Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Isaac Strong!

Hey everyone!
I know I did a post earlier today but I'm going to write something short but sweet.
Well, the situation isn't sweet.
It is a horrible thing that no family should have to go to no matter what family member it is.
If you know Erin @ Living In Yellow then you might be aware of what is happening right now.
She is trying to help a family of a 6 year old boy who is currently living with cancer. It is the holiday season and we always chat about wanting to give back and help someone, to share what we have.
Most of us were lucky to grow up happy and healthy.
This little boy Isaac is currently fighting for his life.
He melts my heart
 He has a family that loves him but we all know that cancer isn't something that  is easy to fix. It gets very expensive and takes a toll not only financially, but also mentally and physically.
Erin is trying to help with a part of this struggle the family is going through.
Providing them with a nice Christmas and for them to know that there are people out there, strangers, who care and are there for them.
I know we all aren't millionaires and we don't all have a lot to give but we can afford $5.

You see this widget up there?
That is how you can donate.
Also, you can go to Erin's page and see other ways you can help this family out.
How do you think this family will feel to know that there are thousands of women out there right now willing to open up their bank account and take $5 to relieve a small portion of their stress?
Amazing, shocked, and filled with love.
I have 182 followers....182!
I know this isn't a lot but if each of you donated $5 we would have raised $910 in just a short time.
This blows my mind.
Now imagine the blogs who have a larger following joining in on this. We can make sure that this family has a wonderful Christmas as well as some extra money for food, gas, supplies.
I don't usually ask a lot from you all, but just take a moment and stop and think.
You don't have to donate right this second. I know some of you might want to give more than $5 but you might not have it. Well, Friday is most peoples pay day so....get paid and visit us.
Thank you to all of you who are taking a small portion out of your evening to help this family and adorable little boy.
Til next time my lovelies


Nikki said...

You're such a good person

Erin @ Living In Yellow said...

Thank you SO much for sharing Isaac and his story on your blog. It means more than you will ever know. How awesome is it that us bloggers can rally together and do something good for somebody else that we don't even know? Is his face not the most precious thing ever? I want to squeeze it so hard.

Thank you lady...seriously, I wish I could hug each and every one of you.