Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas with a Side of No Voice

Happy Day after Christmas!!!!

I'm hiding in my office because I don't have any type of voice for some reason or another. I don't have a fever but my throat just hurts like a mother fer.
Stupid throat.

this is me but just replace skool with work and we will be on the same page.

Monday (Christmas Eve) I slept in a bit and had the day off which was very nice. I watched some TV, worked on some crochet, and waited to go to my mom and grandma's for some present exchanging. On my way to my mom's they called me to ask me to call my vet to see if they were open because my aunt's dog jumped my mom's dog and my mom's dog won. I finally got to my parent's house and gave Ms. Pepper some loving since she had a puncture mark on her leg. She is a big baby and my parents don't understand her because she ignores them unless she wants something but if I'm there then she is all over me and giving me kisses.
I'm her favorite, we all know it.
I had finished wrapping gifts on Saturday so when I walked in of course no one had finished wrapping mine. We were only going to do my presents since I worked on Christmas and they were going to wait for the actual day.
I felt super weird just sitting there having everyone watch me open but luckily I brought their gifts and they agreed to open them while I was there.
I didn't take any photos because well.....we didn't, but I got my laptop that I've been wanting needing, pj's, earrings, bracelet, slippers, two lap top cases, cash, Barnes and Noble gift card, red and white stemless wine glasses, and some other little things.
My mom went to bed because she had to work at 11pm and I sat around waiting to hear from Nikki so I could meet up and see them for a bit.

Christmas day I had to work so I grabbed my little gifts for the staff and drove around hunting down a Starbucks which I kindly expressed my love to them after ordering my drink. Work was.....difficult. I will never understand why people can't be nice if their lives depended on it. I brought my laptop to work to work on it a little bit since I'm having a difficult relationship with Windows 8. We are still arguing.
After work I went on the hunt for food and then curled up on my couch while working on scarves.
Oh I forgot to mention.....I have 13 orders of scarves to fill.....THIRTEEN!!!!!!!!
I was hoping for a little break but no go. Time to get more yarn.

I felt ill last night so I ended up taking NyQuil and then passing out and over sleeping my alarm. I also woke up with no voice.
I now am at work for 10 hours, no voice, and it is one of our busiest days. My staff is going to try and keep people away so I don't have to talk much but I know once 2pm hits I'm probably going to have to write people notes.
I just want to curl up in bed and sleep forever but I'm not working tomorrow so we will use that day for sleeping, going to the movies, exchanging gifts with Hallie, and then laundry time at the folks.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and that if you had to work you still got some time to see your loved ones.

Is anyone else having an issue with Windows 8? I might need to pick your brain....


Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

yay for a new laptop! that is AWESOME!

and I am totally with you I like sang Christmas carols to the starbucks workers for my over excitment of them being open!

I've heard windows 8 SUCKS! :/
whadddd da hell!/
Merry Christmas cannnot wait to exchange gifttttsys with you:)

Jaime Hungry said...

I was sick as crap on Christmas, it was miserable. I hope you get to feeling better soon and hooray for a new lap top!