Friday, December 21, 2012

Dear Mayans

Dear Mayans what's up? Glad you were wrong. Even though I did go out last night and get some drinks to celebrate the end of the world. I was very disappointed though as I laid in bed at midnight to discover nothing happened. Also, Australia alerted us that they were still alive and no Zombies so that was fun.

Dear Santa I wish you were real. It would be amazing if I could just mail you what I need for other people and you could slide your fat butt down their chimney. If you actually happen to be real I need the following: drink cozie, coffee mugs, small bottles of wine, candy, bike pants, and all of these wrapped.

Dear Self I'm glad we realised we loved to read again BUT it is starting to cut into your sleeping time.

Dear World of Beer thank you SOOOOOO much for having ladies night last night without telling me. It was a wonderful surprise to see my bill being only $6 when one beer is usually more than that. You are now on my good side and I really think I might be seeing you more often on Thursdays.

Dear Megan I'm SOOOOOO GLAD! you were in town last night. I had such a blast with you and Aubry and we must get together again very very very very soon.

Dear Weekend can we go by at a relatively quick pace? I'm celebrating Christmas on Monday afternoon and really want my damn laptop like NOW.

Dear T-Mobile it would be amazing if you could lower the prices of your phones so I can get a new one. I'm really tired of this piece of shit one that I want to throw at a wall daily.

Dear Cute Boy at Starbucks I couldn't tell if you were straight or not but congrats on being able to fill out a suit very nicely. I seriously thought the thing was glued to your skin and it made sipping my morning coffee that much better.

Dear 2013 we are going to try and get out there more. If things happen the way they might happen this year you wont be spending that much time at home and it will be good for you. It is ok that we are thinking of doing this because it will help not just us but mom in the long run.

Hope you ladies have a great Christmas!!!!!!
Oh has anyone tried this before?! I've never had eggnog and I had a few sips of this....oh sweet baby jesus was it good!


Erin said...

No we are not wishing the weekend away because I'm celebrating Christmas on Sunday thank you very much! Jealous of your laptop though.

Angi said...

Haha...I wish Santa were real sometimes, too. I have everything purchased, but I'm procrastinating with the wrapping of the extended family presents. Just not into the wrapping part this year!!!

Amanda* said...

Mayan April Fools Day! HAHAHAHA love it.

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

ughh if Santa was real I would NOT be going to the crazy ass mall afte rwork to finish up shopping.

bah humbug.

Anonymous said...

I also will not be wishing the weekend away! Sorry darlin!

I hope you have an amazing holiday. You'll show 2013 who's boss!