Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Needs to Back Off

I've been off the last two days and I think I might want to strangle Christmas.
Ok, I can't really strangle Christmas (since it isn't a person) so I'll settle for the drunk Santa.
Oooo speaking of Santa I saw Santa in a red bike onesie, he was in pretty good shape.
Sorry....back onto topic, I think.

I've caught up on orders of scarves so that people can give them out as gifts. The issue with this is the fact that I'm now behind in making my scarves to give out as gifts. I only have a few left but it is just a few too many. Anyone want to tell me how to contact an elf or something to help me out here?

He will do
I also, sadly, have the issue of not really knowing what to get my family for Christmas. I mean come on I've had 24 years of buying them things and I'm running out of ideas. There are only so many earrings, socks, and garden items I can buy a person. I did have a brilliant idea of buying my grandma On Star to put in her 2003 Hyundai since she is 86, drives, and has Parkinson's. Of course stupid On Star wont work in her car because it is older than a 2011.
Thanks On Star you are ruining Christmas.

I did decide to get a hair cut yesterday. It was pretty amazing I love Dana. We are planning on doing purple highlights in April. I'm pretty excited!!!!!

Tonight I have to go to the work Christmas work.
No alcohol will be served.
That's right you read that correctly.
so now I have to work all day and then hang out with people while not drinking. Oh well....I did buy cute new shoes for tonight and did a horrible job on my nails :)

After today I think I might start having mini panic attacks every time I remember that I need to have everything bought and wrapped by Monday.
Deep breathing exercises beginning now.

Anyone else having to deal with Christmas shopping panic?


Cortney said...

Those are some sassy shoes!!♥ Christmas has snuck on me too--i'm not prepared at all.

That's What She Read said...

I am not panicing in the gift department but wrapping is driving me NUTS!! lol

ps i think your nails are great!

Erin said...

Eww who has a Christmas party sans the alcohol. That is necessary for work events.

And the hair looks fab. Very Victoria Beckham style I must say.

Monica said...

Love your hair cut! At our work Christmas Parties there is more alcohol than there is food and your not allowed to leave util you do a few shots! lol I will never need to look for another job ever! Don't Panic you will get everything bought and wrapped on time!

jamiessmiles said...

No booze, no Jamie. That's my rule;). Oh, and gift cards, but not to stores but services like spas, or salons work well. Booze for men. Gaming cards for teens. And some cutsieshit for little kids like that stuffing bear place.

OneBigMistake, andSome said...

Jamie you really have great gift ideas. I hate gift cards, but if for a spa or any other service, it is different, it doesn't feel as impersonal and it is pretty cool!

Now about the party without alcohol, well I just don't get it. Isn't a given than anything work related that is not within reasonable work hours should be alcohol fueled? How else is it supposed to work? Good luck with that and the scarves ...

Katie said...

Cute shoes! I am definitely having Christmas panic..I checked my bank account a couple days ago... $16.00and pay day isn't till Saturday...bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have to WORK my work Christmas party. Literally. I am working the door at my club. I do not get to drink, like everyone else, I also didn't get paid for organizing the catering on my OFF TIME, which they EXPECTED me to do.

Cute haircut though!