Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Urban Dater I'd like to thank you for publishing my little post! I was going through my email and clicked the link. TADA! There were my words! Dear Body ok, I get it. I know that I only ate candy and drank coffee yesterday but come on. I'm about to die from the shakes and head ache you are rewarding me with today. Please stop and I promise to never do that again. Dear Weekend I'm of course working and just as a heads up I wont be leaving the house unless I have to since I can finally start on that new book. Dear Election I voted. A while ago. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS! Dear Boots you will get worn this weekend even if it tries to be in 80s. Dear Dating Gods for some reason you are screwing with my life. Can this stop? I'd like to go on a date before the end of 2012 and you don't seem to be sending any eligible acceptable men at me. You did send the chubby little 21yo who was a "thug" and wanted to "get in it", you also sent the weird guy whose nickname was "Floppy" and who jokingly (as you put it) "wants to lick my face", oh and how did I forget Mr. Wonderful who thinks that emailing me every day with just "Hi" will make me run into his arms rejoicing for finally have found him. Dear Self I'm getting more and more excited about possibly looking into going back to school but at the same time I know this means that basically I'm going to need meds so I don't go crazy. Dear East Coast Sandy was a bitch but we are stronger and you will rebuild your towns and cities.

I shall leave you with this because it really makes my day :)

Til next time Lovelies


Kim Orpin said...

The shakes! I know them well...hope you can slap your body around a bit until it does what you want!

Jess Casey said...

I hate caffeine overload. Gives me anxiety lol! I love Floppy.

Angi said...

Lol...that, haha.

You could wear your boots with shorts! ;D

Meg {henninglove} said...

i wish there was some way that after you voted, all election materials would stop coming your way. like they are wasting their money oh well it will all be over on tuesday, yippee!

Nikki said...


serendipity427 said...

Oh my gosh that video! Hope you recover from your day of sugar and coffee (which if you drink yours anything like I drink mine is basically more sugar and caffeine).