Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Letters Yo.....

It's Friday!
Ya, I know, woot Brie still has to work this weekend, BUT work is SLOW!

So let us do this thang!

Dear Scarves I'm so happy I have most of you done. I just have 5 more to go! I'm taking a tiny break, I know bad me, but I want a damn hat so I'm working on that. So get over it.

Dear Samantha I'm sorry you decided to end things the way you did. Your family will miss you and it is a horrible situation but you will be in my thoughts.

Dear Starbucks I'm back to visiting you since the nice cute guy with the girl hair in the mall gave me the rewards card so I can get a free coffee....I'm only one away!

Dear Self we have some things to go over such as shave the damn legs. Just because you are single doesn't mean you should just forget you have legs.

Dear Christmas Cards I know I selected 7 days but if you would be so nice as to send them to me sooner that would be amazing because I'm looking forward to sending their cuteness out!

Dear Dancing I miss you. Even though I tend to look like I'm having a seizure or a drunk stripper.

Dear Dating History we need to have a talk. This is now the second time, SECOND, that we have been chatting with someone to discover you actually went on a date with them. The first time you were on a date when they told you, this time you were just chatting when they informed you you went on a date 7 years ago. This is a bit embarrassing and so I think we need to go back in time to visit 17 year old Brie to get a refresher on who we've dated. It's a bit of a shock that isn't needed when chatting with a cute guy.

Dear Mom I know you got me my laptop for Christmas but the question of pink or purple is really throwing me off. I don't know what to think and we all know I HATE surprises, like beyond hate. I sadly think I might pull a move from when I was little and go snooping in the house while you are sleeping. I know super creepy. Don't judge.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
Oh and sorry for all the GIFs I blame Jess


jenlee said...

I thought I was the only one who would forget about going on dates with certain people! We must have selective memory. They must have also been uninteresting, but not a trainwreck. I typically remember those! ha ha.

Kim @ K.O. Jewelry said...

I HATE the color question! I get it all the time from the in-laws, and I'm always terrified of what they're planning on getting me. I always just say gray or black, but who really wants all gray and black things?

Angi said...

The color question is the WORST...!!!

Those gifs are awesome. Dwight is my favorite. Of course. ;D

Jaime Hungry said...

I shave pretty much never when I'm single. My roommates boyfriend bought me razors for Christmas a few years ago because he was so appalled when I showed him my very hairy legs.