Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are You a Facebook, a Twitter, or a Pinterest?

It's back to the daily grind for me today since I've been off the last 3 days due to the change in our pay cycles.
Thanks work.
I caught up on scarf orders, bought yarn for new orders, and sat around my house in my pjs the last three days.
It was pure heaven.

While I've been sitting around in my pjs catching up on my vast amounts of TV shows I decided to stalk everyone on social media. I discovered something though while I was stalking.
Which social media you use says a lot about you.
(Don't get your panties in a wad, I'm guilty of most of this too)

Let us start off with good old Facebook.
The people who prowl Facebook are usually the folk that like to over share.
If you feel like over sharing just get a freakin blog, we share like no other.
There are people who feel that their status update should be a letter. I'm sorry but if I have to click continue reading then we have written too much.
There are the people who feel like sharing with you everything that they are doing: 
I just woke up
 I'm now drinking coffee YUM!
 Ugh Shower Time
 I guess I shall get dressed today
 Ohhh lunch time
 I just had a great lunch
 Hmmm maybe I should get ice cream get the idea.
Also, the people who don't know if they should be in a relationship
Sally is Single
Sally is in a Relationship with Steve
Sally is in a complicated Relationship
Sally is single
Sally is in a relationship with John
Sally is single
Sally is engaged to Steve
Sally is married
Sally is divorced

Those people on Blogger/Wordpress are for sure the over sharers and very egotistical, like people really care about everything you did this past weekend, HA!
I mean come on they feel that they need to share every detail of their lives with complete strangers, wonder why they get mean comments, and don't like being judged.
Psh like I want to know all about the bowel movement your child had and how the doctor then informed you because of said bowel movement your child is going to be the next president of the united states. Then you provide me with photos of your poor child crying at the doctor's appointment just to prove you went.

Twitter gives you 140 characters to share a tid bit of your life. I like to think people on Twitter feel they are pretty dang important.
I mean you get those 140 and you need to make them count. If you are one of those people who continue on another twitter box thingy please direct yourself to Facebook for those other over sharers. I mean 140 little characters to share a part of your day with the whole wide world and then it turns into a race to see how many followers you can grab. You might even get a photo now and then to spice things up.

Instagram is basically for people who think they should be photographers but probably wouldn't actually make any money off of doing it. You also get those people who feel that sharing every different smile, head tilt, and pose should be shared on Instagram but with different filters to accompany them. I also think there is a secret plan on Instagram to make everyone fat. I mean come on, almost daily I will see everything everyone is eating or drinking. Thanks for sharing that amazing lobster tail with a wonderful wine followed up with a chocolate overload. I'm now going to go shovel my face after eating my tiny little salad. Oh, and don't forget those puppy and kitty parents. I don't see many children it is mainly a dog or cat laying around doing something cute.

Tumblr I don't even know. It is like Pinterest and Instagram had a baby or something who also decided instead of using Blogger/Wordpress they would just describe every thought in photos. Complicated and Confusing.

Pinterest, Oh sweet sweet Pinterest.
The site that makes everyone feel like they too can be a stay at home wife/mother. Also, the site that inflated wedding prices because "I just have to have those shoes that so and so pinned the other day but then I need to make this amazing Victorian themed card box holder because it would just be the most amazing thing ever".
Oh Pinterest, how you make single women dream, people who can't cook hope, and mothers feel bad because they weren't able to make their child's bedroom look like the inside of a tree house.

YouTube is that area where people feel that they need to show their adorable little kitten taking a nap, their idiot friend running in a wall, or the strange Koren man dancing around like he is riding a horse. I do enjoy Jenna Marbles though....she speaks the truth. She is like a modern day prophet or something.

Oh I think there was something called Google Plus....I'm not really sure but oh well.

Since I'm posting a large amount of Someecards with this post I felt like sharing a couple that made me giggle.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday!


Angi said...

Haha....this made me laugh. Personally...I despise Facebook, I somewhat enjoy Twitter, I mostly love blogging, I only pin things on Pinterest occasionally, I love Instagram because it's convenient, I don't really understand Tumblr, and what's Google Plus? ;)

kathy @ vodka and soda said...

LOL too funny. i hate facebook. there's so much crap on there that i just don't even bother logging on anymore.

i like twitter the best because the message are short and concise. the only thing that's annoying is it sometimes forces you to commit grammar mistakes because of the 140char limit.