Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Weekend Update

Is anyone else a little tired/discombobulated from this past weekend as I am? Thursday I worked and worked and worked which was fine since I wasn't celebrating Thanksgiving Day ON Thanksgiving. I had dropped Sky off at my mom's early that morning since I anticipated a very long work day which would conclude with meeting up with two of my favorites for a Thanksgiving Day Drink. Zack's drink order broke the keg/tap which caused an interesting moment and Nikki's mom sent her with a plate of food for me :). After drinks I had to drive back to my mothers to get my puppy.
On the way back home Sky did her creeper thing again. I've mentioned it before but she only wants to sit in the front passenger seat when in the car if no one is sitting there, if you are sitting there she might try to join you. I usually drive with her window all the way down that way she can just chill with the wind. The major issue of her sitting there with the window down is she creeps on people. We will be sitting there at a red light and she will just look out her window RIGHT at the person next to us. When I say look I mean stare them down until they get that feeling someone is watching them and look back. I've had where people have inched up because of how focused she gets on them. Others will roll their window down and talk to her. This night we ran into 5 different people who decided she was amazing. We had people laughing, people trying to keep up with my car to keep watching her, and people speaking to her in baby talk (since she turns her head when you speak to her). She's a bit of an attention whore and people always give in to her. Smart woman.

Friday I was working the late shift so I got to sleep in a bit and then....OPENED MY OWN ETSY SHOP!
I'm only selling one thing right now and once the holiday season passes I'm going to teach myself how to make other different things that I can sell on there. I'm pretty excited and I already have over 5 orders that I need to get started on on top of the 3 scarves I am giving as presents this year. I headed in to work where I had to get started on doing not only my job but someone elses since they were off for the holiday, lucky them. My boss shortly after informed me that I could take the Home Depot card and buy some things to decorate the lobby with. SCORE! I headed to Home Depot, which I must say has a lovely crop of young men, and got some Martha inspired decorations. I was informed I could spend up to $200....I only spent $89, go me :). My two employees and I started to decorate right away and we got the place set in no time. It was a nice time and made the evening go relatively quickly.

Saturday I tried to wake up early, grabbed the dog, hit Starbucks and walked into my mom and grandma's house to begin the cooking of our Thanksgiving. We have learned to do holidays a little differently than most because of the fact my mother is a nurse and I work at a hotel that is open 24/7 and usually results in me working the holidays. I've only cooked the turkey twice before this year but I have the recipe memorized so we were going to wing it. My mom had asked me a few days before (since it was just the three of us) what I wanted I texted her back that I wanted: Turkey, wine, mashed potatoes, wine, carrots, wine, dinner rolls, wine. I also informed her that I wanted to do a real Thanksgiving and not everything being instant. My grandma usually cooks Thanksgiving dinner but she has Parkinson's and being in the kitchen a long time gets her pretty tired so I volunteered to do all the cooking. I asked if I could open the wine, I was told no because it was only 10 am, well boo on them. I made the stuffing and then my paste and rubbed down my bird and shoved my hand into it's cavity.

I got started on pealing potatoes which my grandma came out and helped me with them which was nice because I know how much she wishes she could do more and does her best with the disease. She informed me how to make everything and then we boiled, steamed, mashed, heated, basted, carved, and plated.
It was a really nice meal and I had a lot of fun cooking everything. After dinner my mom offered to baby sit the dog again while I drove up to Tampa to visit with Nikki, Zack, and their friend Jeremy to watch the UF/FSU game. I swung back to my place to change real fast and as I'm running up to my door I noticed flowers out front. I stopped and just stood there just trying to figure out who and why I got flowers. I grabbed them and placed them on my counter to read the card.
"Happy 27th Birthday Belinda hope you enjoy the roses"
I'm not Belinda
I'm not 27
It isn't my birthday
These aren't roses.
Fuck it, I'm keeping them.
I rechecked the card and it showed Belinda as the name but with my address and no phone number. Finders Keepers.....I now have pretty flowers :) Thanks people who don't know where Belinda lives.

I got to Jeremy's place in the middle of the 3rd and walked in to Zack and Jeremy having a meltdown because of the refs and their outrageous calls. Things got a whole hell of a lot better after Zack and Jeremy sang the UF songs and we of course won. GO GATORS! Before winning though Nikki informed us that there is a girl with face paint and she wrote the words backwards. We sooo wished we could see it and then BAM her face is up there with the camera holding for a few seconds so EVERYONE got a good clean shot at her and the mistake.
You'd think her friends would have mentioned something at some point before the game.

After the game we drank, laughed, watched more football, got to see Jeremy's new Mercedes and then headed home.
Sunday was work and catching up on scarves. Once again, I'd say a pretty good weekend across the bored. I'm just happy I'm actually able to get out and do things again.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and enjoyed your time with friends and family.
Til next time lovelies


That's What She Read said...

now how are you supposed to give thaanks for wine if you can't drink it til after 1030?! haha

Also those sunflower/roses are still cracking me up. Holy randomness!

Glad you had a good holiday!

Karla said...

Well it sounds like you had a pretty good weekend! I do feel a little discombobulated today too. And, tired! I love the way you describe sticking your hand into the cavity of the bird lol! And congrats on opening your own Etsy shop! =)

Michael Z said...

Sounds like a great weekend! You did awesome with the lobby decor. Not in-your-face but not the bare minimum. Perfect!

Jess Casey said...

Listen up Belinda, next time open the damn wine! ;)

Kelly { Messy.Dirty.Hair.} said...

Congrats on opening your etsy shop!!!! That's wonderful! The tree looks beautiful!