Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hi, My Name is Brie and I Have Writer's Block

Hi everyone,
my name is Brie.
I'm 24, live by myself, and....
I have writer's block.
I think it is really funny that I have writer's block but I'm writing about having writer's block.
Wrap your brain around that one.
The positive is I noticed I'm not the only one who is going through this so should we start a support group or something?
I dunno....we might come back to that.
I think my issue is the fact that NOTHING is happening in my life. I don't really go out, I'm not dating anyone, the cute neighbor guy has been MIA, and work hasn't had anything worth explaining. My life right now is pretty boring if you ask me and I'm the one living it. I wake up, go to work for 9 to 10 hours, come home and watch TV.
I know....you wish your life was like mine.
I need to start a business, get married, or have a baby or something because trying to support a blog and having a boring life doesn't exactly work out too well.  
I do have a coffee date after Thanksgiving so that will be something exciting to write about two weeks from now, haha.
He seems nice so far but with work and holidays we can't meet right away. Oh well, gives me time to figure out what to wear.
While thinking of what to write I was bored so I wrote a very dirty poem, I wont share but it makes me chuckle.
I did decided a few days ago I wanted to start making scarves after seeing a post from Brittany @ This Beautiful Life. I had commented as much on her page about how I would love to make one but don't know how to crochet. She informed me she learned from YouTube so yesterday I sat down with my phone, yarn, and a hook and taught myself how to do it. After almost 12 hours (I didn't sit there for a full 12 hours) I finished.

I know what everyone is getting for Christmas!
Well....after this sad, pathetic, post I shall leave on a high note.
Ms. Taylor over at The Daily Tay is having an awesome giveaway which I'm joining in on.
I'm also teaming up with some amazing ladies for a Wine Ho's dream giveaway!
I promise to try to get out a normal human post tomorrow and not one that a 5 year old could have put together!
Til next time lovelies


Erin said...

Haha this is my problem on a lot of days too. Wake up, work, watch tv, make a dinner I've already blogged about, sleep, repeat.

Angi said...

I've had the same problem recently...nothing exciting to talk about!! I feel like I've talked about everything already!

Your scarf looks awesome though!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

ohh teach me!! I wanna make lots of wintery stuff! :)

Eve Myers said...

This is mostly my life...nothing exciting to blog about. Oy!

Amanda* said...

I feel like this sometimes too! Ugh! I just read a lot of blogs to get more inspiration!

Helene said...

i feel you on that!!

Helene in Between

Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries said...

Haha..sometimes I feel like that too. Only I don't work...so that SEVERELY limits my material. However, there are always endless amounts of "thoughts" that swirl around...right? Not trying to promote my blog or anything (yah right) but take a look at a link party I'm trying to help a friend build. It's called Confessions. The crap I think up to confess are definitely things you can do too :)

Thanks for the giveaway (super excited wineaholic over here)! I also have one going on.