgiving person.
3. What is a Thanksgiving tradition you and your family have?
We watch the Macy Days parade and I always have to call my grandmother out of the kitchen so she can watch the Rockettes.
A new tradition is starting with me making the turkey. The family last year wasn't sure if I could so they made their own turkey last year and then bought me a turkey to make.
They loved my turkey so I win ;-)
4. Show us a favorite Thanksgiving picture(or 5) from years past.
I don't have any :(
I know I fail this question
5. What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving?
Since I work in a hotel and my mother works 11-7am we actually don't celebrate on Thanksgiving, we do it that Saturday. I just like being able to spend time with my family and get to actually cook.
Also, I get time and a half if I work on Thanksgiving which is always a good thing.
Hope you all are getting excited for the holidays and possibly already getting your shopping done!
Til next time lovelies

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I feel like being wordless and I'm feeling a little "home sick" aka I miss New York sooooo I'm going to share pictures with you instead :)

My first hotel by Laguardia Airport

My view haha

My first bus ride

best view from bus

view from bus

Brothers and father
We went to a china mall and had's ice I think

St. Patrick's
I wanted to get married there since I first saw it
Citi field for the 9/11 game....11th row

My two favorite people aka my brothers

Got to walk through the stadium like I owned it


My $45 dinner

My cupcake from the awesome cupcake bar

view from my hotel in SoHo

central park from my rock

Ya.....I ate that....I needed a nap
Oh Love
My cousin and I rode the Ferris wheel. We were cool.
Great way to leave New York

Yep and that was my trip. I didn't realise going to NYC by myself was going to be as much fun as it was. I met the nicest people and it was great seeing some of my family again. I would like to go back in February for my 25th birthday but it doesn't look like that will actually happen. Oh well, I will be back where my heart is sometime in 2013.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Til next time lovelies