Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Almost Turkey Day!!!!!

You guessed it, it is almost that amazing Turkey Day.
That day where everyone sits down with their friends and family and scream at each other and bring up things that should be left in the past. 

I joke...not really

I am working all day Thanksgiving which I have done every year except one but that was as freak occurrence which has not happened since. I think this is why I sit there giggling to myself when people are bitching and complaining about having to go to work on Thanksgiving at 6pm for these sales. Yes, it is dumb and stupid to have sales on "Black Friday" but have them start on Thursday....kind of defeating the purpose of having a name there bud.
Honestly though people get your panties out of that twist you've worked them into because YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE WORKING!
I'm a manager in a hotel that is having a Thanksgiving Day buffet.
This means that...
I'm working
My front desk staff is working so people can check in and out and the phones get answered
Housekeepers are working so that the rooms are clean
Bellmen are working so someone drives the shuttle and help with luggage
Maintenance is working to fix things
Cooks, Dishwasher, Servers are working so that people have food to eat
Gift Shop/Beach are working so people can have towels and chairs

Oh let us also get into the fact that,
Police Officers
Gas Station Attendants
Restaurant workers
And others are all also working during Thanksgiving so that, oh I don't know, we are all safe/healthy/gassed up/fed. I understand it sucks you have to get off the couch and awaken from the turkey nap but stop feeling like the world is against you and you are the only one. You picked that job, there was no guarantee you got it off, you are making money, so HUSH YO FACE!

Sorry for the rant and I hope you all have an amazing day shoveling your face with food, watching men throwing a pig skin, and high school children play music while walking in the chilly cold in New York.

Til next time lovelies

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