Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Boots, New Book, and Angry Pets

I think I might get the flu this year.
I know, weird way to start this off but I've been thinking, I've been pretty healthy for the most part and I think my body is going to give up this season.
Just watch, you'll see.

I know I've done two semi-serious posts this week and I feel a bit, I dunno, weird about it. I like talking about serious things, I mean...HELLO I wrote them so I have to be ok with them. I guess I prefer humor and sharing how lame I am in real life because it is ok to laugh at yourself.

I've been off work since Monday and been reading like a fool since, as you all know, I had to buy my new book yesterday and meet the author. I've been reading so much that eating, TV shows, cleaning, and sleeping has kind of slipped through the cracks and ummm....I need an intervention.

Tuesday I became a brave little soldier and went over to the cute neighbors house to knock on his door.
I was honestly a mess.
 I think a visit to a therapist might be needed for the violent reactions I get when faced with having to talk to men I find attractive.
It wasn't like I was going to ask him on a date, I was just informing him his car cover blew off his classic black corvette.
He called me sweetie
I blushed
It was a step

Wednesday I woke up early, got the dog together to drop her off at my moms, and headed to go get my first pair of boots.
I'm in love!
I didn't want to take them off they are that comfy!
I got home to put on my shirt I made, I wont share what it said because I was a bit shy about it, and headed to the book store.
When I got there I was all set to get my little camp together but the lovely store informed me that I was going to be 4th in line and I could show up later so I didn't have to wait. I was soooo excited.
I got to go home, relax, and try to finish the book I had been working on.

Look new boots!
I ran back to the shop and got my picture taken, hugged her, she liked my shirt, and signed my book. I knew Karen lived in Florida but after talking with the other women there who are uber fans discovered she lives on the island I work on.
Yep, my favorite author lives less than 10 minutes in either direction of my job.
I'm now ok with working all the way out here.  

I haven't started it yet because I still need to finish the other one but I might not sleep for a day once I open it up.
I know, it's ok, you can judge me.
I'm judging myself.

I didn't get any trick or treaters, this means there is now candy in my house and I'm trying to pretend it isn't there.
Then this happened.....

They are going to kill me one night in my least the cat is.

I hope you all had a great Halloween and I'm now going to try to not eat the BAGS of candy that are at my work.
Til next time lovelies!


Angi said...

As previously established, I LOVE YOUR BOOTS and I seriously hope they have them in a few weeks when I hit Payless in Juneau. If not, they're getting ordered online. So there. Are they pretty true to size?

You should start TAKING that car cover off so you have an excuse to go over there. "Um, your car cover blew off again...I know, 5th time this week - crazy!"

Helene said...

omg. the dog picture just made my day!!!

Helene in Between

Nikki said...

So I didn't realize til I read Angi's comment but I definitely ordered those boots in brown on Tuesday! Somehow didn't notice they were the same when you texted me. Yay boot buddies!

Nikki said...

I ordered online too. Payless longline are always the same size I usually wear if that helps!

Katie said...

Those boots are adorable, and I completely understand author obsession. I haven't ever met my favorites, but I would probably pass out if I did.

Good luck with your neighbor!

Jess Casey said...

The boots are bomb! and your not getting the flu, nervous Nelly!

serendipity427 said...

Your love affair with your new boots convinced me to get a pair. The question is: Are they warm enough for winter? Because I've basically got winter left before I head back to the states and don't want another pair of shoes in my closet collecting dust.

Michael Z said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Those boots are HOT! And I think you're right. Your cat may cut you. Adorable though!

Spencer Carranza said...

What an adorable dog! But I must say I’m quite smitten with your boots. It is no wonder that you fell in love with it. It looks cool and comfy. Wearing this while going out would be a pleasure. :-)