Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Mental Breakdown With A Side of Christmas Cheer

So....first, sorry I've been MIA.
Let us just say that over the weekend I hit the proverbial wall of doom.
It was bad, I didn't cry, I just got all icky and gross and people looked at me and tried to inform me I should curl up in my bed in a wine induced coma.
I didn't though because I didn't have enough money to buy wine.
I really think the government should give single women an allowance each week for wine.
That would create a lot of happy(er) women in the world.

Friday at work was "Let us all scream at Brie and make her wish she could hide in a hole" Day. I got over it but I hate when customers feel like I should be their punching bag. Other than that I had an uneventful weekend of just working and making scarves and teaching myself to make flowers and then deciding to make a drink holder thingy with a flower on it.
I'm not sharing a photo because a) I'm giving them out as gifts and b) you should have seen them already if you follow me on twitter or instagram .
So stop being a slacker and get on that shit.

Sunday night I went out to dinner with the folks which was nice. We chatted about my raise, about life and then I almost had a meltdown at the table. It's cool....we are allll over that now.

When the area is in season I usually am at the hotel 10 hr days 6 or 7 days a week and I feel horrible at the prospect of my dog sitting in her cage for all of that time. I figured let us find a doggie day care for right now so we have one lined up so a couple days a week she can go romp around and be a dog. They interview the dog (it is a free 3 hr session) and she passed!
I seriously walked in to pick her up and asked if she ate someones dog.
They looked at me like I was nuts but informed me she was a bit "growley" in the beginning.
She did sleep for the rest of the day which I thought was amazing.

Tuesday I had to wrangle the cat up so I could take her to the vets. I seriously think when I'm driving people must be looking at me like the crazy cat lady because Smidgen has to sit on my lap while I'm driving or she tries to climb under the peddles or into the glove box.
It's an issue I try to avoid.
I got home and avoided my yarn (once I start I have an issue stopping) so I could clean the place that I consider my home. I got it done but I still hold strong that I should have a maid or something. My mom and grandma came over that evening (even though my grandmother got a spot removed from her face that had cancer cells but I'm not getting into that) so we could go get MY CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!! Mom and I went to Target to see about a wreath, which they didn't have the one I wanted, but she got me 4 little owl ornaments, YAY, then we headed over to Home Depot for the tree.

I used to work for them, hence why they got my business, and I seriously was jumping up and down in the tent. My mother thought I had lost my mind, and I think the little man helping us did too.
I got the tree on the first try!
We were able to slide the little stinker into the back of their hatchback car and we headed home to set it up.
That was interesting but now my house has an overpowering smell of pine.
I'm the happiest girl in the world!
It needs more lights but I will get on that over the next couple of days :)

Yep, the flowers I accidentally got are still alive and yes that is an owl tree topper.

I hope everyone is having a great week and that you are getting all set for the upcoming holidays!!!

Til next time lovelies


Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

yay love your tree! & of course loving those owl ornaments and tree topper, to adorable!

Anonymous said...

Glad doggie day care went well. My pup could be defined as growley... or ya know teeth bearing maniac pup haha!

Kim Orpin said...

Cute tree! I love that little owl topper! I'm so impressed with those flowers too, btw

Angi said...

I have honestly never seen an owl tree topper - love it. Very cute.

And I totally know what you mean about having to avoid the yarn. It's like a sickness.

OneBigMistake, andSome said...

Love the owl tree topper and Glad you were able to get over your annoying customers. Being a flight attendant, I get my share of those :) This woman yelled at me for not being able to make a baby stop crying ... I tried to explain that I was just a flight attendant but I guess she had already decided I was going to be her punching ball!

Lisette @ Northern Belle Diaries said...

Dogs are so different when we aren't around them. I also couldn't believe how much of a team player Chip is when I'm not around. Hooray for Sky passing!